“We are responsible for our own actions and decisions.”

Further to add

We are responsible for our actions and decisions. Good or bad.

Sometimes bad turns out to be good. Good turns out to be bad. That’s life.

Accept it gracefully.

Learn to live with it.

Stop crying by saying everyone just used me. Because remember you allowed them too.

“The urge to blame is the fear of being blamed.” – Douglas Stone

Don’t let anyone control your life or dictate you what you have done or what you wanna do. What is right and what is wrong.

You are and only you should be the master of your life.

Even karma can’t help you, if you can’t help yourself.

© VishalDutia

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To me give this

To me give this

State of bliss
Half rising
Sleepy eyes
And mind half wiser

Things I never knew
But I thought I could do
A secret state
Behind the blinds of lighting

Philosophical hesitation
In preparation of love
To feel, receive and give without trust

No one knew that we could be like this
See like this, or even grieve like this

But the things we come across,
We can’t fight,
Give it our all
Moving towards the light

One day, you’ll see…it will be alright.


The Path

The Path

The path compared to the past
it all seems so tame
now I can see the path
and the monsters have names

I looked fear in the eye
and I walked away
I have seen darker days
why should I be afraid?

I felt like I was drowning
a well in my head
something wanted me dead
and I said
not today

though sometimes I still say
I can’t cope anymore
I have been there before
there is always a way


Live your day

Live your day

If nothing ever happened,

Much to you .

Within your day .

That day would pass you by.

But you’d have.

Nothing else to say.

Life won’t,

Give you all the answers.

Even teach you,

How to smile.

For you only ,

Have to calm ,

Your thoughts.

Be still ,

Just for a while.

Within you ,

There’s a wonderful light.

That’s brighter than any known Star.

It grows with all the Love you find.

So it means ,

Its who you are .

Each day as you wake ,

Just take one deep breath.

Hold it in gratitude .

Say ,

Thank you for everything ,

Good in my life .

Now it’s a Beautiful day.





Even a wilted flower who is losing its color and hanging its head,
still has life when you continue to water it….
Just Be

Just Be

Be like the rain
unafraid to fall

Be like the sun
shining light upon all

Be like the wind
helping others take flight

Be the brave new dawn
after the dark stormy night


You Are…

You Are…

You are stronger then you know
You are happier then you seem
You are braver then you think
Your beautiful path awaits thee…


Wild Dreams

Wild Dreams

Take a ride inside your wild dreams
Float effortlessly down a calming stream
Hitch a ride on top a bumblebee
Smelling the roses endlessly
Chase the stars
Catching one for good luck
Find your soulmate and become lovestruck
Get caught in the rain
Dancing around the clouds
Be yourself no matter who’s around




Look through the darkness
Into the light
It may be hard to see
At first
But it’s there
It’s always been there
Since the beginning
It offers comfort
It offers healing
Each time you do this
Darkness lifts

Close your eyes
Smell the air
The freshness
Notice the slight aroma in the air
The flowers
Their sweet perfume
It flavors the world
With their scent
Each time you do this
Darkness lifts

Listen to the birds
Singing their songs
Notice their beauty
Their grace
As they fly through the air
With such ease
Each time you do this
Darkness lifts


Light Up the World

Light Up the World

Love lifts us up
It can power the world
With its energy
With its light
Whereas hate puts down

Cruelty destroys our spirit
It minimizes us
Pushes us down
Kindness soothes and inspires

Small mindedness shrinks
Tolerance opens up
It  helps us spread our wings
To open up our heart to others

Start every day start smiling
With the pure joy of being alive
Offer kindness and laughter
Especially in difficult times

Let’s makes a difference
Push away darkness
To help light up the world
To heal our wounds

In our own special way
Light up the world




It’s elusive
But needed
Without it
It’s hard to move forward
It’s hard to function
There’s a heavy feeling
Of darkness and despair
When we are knocked down
Hope lifts us up
To try again
To reach again
To be
Beyond ourselves
And our own limits
Hope inspires us
To new heights
It fills us with light
It gets us to look for better days
To focus on the possible
To open our hearts
Hope is everything
Beware the trap

Beware the trap

Guilt can become a habit
Cold comfort
And safe

Whether it is from what you did
Or didn’t do
Or didn’t intend

Whatever the source
The guilt implies
That it was in your power
To change the outcome
Control the impact

When often the things we feel most guilty about
Are the things we have least control over

Guilt can be used to control
“This is all your fault”
Masking the fact
That fault can always
Be spread around
By changing your perspective

Or it can be the excuse we give ourselves
To not try again
To let a relationship fade
“It’s for their own good, I’m the problem”
Instead of
Seeking forgiveness
Asking for change
Of ourselves
Of others

Guilt paralyzes
Trapping us in the past
Saping strength we need
To move on
Make change
Seek resolution

Guilt can sometimes be a valuable teacher
Calling our attention to times when we made mistakes
Hurt others
Hurt ourselves

You can use these lessons to inform
What you do
How you think
How you interact
In the future

Concentrate on these lessons
But let go of the guilt
It benefits no one
Changes nothing

Beware the trap
Of believing you always have control
Even if that belief comes in the form of guilt that you failed
To do
Or not to do

When other peoples’
Are in the mix

No one person can control the outcome
Or the impact

All that any of us can really control is
Our actions
Our intentions
Our responses
Our motivations
moving forward


Path of Positivity

Path of Positivity

A random positivity, for everyone to hear.
So charged with positivity, until time grows near.
The night grows dark, but the clouds do clear,
and then the crowds will all cheer.

It’s so easy to stumble, but remain cavalier.
Overlook the mists, dare to dream, and peer.
Until you’re strong enough, let me steer.
Take my hand in yours, and walk without fear.


Take your power back!

Take your power back!

Nobody can ever crush
a warrior heart and a soul made of
strength like yours,
wear those scars as your armour.

—Get back up, dust yourself, take your power back!


Unbound #Poetry

Unbound #Poetry

We are bound by the shackles in our minds
Stripped of our identities
Replaced by numbers
Grouped by the color of our skin
Killed by our own

Wasting away by the wayside
Overlooked by our environment
Forgetting what we come from
Accepting what we are taught

Slowly we loose ourselves
Reimagining a new self
To fit in to what would make you feel safe
Just to loose ourselves again

We were kings and queens
Society made us pawns
We were masters of our own destiny
Now we look over our shoulders

The shackles are fragile
Easily broken
We are not lambs to the slaughter
Just like the sun we will rise

– VishalDutia

My voice

My voice

I’ve been looking for my voice,
For so long.
I’ve wandered aimlessly,
Not knowing that the only sound,
That never drowned me,
Has been the only sound,
that I’m always surrounded by.
My voice is silence.

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The Truth

The Truth

I don’t vocalize
I’m not a musician.
I don’t embalm
I’m not a mortician.
I don’t make objects
disappear in thin air,
I’m not a magician.
I don’t flip numbers,
I’m not a mathematician.
I don’t heal patients,
I’m not a physician.
I don’t tell funny jokes
I’m not a comedian.
I don’t do hair or makeup,
I’m not a beautician.
I can’t run for public office
I am not a politician.

I was born to flip
Letters into words.
I can write a lovely script
Shiny like samurai swords
I can bring smiles to faces,
Via a beautiful love story.
I can take your mind to places,
Using the magic of poetry.
I can make the sun to shine,
In a dimly lit corridor.
My words will outlive time,
Like the soul of a gladiator.
I can morph into a genius,
By the stroke of my humble pen.
The nectar of my ink is gracious
Always doing the best it can.

The truth is all that I know…this is the truth!

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The Only Me is ME

The Only Me is ME

                                                         I’ll not claim to be a lyrical master

                                                              I’ll not boast that there’s no one faster

                                                             I’m not brightest not the dullest

                                                             My words my not mesmerize or drive you to hysteria

                                                              I may not have every thing that you’ve got

                                                              I am however the one thing you are not

                                                  I am Me and  I’m the only me that has ever or will ever be

                                                              I special in my own way my words are mine to say

                                No matter what you think you are who I am can never be taken away

                                   I am The One the one and only me, No matter what you try

                                                              or how much you pay you can never be me

                                   I’m one of a kind and unique and in all the vast Multiverses stand alone

                                                     To me there is no equal and there is no clone

                                                 In all the worlds in all the times I stand alone  

                                                    For you see when it comes to me you can’t compare

                                                    you might think it’s not right or it’s not fair

                                                   but the fact remains the same you have to see  

                                                               The Only Me is ME

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I wonder why people will
Allow obstacles nail 
Their dreams,
If you fail, BOUNCE.

You cannot live like this
You don't have to scream
Whenever you feel down
Get to your heel and BOUNCE.

It's sad to hold
Someone who doesn't
Want to be with you
It is painful but BOUNCE.

Sin will not overcome
If you do not give
Her a sofa to sit
Even in the pit, you can BOUNCE.

I remembered when
I was a boy
Running with my toy
Like a ruined pawpaw I fell
But I did BOUNCE.

Do not allow poor grades
Mask your cute tomorrow
Handle the task well
When you score bad, just BOUNCE.

Life is beautiful
And life is sorrowful
The big guy taps me and say
If you fall today, tomorrow just BOUNCE.

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Sometimes ability to change is the ability to survive

Sometimes ability to change is the ability to survive

Sometimes life can feel like you’re on fire hanging over a huge cliff,
with only one hand,
and it’s raining and cold; every second feels like a year,
and another person is just standing at the top,
looking down at you and not helping you up.
You feel let down and angry, but you manage to pull yourself back up.
You didn’t think you could master the strength on your own to do so,
but you had to,
because the ability to change is the ability to survive.

When We Were Close Friends

When We Were Close Friends

We had an unselfish love when we were close friends.
You were a good friend and a trusted companion,
The only one I could depend on for sound advice was you.
We felt strong concern for the wellbeing of each other.

There was neither envy nor pretence between us.
You had faith in me and I had confidence in you.
We would protect each other from harmful situations.
It is a shame we had a dispute over trivial matters.

We used to get along well, but now you avoid me.
I sincerely regret that I said such hurtful things to you.
Vexation and disagreements will arise now and then,
But that does not justify harbouring resentment.

It was quite pleasant when we were close friends.
Yes, we would do well to settle our differences quickly.
The primary objective of God is to teach us to love,
So we should not let malice and obstinacy creep in.

I am taking the initiative to make peace with you,
Listen to me before I run out of words and influence.
Jodi, I still consider you to be a good confidante,
And I want you to be my best friend for a long time.

Your friendship is a valuable asset that I hold dear.
Please accept my apology and shake hands with me.
We can become close friends as we were before,
So let us act wisely and restore our friendship today.

Parts of me

Parts of me

Parts of me,
Abandoned on the streets.
I took them home,
Stitched to my core.

Fell from grace,
Fell on the floor.
I fell so hard,
I couldn’t see you anymore.

No more sorrows,
No more redemption.
No prayers,
No validation.

I free,
Because I am me.
The parts of me,
Who I am meant to be.

Metal is My Way

Metal is My Way

I’m just some metal guy,
I got no time for lies.
Until death will I bang my head,
Music is how my soul is fed.
Do you feel it inside?
Life is just a musical ride.
The journey of our lives,
Is why we survive.
The music comes from the heart,
To be expressed like an art.
All the suppressed rage,
Released by the musical pages.
Rhythm of the instruments,
Only increases the sentiment.
To headbang to the blast beats,
Is the cure to hatreds heat.
Metal will always be the best way,
Even until my final days.
All my anger is now gone
Trapped within another song.

Bikes & Rhymes

Bikes & Rhymes

Its just like riding a bike
Once you ride you get the like,
Once you’ve learned you’ll never stop
When the fears you will unlock,
Starting points form a to b
Write or drive the feeling’s free,
Maybe no wind will blow your hair
Cause you’ll stay static in your chair,
But some thoughts can run awild
When a poem gets compiled,
To the moon and sometimes back
On a rocket without track,
Trying to get rhymes into place
As if riding in a race.

Electric Currents

Electric Currents

Electric currents flowing stream
through forever while unseen
powering everything we see
powering you and powering me

making stars and planets too
plasma pinching into view
quasars born from galaxies
each ejected as it leaves

redshift fooling those who think
that redshift means a distance link
as co-rotating birkland beams
in every scale are constant themes

electric currents flowing stream
through our phone’s and laptop’s screens
through nerve endings in our eyes
so that we can visualize

what powers you and powers me
is powering everything we see
through forever though unseen
electric currents flowing stream

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

Never give up.

Don’t ever surrender.

When all seems lost,

fight to the end.

You don’t know

the limits of your strength.

Nobody does,

you can endure the length

of any struggle, battle or hardship.

Show these motherfuckers

where your heart is.

Hours will be few,

but the minutes will be long.

Show them what it is,

what it means to be strong.

Charge head first,

or take your time and plan it.

They’ll try to break you,

but you’re made of granite.

You’re like a coal chunk,

born in intense heat.

Refined by pressure,

always rise to your feet.

That’s how how diamonds are made.

You can’t be defeated,

prohibit fear,

doubt and retreat.

It’s not about being paid.

It’s about power

and determination.

Doesn’t take much to

deter my nation.

Run faster,

jump higher,

lift more,

train longer.


You won’t find the same ease

believe me with me,

because I’m not giving up either

we’ll see who is stronger.

I’m going to destroy you,

show me who’s wrong.



Here I go clicking my heels
and flying free
away from the disastrous chaos
and all the bliss
floating gently in the sky
and if I were to try to attain it
it would refuse me
just to say that freedom isn’t an entitlement
to have and keep and store away
you must respect it to earn it

Don’t always need “Others”

Don’t always need “Others”

Not every day needs to have a significant other,
You don’t always need to have a good week,
You don’t always need to have outside support,
You don’t always need to walk with others,
It’s okay to be alone for a while,
It’s okay to feel pain,
It’s not okay to pretend that pain doesn’t exist,
It’s not okay to hide your emotions,
It’s okay to stay true to your emotions
But always remember,
You can win on your own,
You can help yourself become better,
You can succeed where others have failed,
You just need to realize,
That life can get rough,
And it’s up to you on how you handle it yourself.



Can’t **** it with bullets,
Can’t **** it with liquor.
Can’t **** it with drugs,
It’ll just make you sicker.

Can’t destroy it with silence,
Can’t burn it with matches,
Can’t cut out the legs
And just hope it collapses.

Can’t stop it with arrows,
Can’t stop it with knives.
Can’t stop its great fury
And destruction of lives.

Can’t erase it with pleasure,
Can’t **** it with joy.
Can’t disguise yourself from it,
It’s on a path to destroy.

The struggle is real,
But don’t give up the fight.
The only thing that
Can beat back the darkness…is light.

Losing you

Losing you

Losing one person
is hard but worth it

Losing someone you love,
is tough and pain

Losing friends,
its okay

Losing yourself,
is not worth it
because that’s you
who are going to move forward
with a brighter future .

Solo Player

Solo Player

If life has taught me anything
It is to wander

It is better to leave than be left
So it’s better to be the goner

Nothing is permanent
And nothing will stay

Sure there are limits
And you’ll have to go away

But you’ll protect yourself first
And maybe you won’t get hurt along the way

So sometimes you’ll have to break
And have to be the traitor

But if that’s what it takes to survive
“Just so we’re clear, I’m a solo player”

No Holds Barred #Poetry

No Holds Barred #Poetry

I have no hold cards when writing poetry
If I ever did, what kind of poet would I be
I decree poetry should be free of any bars
Being free eternally to live amongst the stars

Like space cars to Mars, words take flight
Expressing ones insight without any fright
We must fight for what’s right each & everyday
Shining bright with the light within our wordplay

Able to convey what’s imprisoned in our minds
Words have the stamina to handle tests of time
In rhymes or free verse, from a wallet or a purse
Pigeonholing is a curse & there ain’t nothing worse

Just Write #Poetry

Just Write #Poetry

Just Write

The Truths they are Afraid of saying


The Screams you compressed within


For the Sake of those, who showed you the Limits.

Break them and Show who you really are

Just write

When Nobody is there for Listening

Because Somebody out there Willing


“Your words are not Merely Words

They are Sheerly Truths you Jewel with words”.

(Just write cuz I’m here for reading^_^)

Note to self

Note to self

Note to self:

None of us are getting out of here alive , so please stop treating yourself like an after thought.

Eat delicious food, walk in the sunshine, jump in the ocean, say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure..

Be silly..
Be kind..
Be weird..

There’s no time for anything else..


Keep ploughing #Poetry

Keep ploughing
through the

will shine
with the stars
of bright

©2020. All rights reversed


Dig Deep #Poetry

Never give up
Always dig deep
You never know
What dreams
Are right under your feet
Waiting for you
To make them compete
Never giving up
Always digging deep
Trying to get the dreams
Right under your feet

©2018. VishalDutia

Hare Krishna #Poetry

If truth be told,
My Beloved Krishna
I don’t know why
i chant this name of Thine
I chant it once
And then again
And then again
And again and again
It is so sweet.

Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Come With Me #Poetry

Come with me
and happiness is guaranteed
Come with me
and you’ll see what you have never seen
Come with me
and you will always remember this day
And with a smile you will always remember this day.

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Wonder Of Temporary Hope #Poetry

I wonder,
If a positive life,
Is really true,
If someone could really,
Have that view,
But still go through,
Terrible realizations,
Facts and opinions,
Negative situations,
And still understand,
Feel sympathy,
Even feel empathy,
While still being positive,
Not being attracted,
Towards the dark,
Or negative,
Not be affected,
Or being effected,
By life experiences.
To a person like this,
I cannot understand,
Nor feel hope,
From the very idea,
Or thought,
Of this lifestyle,
But I have a want or wonder if you are real,
And I feel the need,
To know you are,
That may give me a seed,
A temporary hope,
A nice mirage,
That will help temporarily cope,
With my existence,
For a little while.

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.


Unstoppable #Poetry

They kicked her
To the ground, and
Buried her
Along with her
Dreams and aspirations
Just like seeds
From beneath the soil,
She grew once again
Proved to the world
That she is

@2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.