After longtime

After a long time when we met, my anxious heart felt peaceflowers of my wihes stared smilinglike spring in garden when my waiting eyes met your sharp eyesdrinks started flowingi didn’t need some pouring my drinksi felt felt drunk without drinking night passed into morningcandles started flickeringmy life started shining in the bright light of timeliness joy and attractions everywherejoy in the heartsno matter how … Continue reading After longtime

Have you seen me?

You might’ve seen me walking along the roadLong golden curls, headed for home Soft blue dress, with little orange flowersHopping in puddles from April’s rain showers Or you might’ve seen my face plastered all over townMissing child posters “NOT BEEN FOUND” Amber alerts, sirens blareNo one really knew me, but suddenly they all care Maybe I’m locked in a basement, or wrapped up in a … Continue reading Have you seen me?

Find The Heart

Find the heart amongst the thickest weedsThe gnarliest, coarsest most jagged rocks.Find the heart and, darling, plant all it’s seedsFor its love can unlock the tightest of locks. Find the heart amidst the choppiest seasThe sways, the depths and plunderous tide.Find the heart and, darling, remember pleaseTo trust in it completely and always confide. Find the heart laying in a sweltering heatIn the most baron, … Continue reading Find The Heart

My heart is just a river #Poetry

Rippling with emotionsRacing with a quiverTo wild destinationsMy heart is just a river.. Heartbeat is rhythmicThe waves rise and fallHeartburn is chaoticThe river takes it all.. The heartbroken criesOn losing a loved oneBeneath the river liesThings lost and gone A heart full of loveLife depends on the liverSkies rain from aboveMy heart is just a river.. Continue reading My heart is just a river #Poetry