||All Game of Words||

He talked, she blushed. He muted, she understood. He blamed, she reacted. He betrayed, she shattered. He spoke for patch up, This time she broke his heart. “But why?” He asked. “All game of words my dear. That was your turn, and this is mine.” ©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Potty Break

Sitting in a public restroom on a toilet, Wondering and Listening as people come and go Without the strength to get up. © 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

My heartbeat

Each beat feels like a muffled rumble, Like it’s too hurt to beat all the way. Between each beat is a pause, That makes me think that my heart is going to stop, But without fail, The rumble starts again. Quiet and slow, Without any rhythm or flow, It spreads like an echo. © 2018….


GIVERS, TAKERS & MATCHERS Takers try to gain as much as possible from their interactions while contributing as little as they can in return. Takers tend to be self-focused, evaluating what other people can offer them. “If I don’t look out for myself first,” takers think, “no one will.” Givers tend to provide support to…

Second thought

I hate talking… But i have a lot to say. Im very rude… But i tell people i dont know to have a nice day with every ounce of my heart. Im very shy… But im inquisitive, curious, amicable, funny, and usually the conversation starter. Im cautious… Yet completely impulsive. Im clean… And neat….! But…

Random Thoughts

People waste there life in “judging others” and having an over confidence of “i am something” crying for the situations they created “for themselves” blaming and crying to someone “for there situations” whole life they just keep “on motivating themselves” confident about there future “but have achieved nothing, nor for themselves nor for the society”…

what it is!

She is mine I am her’s You don’t like it? Well that’s what it is! Do me a favor before you go to far, mind your own goddamned buisness and we are who we are! ©2018 VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Random Thought

Time tossed and thinking solitude sinking the Unforeseen

Two Minds

For Every Thought I Always Have Two Minds Fighting Shouting Dancing Atlast They Come Together For Right Solution. Tried To Create An Animation Fx For The Same Featuring : Myself Software Credits : Meing Directed : Myself © 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

They Say

They say, “everything happens for a reason” now i’m wondering, will you be everything that’ll happen, or the reason? © 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

Why these but?

During the night I can’t stop my self from asking the questions that haunt me I have stayed up countless night not able to sleep because of my fear of having to much to fear For example if there 7.2 million people on this planet that I’m so minuscule that I’m nothing but a number…

Still awake

I lay awake at night thinking reading writing still awake My mind moves fast never stopping or slowing down keeping me awake until the sun peaks out. Now I lay awake at dawn thinking reading writing still awake Someone please come and make me sleep.😖 © 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

Forever Endeavor.

You must endeavor to love forever because love is a forever endeavor. © 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.