Sometimes love isUntangling heartswith Twisted emotions © VishalDutia

Sweet release

The taste of death issweet, but you have to have yourtongue be burned by it. ©VishalDutia

Your name is written up above

You have penned your namewith the stars; i can’t look atthe skies anymore. ©VishalDutia

Willful Ignorance

I see the future I see my whole world in flames and I look away ©VishalDutia

Golden lies

Reveries in her amber eyes, Belied the sheer passion burning within her veiled sombre skies. ©VishalDutia

Heartbeats 💓

The Soul of Mine Screams Your name, On the deserted Walls of the Heart.

Haiku #14

The light shining brightWhile I hide in the shadowsBreaking my own heart. – VishalDutia


Just because I stilldream about you, that does notmean I want you here – VishalDutia

Haiku #11

Hear, See, Smell, Taste, Feel We Have All The Sense We Need But Still We’re Not Healed

Haiku #10

Youth spins out of dream . . .Children are made as they play,. . . In green leaves of grass.

Haiku #09

whatever you need to do tomorrow, do it now. The time is lost in moments and you will not recognise it. If the moment is gone, the work will remain undone forever.

Haiku #08

When you are bitterYou just write in your jotterYou will feel better Just try it one dayJust write what you want to sayPain will fly away

Haiku #07

Your soothingReading voiceIs my sleep potionOf choice

Haiku #06

Death is like you,silent, cold, anddoesn’t love me back If you are deaththen I long to be dead

Haiku #05

To build a new lifeWe must surviveThe storm coming

Haiku #04

“God lies within you just as the pupil lies within your eyes. But, these ignorant people don’t know this and keep on searching for God everywhere outside.”

Haiku #03

“don’t be so proud and be in vain of your achievements and fame. Don’t look at the heights that you have achieved and be arrogant. Ultimately tomorrow everyone has to die and you will be lyingunder the ground where grass will grow on top.”

Haiku #02

“Worry is such a thief that it eats one’s heart. What can a doctor do? How far will his medicine reach??

Haiku #01

If you really start to find someone who is bad, you will not find any but start to look inside yourself. Your inner self is bad and no other one.

Battels #Haiku

Love is confusing Hate is certain; until loved see the Dilemma????

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