But yet I still believe you. #Poetry

I feel so dumb.
I sit here with tears filling my eyes,
but yet I still believe you.
All you have to say is “I Love You,” and I’ll be right there at your feet.
I gave all of me to you that it pains me to ever leave.
I know you already left me,
but yet I still stay.


26 replies to “But yet I still believe you. #Poetry

  1. Its a Beautiful Poem You wrote, I still believe in my Ex, But i feel that he doesn’t believe in me even as a friend i feel, I will always be by his side but i feel like he isn’t at my side anymore, i feel like he doesn’t love me as a girlfriend or as a friend But i do love him as a friend and A boyfriend but the more i think about him less the more feelings i lose for him I think it’s best to not think about him at all and thank you for the poem you wrote its beautiful

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