Haiku #09

whatever you need to do tomorrow, do it now. The time is lost in moments and you will not recognise it. If the moment is gone, the work will remain undone forever. Continue reading Haiku #09

Haiku #08

When you are bitterYou just write in your jotterYou will feel better Just try it one dayJust write what you want to sayPain will fly away Continue reading Haiku #08

Haiku #04

“God lies within you just as the pupil lies within your eyes. But, these ignorant people don’t know this and keep on searching for God everywhere outside.” Continue reading Haiku #04

Haiku #03

“don’t be so proud and be in vain of your achievements and fame. Don’t look at the heights that you have achieved and be arrogant. Ultimately tomorrow everyone has to die and you will be lyingunder the ground where grass will grow on top.” Continue reading Haiku #03

Haiku #01

If you really start to find someone who is bad, you will not find any but start to look inside yourself. Your inner self is bad and no other one. Continue reading Haiku #01

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