Can’t **** it with bullets,Can’t **** it with liquor.Can’t **** it with drugs,It’ll just make you sicker. Can’t destroy it with silence,Can’t burn it with matches,Can’t cut out the legsAnd just hope it collapses. Can’t stop it with arrows,Can’t stop it with knives.Can’t stop its great furyAnd destruction of lives. Can’t erase it with pleasure,Can’t **** it with joy.Can’t disguise yourself from it,It’s on a … Continue reading MONSTER


Change is necessary. Right? Change is a good thing? Right? Change is Scary and confusing. Change scares the hell out of me. Change leaves me in a state of frustration. Change can heal the soul and tear it apart. Leaving little pieces scattered about. But I must think of little caterpillars that turn into beautiful butterflies. Change is necessary. Again Change Not Change There is … Continue reading Change

Puzzles within puzzles. #Poetry

The body is a series of puzzles put together to make one big puzzle. The mind. The body. The organ systems. The tissues. The cells. Puzzles within puzzles. Mental health takes those puzzles Lays them upon a flat surface And swings its hammer in a wide arc To Shatter those puzzles, Break up the tiny, interlocked pieces, And scatter them across the plane of your … Continue reading Puzzles within puzzles. #Poetry