The Truth

I don’t vocalizeI’m not a musician.I don’t embalmI’m not a mortician.I don’t make objectsdisappear in thin air,I’m not a magician.I don’t flip numbers,I’m not a mathematician.I don’t heal patients,I’m not a physician.I don’t tell funny jokesI’m not a comedian.I don’t do hair or makeup,I’m not a beautician.I can’t run for public officeI am not a politician. I was born to flipLetters into words.I can write … Continue reading The Truth

The Only Me is ME

                                                         I’ll not claim to be a lyrical master                                                               I’ll not boast that there’s no one faster                                                              I’m not brightest not the dullest                                                              My words my not mesmerize or drive you to hysteria                                                               I may not have every thing that you’ve got                                                               I am however the one thing you are not                                                   I am Me and  I’m the only me that has ever or will ever be … Continue reading The Only Me is ME


I wonder why people willAllow obstacles nail Their dreams,If you fail, BOUNCE.You cannot live like thisYou don’t have to screamWhenever you feel downGet to your heel and BOUNCE.It’s sad to holdSomeone who doesn’tWant to be with youIt is painful but BOUNCE.Sin will not overcomeIf you do not giveHer a sofa to sitEven in the pit, you can BOUNCE.I remembered whenI was a boyRunning with my toyLike … Continue reading Bounce

Sometimes ability to change is the ability to survive

Sometimes life can feel like you’re on fire hanging over a huge cliff, with only one hand, and it’s raining and cold; every second feels like a year, and another person is just standing at the top, looking down at you and not helping you up. You feel let down and angry, but you manage to pull yourself back up. You didn’t think you could … Continue reading Sometimes ability to change is the ability to survive

When We Were Close Friends

We had an unselfish love when we were close friends.You were a good friend and a trusted companion,The only one I could depend on for sound advice was you.We felt strong concern for the wellbeing of each other. There was neither envy nor pretence between us.You had faith in me and I had confidence in you.We would protect each other from harmful situations.It is a … Continue reading When We Were Close Friends

Bikes & Rhymes

Its just like riding a bikeOnce you ride you get the like,Once you’ve learned you’ll never stopWhen the fears you will unlock,Starting points form a to bWrite or drive the feeling’s free,Maybe no wind will blow your hairCause you’ll stay static in your chair,But some thoughts can run awildWhen a poem gets compiled,To the moon and sometimes backOn a rocket without track,Trying to get rhymes … Continue reading Bikes & Rhymes

Electric Currents

Electric currents flowing streamthrough forever while unseenpowering everything we seepowering you and powering me making stars and planets tooplasma pinching into viewquasars born from galaxieseach ejected as it leaves redshift fooling those who thinkthat redshift means a distance linkas co-rotating birkland beamsin every scale are constant themes electric currents flowing streamthrough our phone’s and laptop’s screensthrough nerve endings in our eyesso that we can visualize … Continue reading Electric Currents

Don’t always need “Others”

Not every day needs to have a significant other,You don’t always need to have a good week,You don’t always need to have outside support,You don’t always need to walk with others,It’s okay to be alone for a while,It’s okay to feel pain,It’s not okay to pretend that pain doesn’t exist,It’s not okay to hide your emotions,It’s okay to stay true to your emotionsBut always remember,You … Continue reading Don’t always need “Others”


Can’t **** it with bullets,Can’t **** it with liquor.Can’t **** it with drugs,It’ll just make you sicker. Can’t destroy it with silence,Can’t burn it with matches,Can’t cut out the legsAnd just hope it collapses. Can’t stop it with arrows,Can’t stop it with knives.Can’t stop its great furyAnd destruction of lives. Can’t erase it with pleasure,Can’t **** it with joy.Can’t disguise yourself from it,It’s on a … Continue reading MONSTER

Just Write #Poetry

Just Write The Truths they are Afraid of saying Write The Screams you compressed within Write For the Sake of those, who showed you the Limits. Break them and Show who you really are Just write When Nobody is there for Listening Because Somebody out there Willing Write “Your words are not Merely Words They are Sheerly Truths you Jewel with words”. (Just write cuz I’m here for reading^_^) Continue reading Just Write #Poetry

Wonder Of Temporary Hope #Poetry

I wonder, If a positive life, Is really true, If someone could really, Have that view, But still go through, Terrible realizations, Facts and opinions, Negative situations, And still understand, Feel sympathy, Even feel empathy, While still being positive, Not being attracted, Towards the dark, Or negative, Not be affected, Or being effected, By life experiences. To a person like this, I cannot understand, Nor … Continue reading Wonder Of Temporary Hope #Poetry