Floating in between

I feel the change
I feel the shift in my energy
In my spirit
In my heart
I can feel the way I dont care anymore
It feel it falling apart
I feel it slipping away
I feel it becoming less important
I feel like the days are longer now
And I cant stop from crying
I feel like Im different
And I dont know
Whether to accept my metamorphosis
Or start running
Help me? Could you maybe for a second?
Its okay if you cant
Im used to being shot down
But maybe if you just had a second
Id feel more attached to the ground



You Wont Know Me At All #Poetry

Don’t claim to be the smartest
Don’t claim to shine the brightest
Though those that claim to know me
Factually won’t know me at all.



Paint My Words #Poetry

Tell me the colour

Of my voice

While I whisper poetry,

Shy that the words might

Touch this still air;

Loving you has always been

Deep blue acrylics and


Vision Is Pain #Poetry

Some People Run from their Pain…
They Run so Fast their Heart Feels the Strain….
               Facing the Opposite way like
               They’ve Nothing to Gain………
I Can See their Vision is Plain !….;


Artist #Poetry

A lifetime experience expressed in a day
an ability that exist in those with grey

From harmless face that gets redrawn
to fully grown the world depends upon

A mastery of time being exposed by sun
used by it to cause people to return


This is not a poem #Poetry

This is not a poem
But a question
The answer to which
I do hope you have

Why does my lover claim to love me
But still looks for every opportunity
To let me go?

Is it that she loves me so much
But doesn’t think she’s worthy of me

Or she doesn’t love me enough
To think I’m worthy of her?


Mermaid #Poetry

how do you name
this kind of strength?

the thing she loves most
shatters her, irreparably

shards sink to the depths
drowning she dies there

then recreates herself,
returning to care for it


A Kind of Love #Poetry

hearts beat, faster, faster
thighs bracketed around his waist
kisses clipped short because you just can’t breathe enough air
he’s holding you with his arms
But you’re holding him with everything you are

© 2020. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

Keep ploughing #Poetry

Keep ploughing
through the

will shine
with the stars
of bright

©2020. All rights reversed


Hungry Lips #Poetry

Feed me your mouth,
so I can satisfy my desires
with the taste of our destiny.

I long for the rush,
from our lips, when they touch.
symbols of each other,
signaling one another,
our body language,
speaking to,

Lost in forever,
the moment consumed,
by passion

© VishalDutia


Only The Trees #Poetry

It’s only the trees
That see me
It’s only the trees
That feel me
It’s only the trees
That know who I am
Only the trees
Who understand

It’s only the trees
Who stand watching
Only the trees
Who wait patiently
Only the trees
Who breath air to the world
Only the trees
Who will tell


The Matrix #Poetry

I am locked in with binary codes.
I am told to act appropriately and wear these clothes.
A future development of the system that spoils the fruit that grows.
That leaves the truth untold.
So I ask this question, do you stand with the mass or do you find yourself searching for that deep dark rabbit hole?


Door To Our Freedom #Poetry

When we are surrounded
by many walls.

And there is only a window,
It can lead to a fall.

Start with a brick and talk
through every one.

And eventually there will be
a door to our freedom.


Amalgamate #Musing

Don’t hesitate.
Don’t forget to participate

If two things fit
That’s it!


Truly Yours #Poetry

Truly Yours

Some days it’s like your all that I have

Trying to hold on for as long as I can

But in the end, I’m merely just a man

With nothing more then these destructive hands


My Writes #Poetry

Question-How do you write?
Answer- I write,
What I have seen
What I have been
What I feel
What I deal
What I realize
What I visualize
What I love
What I observe
What I live
to live….


Fairy Tales #Poetry

As what seems to be magic
Is often, just an illusion
When stuck between heart and mind
You’d only get confusion

And it’s another time
This heart flew away
Little did it know
It’s fate gonna betray

This kid inside me
Still believe in their glories
Why can’t it accept
Fairy tales, are just stories !!


Me And The Mystery Girl #Stories

This is the story of me and the mystery girl.

So I was boarding my train from Surat to Dehradun.

It was an AC coach .The coach wasn’t crowded .

I had the lower berth.

Suddenly a girl enters in the coach . Turns out she has the seat right in front of me.

She wore a Black Tshirt and a white pant.

She was looking surreal. Like she had been crafted by god. So beautiful. So cute .

8 min. were left in the departure of the train.

I observed that the girl started watching something on her phone. She plugged in her earphones, but the audio was still audible to the other person. I heard some familiar voices and peeped at her phone. Turns out she was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I asked her ,a bit hesitantly”Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S,Huh?”

“Yes”, she replied,She had a soft tone.

Suddenly a lady in her mid 40s enters ,She was trying to push her luggage and i helped her.

As a formality that lady tried to initiate a conversation . “Thank you beta ,What do you do ? ”

” I am a transponster aunty, my job is IT procurements manager with the specialization Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration “(A F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference) I replied and wink to that girl while saying that with a quirky smile.

The lady obviously was confused but didn’t bother to ask anything and said in a very Indian tone ” Good Good” and then went to sleep ,She had the side upper berth.

” So a Chandler fan ,I assume?” she asked.

“Who Isn’t?”,I replied.

Then we did a bit of chit chat ,Where she was from,What was she doing etc etc.

The coach was relatively empty and it was 11:30 in the Night ,The lights were turned off by that lady as soon as the train started.

Suddenly that girl calls me next to her and offers me one of the earbuds of her earphone. Now we are watching Friends with a single piece of earphone. We laughed together , Hi-Fi’d each other at some scenes and also felt emotional for each Ross-Rachel scene. The episodes we were watching had the “We were on a break” thing going on.

It was a 25 hr journey . Time flew by 3 hours we saw it without any interruption. Suddenly a bright white light hits my face. It was 6 in the morning. I turn my face to the right side and found the girl sleeping on my shoulder. She woke up because of my movement,

  • Akward silence *

A minute later she says

“Good Morning, Transponster” .

We still had a few hours left in our journey,We got freshen up ,We ate,Did a bit of talking ,We slept again in our respective berths .

The last 15 mins of our journey.

She says “It was such a great journey,You are a really good companion”

“Hope my future wife thinks the same “,I replied

“I think you would make a good boyfriend” She said.

I was a bit confused,”Is she hitting on me ? , Is she giving her honest opinion?”

We stood near the door as we were close to the station.

The train is coming to a halt.

” Hey,Add me on Facebook or Instagram !”

“Ofcourse,I would love to talk to you”I said.

Suddenly i had a realization and asked her “Hey ,Oh Shit,I Didn’t ask you your name and neither did you ask me mine ”

Both of us were in awe and laughing stupidly because we spent 25hrs together and didn’t know each other’s name.

While laughing she says,

“Anyways I’m -”

Suddenly i felt a huge thunder like shock,Like someone had slapped me.

I see my mother next to me , Looking at me with an angry face ,I wonder how did she come here?

Suddenly i see my room ,I wonder,How did my room come to the Train!!!!!?

And i hear some announcements at the station like

“You Lazy ass ,Its 12 :00 PM wake up you fool!”

It was straight out of a romantic book experience.


Nothing Can Compare You #Poetry

Nothing can compare
To a soul as beautiful
as yours.

Not all of the stars
in the endless universes
towering above our reach.

Not every flower bursting
with a life so pure
beneath our feet.

Not a single golden ring
or a diamond or jewel
buried in the dirt.

Not even all of the love
gathered in every friend I’ve known
combined as one.

Not a single word
read in any book
taken from every library on this earth.

Not a song, nor a bird
A story, a kiss
A place, a jump
A lover, or a home.

Not one magnificence
I have ever laid eyes upon
Will ever compare to you.


Feelings #Poetry

I have a feeling in my heart
That’s tearing me apart

I have drastic feelings in my brain
That no one, not even I can explain

I have a hole in my soul
That makes me feel unwhole

I have thoughts messing with my mind
That makes me terribly unkind

I have this idea in my head
That I fearfully dread

I have horrible memories in my brain
That caused pain and yes, today still remains


Less hate More Love #Musing

You have to start loving your pain
Or you will hate it
and breed


At my heart’s expense #Poetry

against my
better judgment
against all
common sense
i blindly loved you anyway
and at my heart’s

© 2020. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

what’s it like #Poetry

what’s it like to be in love? to love someone and have them love you back? i give out all my love, and never recieve any back.

what’s it like to have a shoulder to cry on? to have someone tell you that it’ll be okay? i cry every night, but I don’t tell anyone, because they’ll think just wave me away.

what’s it like to be happy? to wake up every morning without any sadness? i try to be happy, but there’s no such thing.

what’s it like to still have hope in a world that constantly discriminates and hates?

please tell me, so I can be like you. so i can be in your shoes, and see things from your view.

© 2020. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

Anxious I #Poetry

The Anxious I

I’m afraid

Fear is everything my heart knows

Fear is not just a simple feeling for me

I’m afraid too longer than I wanted someday

Fear now has a new meaning,
Maybe it’s the meaning of life

That’s part 1 of 4 poems about anxiety feelings


Streetology #Poetry

Say it once say it again
It is the worth, status and dignity of a speaker
that lends authority and validity to their views
and opinion

Flood?…..what flood

Doubts…..what doubts

Confusion……what confusion

It is not the quantity but the quality of knowledge
which determines the mind’s dignity.

A fool thinks himself to be wise,
but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Where is the wisdom in the public display of

stupidity, ignorance and wit-less-ness
who drinks in the offerings
of those lacking in wit or dignity?


Unbearable #Poetry

The weight of the world
To carry
When your solely carrying
Your fate in your own hands

Disappointment comes when you believe strongly in something
Knowing the river will run dry and leave behind the dirt and debris
Only to leave you to struggle and continue to not sink further into deep depression
For everyone to abuse, criticize and see

© 2020. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

Never Forever #Poetry

If forever is never
And I never stopped loving you
Then I love you forever.


First Law Of Metaphysics #Poetry

There’s nothing less,
there’s nothing more

As time repeats…
—once evermore.


Two Sides Of a Coin #Poetry

I hear voices in the wind
But they do not whisper
Their tone is audible and firm
They say **** yourself it isn’t worth it
As well as ride it out and learn
Someday perhaps the trees won’t rustle
and peace may come in song
Reality will show its face
The truth I believed in all along

©VishalDutia. 2019. All Rights Reserved


The Beauty The Unknown Brings #Poetry

Stuck in limbo,
between time
and space.
not knowing what
tomorrow brings,
but accepting the
the unknown brings.


Social Animal #Poetry

how should i be?
i tried to sit around
and wondered how to look,
with all these strangers
making idle talk, “the weather,”
and i wondered wether or not
i should wander out.
only took – a second,
unequipped with thoughts,
i left the room quick,
no quips, just didn’t care to talk.


Different Types Of Potty

Potty has 5 colors: 1- yellow 2- green 3- black 4- red 5- brown

Normally what can we see in a Potty: 1. Seeds of ladies finger 2. Chopped chillies 3. Rolled tomatoes 4. Coriander leaves 5. Corn

If u look at the shape of Potty carefully,you can visualise various things – 1. eagle 2. snake 3. bhoot 4. dinosaur 5. gobar ki gol thaipdi

Types of Potty: 1. Thin 2. Hard 3. Soluble 4. Dry 5. Jelly 6. Oily

🚽Types of Potty🚽

💩 GHOST potty The kind of potty when u felt there’s potty coming out, but no potty in a toilet💭👻

💩 CLEAN potty U potty it out, see a potty in the toilet but nothing on the tissue✅

💩 WET potty After wiping plenty times you still feel un wiped💦

💩 SECOND WAVE potty U’re done potting, u’ve pulled up your pants and realize u need to potty some more✌

💩 POP A VEIN IN YOUR FOREHEAD potty U strain so much to get it out you feel like you’re having a stroke 😤

💩 GASSY potty So noisy, every1 within earshot is giggling 💣🎶

💩 SKID MARKS potty It leaves the most noticeable skid marks at the bottom of the toilet🍩🍦

💩 BURN potty Reminds you that u had too much of chillies the previous night.🔥

💩 BIO WARFARE potty Turns your toilet into a toxic chamber. Makes u regret u left your deodorant outside.🙊

💩 THE I WISH I COULD potty U wanna potty but all u do is sit on the toilet and fart a few times 💨💨

💩 WET CHEEK potty It drops so fast it splashes water on your butt cheeks 💧💦

💩 THE DANGLING potty The one that refuses to leave your ass u need to shake it off 🎊

💩 THE SURPRISE potty You’re about to fart but BAAAMMMM! IT’S A POTTY!!! 🎉

No matter how beautiful or rich you are but im sure you’ve experienced one or more of those potty type… No morning can be good without a Happy Potty💩🚽 😆😆😆😆



Ever as good as we imagined it?
Better than we imagined it?
I’ve got words to eat
emotions to neglect,
I’ll wash it all down with a glass of pride,
And swallow my complex.
Nothing to follow, no direction.
The only thing I’ve got for sure is my perception.
I know
The inevitability of tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy rains.
I know
Even old wise trees can set themselves aflame.
A part of me will always believe
in the beauty to grieve.
Tragedy is art.
Disaster helps heal.
A destroyed heart lets you know,
that feeling is real.
How can we expect to bleed,
if we never get cut?
How can we be whole,
if we never know love?
What a wonder it is
To watch a wound so deep,
mend itself into a fresh piece of flesh.
Everything is as we imagine,
That’s the magic.

©2019. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.


Scorpio Love #Poetry

Are you willing to take that chance?
To give into my seductive tone?
Let me touch your body with soft slow strokes.
Submitting yourself for an experience that could be your deepest intimate moment.
So let’s go as far as much time you permit while my poison runs thur your bones.
Let’s be discretely devoted while my voice gives you the chills.
A *** *** willing to please his queen behind close doors.

©VishalDutia. 2019. All Rights Reserved.


Where should the soul go? #Poetry

We remain with ourselves
With our empty hearts
And sinful hands

Money corrupts people
Drugs hides all
And Humanity dies through

We kill our own kind
We lie our own God
And Trust dies through

They pretend
Empowered by emotions, not a feeling
And that’s how Love dies through

Where should the soul go?

©VishalDutia. 2018. All Rights Reserved.

A conflicted Mind #Poetry

They taught me to grow tall, tough and strong
They taught me, never to cry
A man after all I was never to meek
What they forgot, am human at first!

Emotions come and will overpower all but none
The poor, the rich and the mighty
They all cry to life’s happenings
But I am a man, what can I do?

They taught me never to cry!


Dig Deep #Poetry

Never give up
Always dig deep
You never know
What dreams
Are right under your feet
Waiting for you
To make them compete
Never giving up
Always digging deep
Trying to get the dreams
Right under your feet

©2018. VishalDutia

Six Is A Number #Poetry

The first one’s a treat,
i speak what i mean,
two gives me laughter,
i know what im after,
three gives me love,
im pure as a dove,
four is my edge,
it shows me a ledge.
five gives me trouble,
my edges are rough.
six is a number,
not nearly enough.

©®2018. All Rights Reserved.


Hey You #Poetry

Hey you,
I think I knew you
When you were a child
Running free and wild

It it true,
What I say about you
That part I sort of miss
All the years of innocence

Hey you,
At break neck speed you moved
From point A to point B
Leaving behind flakes of memory

Is it true,
That half the things if you knew
Only a few you’d want to change
Most you’d want to keep the same

Hey you,
I know what you’re going through
Because I have been there too
After all I am you.

©2018. ®VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.


Computer Lingo #Poetry

“Permanently delete”

No one ever
wants to
look through

“New document”

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.