Have you seen me?

You might’ve seen me walking along the roadLong golden curls, headed for home Soft blue dress, with little orange flowersHopping in puddles from April’s rain showers Or you might’ve seen my face plastered all over townMissing child posters “NOT BEEN FOUND” Amber alerts, sirens blareNo one really knew me, but suddenly they all care Maybe I’m locked in a basement, or wrapped up in a … Continue reading Have you seen me?

Rape Doesn’t Hide #Poetry

Rape doesn’t always hide At parties and outside clubs. Rape doesn’t always hide In dark alleys and empty parking lots. Sometimes rape is right in front of you, But you choose to look the other way. Rape doesn’t always hide Behind the faces of strangers in the night. Sometimes rape is hiding behind the closed doors Of your uncles, Cousins, Fathers, And brothers. Rape isn’t … Continue reading Rape Doesn’t Hide #Poetry