Hare Krishna #Poetry

If truth be told, My Beloved Krishna I don’t know why i chant this name of Thine I chant it once And then again And then again And again and again It is so sweet. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. ©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Come With Me #Poetry

Come with me and happiness is guaranteed Come with me and you’ll see what you have never seen Come with me and you will always remember this day And with a smile you will always remember this day. ©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Wonder Of Temporary Hope #Poetry

I wonder, If a positive life, Is really true, If someone could really, Have that view, But still go through, Terrible realizations, Facts and opinions, Negative situations, And still understand, Feel sympathy, Even feel empathy, While still being positive, Not being attracted, Towards the dark, Or negative, Not be affected, Or being effected, By life…

Unstoppable #Poetry

They kicked her To the ground, and Buried her Along with her Dreams and aspirations But Just like seeds Sprouting From beneath the soil, She grew once again And Proved to the world That she is Unstoppable. @2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

A Life #Poetry

Live like a spinning wheel Always scrolls Sometimes you win Sometimes you lose Sometimes you gotta fall Before you fly However, behind all of it Store of kindness Trust it The sky isn’t always gray Don’t grieve Keep patient at all times A storm will be pass And the sun will shine Give a hope…

Be Me

I look out into the sea of people, and realise they are all me. Because I am them, and I also want to see who I really am. To see what I am able to do. © VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Simple Lines Of Life

Though, the struggle continues Some simple moments fill the day’s happiness. Trodding through the path isn’t easy Yet, simple care is enough to make your day shine Walks of life are always curved Thus, it some time show simple straight lines to feel the day Whatever comes and goes is through ACCEPT AND MOVE ON….

True Passion

If you have true passion you cannot be stopped True passion that burns like acid through paper Nothing can halt you you will succeed But the passion must burn with volcano heat So light the fire and fan the flames Look to your future and all will be yours © 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights…

I am a good man

I am a good man with a good heart I gotta slow start But I will push hard Because I wanna go far Hope is what fuels my car Me no more dream of stars Because I learn from my scars That life ain’t always a rock guitar So sometimes you gotta trust the artist…

You can do anything, if you accept yourself.

You can do anything, if you accept yourself. Open your heart to possibilities And accept yourself. Open your eyes to the sky And accept yourself. So take a deep breath and wipe your tears away. And smile because you know everything will be okay, And accept yourself. You can do anything, if you accept yourself.

Dear, Never Give Up

When they drag you down, don’t let them be the end of you. Pull away, brush yourself off, and keep on moving forward. Don’t stop. You’ve gone so far to give up now, so keep your head up high and believe that you’ll achieve greater. © VishalDutia Image © VishalDutia

Learn to motivate yourself #Musings

After All The Mistakes You Do To Ruin Your Own Life, And Still Continuing It, And If You Wanna Be The Same, Just Motivate Yourself By Saying “No One Is You And That Is Your Power!” I have tried it trust me it works

Show the Best #Poetry

Life is sweeter than a flower, Tho’ silently goes like dew; So make good use of each hour; Show the best that is in you. Show a face of sunshine cheer, A smile on a tender face; Show your courage, show no fear; Show the best in human race.

I Write #Poetry

I think of things I cannot say, these thoughts of me haunts me day by day. So I write. I write to keep these monsters away. I write so that the good memories will stay, and the bad ones won’t cause dismay. I write so I can sleep. I write when I weep. I write…