Longing #Erotica

She winces,Unused to the pleasuresOf my tongue;She quivers,Overwhelmed,But begging I’m not yet done. ©VishalDutia

Candlelight #Poetry

My blossoming beloved:How I envyThe shadows,Dancing by candlelight,Upon your glisteningEager and nervous form;Would that I mightCaress you so tenderly,And stroke you as steadily;And adore you as ardentlyAs no lover before. ©VishalDutia

Fresh Start

Starting over fresh is like waking up to remnants of you and me scattered on my pillow case and feeling a sense of calmness knowing that it’ll all be okay. © VishalDutia

Love #Random #Poetry

We want to quantify it, Feel it, Touch it, Know it before we say it’s real. But love is all around us. Every single day we move about we get to experience different facets of love but we have become used to it so it’s normal to us. Love is simple. It’s complicated. It’s not…Continue reading »

An Affair with your Mind #Poetry

I want to have an affair with your mindThe secret places that fold into wetnessI want to gaze into your eyes Your quiet reserve calling me homeOn fire with desireUntil my combustion spills forth into ecstasy. © VishalDutia

Goddess draped in lace #Erotica

A Goddess stands before me, Red lace draped across her skin, with the soul of an Angel but her eyes were filled with sin I watched her curvy body move, I wished she could be mine, not just inside a dream but in the real world and for all-time To feel her body next to…Continue reading »

My hope #Poetry

My heart is the ocean. And it is deep. For it is storming. My waters are dense and ponderous. And for any intruders to set sail upon my waters they will sink. There’s no existence in my ocean. But you see my love , when my eyes glance upon your eyes. You do something to…Continue reading »


My body aches to be with youTo hold you and make love to youOur naked bodies tightly pressedMy chest upon your perky breast I am so ready and you are already wetAs we begin this hot duetDancing to the ebb and flowAll inhibitions we let goMaking love throughout the nightContinuing until daylightMany times we both…Continue reading »

The dawning of the Sun #Poetry

Soft kisses and caressing our bodies entwined as one, we share sweet tender moments as we await the dawning of the Sun Wrapped in each others arms, in such a tender loving embrace, looking deep into each others eyes, a smile upon each face Fingers blended together, it’s hard to tell which ones are mine,…Continue reading »

Making Sweet Love #Poetry #Erotica

As we lay together cuddled in bedThe heat rises and thoughts run through my head As I start to kiss your soft and tender lipsMy hands wonder and rub on your hips As I kiss on your neck I feel your body tenseThen I feel your relaxation as you kick in another sense As I…Continue reading »

Sate my needs once more #Erotica

I have a ravenous need, it’s growing oh so very fast, I’m trying to control it but I’m not sure how long it’ll last My body’s aching for you, each heartbeat screams your name, I need to feel your body, this hunger feels like pain I’m desperate to taste you, I’m in desperate need to…Continue reading »

With You #Poetry

Through this time of pain and sorrowI’ll be there for you today and tomorrowOur lives together are like a songSo perfect, where things never go wrong.I want to be with you when you are sickHold you when you are weakKnow the words when you can’t speak.Truth be dared, heal your soul so honestly. ©VishalDutia


She brought him to light!When he only witnessed the dark… She gave him delight!When he felt lost in despair… She saved him unaware…Like a superhero aware! She landed her mark…Now look at them!All alone in their realm! ©VishalDutia


Don’t leave me scattered here,You promised me you won’t.And I am aware people change. But I don’t want tobelieve it’s you this time.Why am I always the onegetting attached and being left out? I want to forget you. But I don’t regret it one bit.I bet you already did.Your promises were mere words only.And I…Continue reading »


Let us pursue this pleasure rideLet us climb the ocean’s tideAnd use this wild momentTo cruise along our chosen stride. Lustful waves feel the energy of our heatStepping inside a sinful world there for us to meetCarnal pleasures drive our heated stovePast the lust lakes from where we drove. Something sparks; something’s burningThe rollercoaster of…Continue reading »

Love on rent

You are a tenant in meGrowing poisons to settle the debt of life. © VishalDutia

Lingerie #Erotica

There’s nothing more arousing than a curvy girl in lingerie, hopefully it’s soft Red lace but that’s just the way I play Laying over her sexy curves, showing just a hint of skin, sexy and seductive with delightful mysteries hid within Soft clinging Satin making her gorgeous nipples stand up tall, shinning in the candlelight,…Continue reading »

Owns my heart #Erotica

Even though I try to fight it, my heart beat calls out your name, I try my best to resist you but it is just a futile game You are running through my veins, you are the air I breath, a night spent without you in my dream, is a night I can’t conceive. When…Continue reading »

“A symbol of my love”

A symbol of love is beauty  A smile of nature is hearty True love has no bad affair. My love is so shy In a beautiful sky Just you and me there. ©VishalDutia

It’s all so complicated

It was all so complicatedfalling out of meand into love.i tend tofeel too far ahead.heartpleading me to stop;and let the musclescatch up. ©VishalDutia

Not For Me

Everybody seems so in loveAnd so connected to everything I know plenty of love, and no amountOf possible fairy tale endings will eraseWhat its done to me. I will break.I promise you that right now.And all my jagged broken piecesWill cut the palms of your handsIf you try to pick them up. So don’t bother,…Continue reading »


when i asked the universe to give me someone to love me the way I love others because I deserve it, i didn’t know i needed to be hurt a lot before i can have you. ©VishalDutia

Betrayed but Beautiful

People are like rosesThey shed their ruby petalsFor people they loveLeaving fatal thorns forThose involved in betrayal ©VishalDutia

Some fun #Erotica

Did you find my erotic gentle kisses, I sent them in a rhyme, mixed with a little lust for you, can you read about it in each line Can you feel my hands touching you, my stanzas are full of a hot desires, do my words get you wet, do I ignite your sexual fires…Continue reading »

Now and Then

You promised meThe Stars and the MoonShe reminded Yes I didI promised you the StarsAnd the MoonA pure darknessThat kind, you get in your sleepThat’s the baselineTo witness the StarsAnd the MoonTo see the lightTo see meAnd to see us Thank youYes, I did © VishalDutia

Just Enough So

If you can invite meWholeheartedly Invite me to your thoughtsAnd with all my mightAn aesthetic sensesLet me beIn my own way © VishalDutia

Blooming Sights

The Blooming Sights … of Tangled breaths Over the Sheets of Fragile but Fragrant feeling of Love … © VishalDutia

Call me love

Call me Love ,Count the number of Your Heartbeats …Over the Sight of my ShadeDial me in Your memory’s …Registermy breathings in Your Hearts phone – book For Forever …The End . © VishalDutia

Deep Meaning

Deep meaning fills my sorrow and makes my love cool.I never thought truth would act this way. Beyond perceptions, it’s participatory affection.I never thought truth would act this way. Deep meaning fills my sorrow and turns love into tool.I never thought I’d work this way.With hands on deck, steering out of my mess.I never thought…Continue reading »

Momentarily eternal

momentarily eternal was your touch momentarily eternal was your breath momentarily eternal was your devotion momentarily eternal was our love © VishalDutia


I can hear my own heartbeating the letters of your name i can see your eyesin the gleaming night sky i can feel your skini long to touch i can taste the memoriesof which we have made i can smell your scent from afaralluring me to come to what sense shall i imagineall the beauty…Continue reading »

Love wins again

Love rhymes with gloveI think I know what that’s aboutit’s that punch we get when we fall in lovewhich completely knocks us out Then when we get up from the floorwith our heads still in a spinall we want is to get punched more and moreand why love will always win © VishalDutia

The tie

So many intricate knots to keep you bound up so nice and tight, they will probably leave a mark, I’m using rope tonight Making pretty patterns as it lays across your naked skin, I check your laying comfortably before the ties begin It is such a beautiful form of art i just had to have…Continue reading »

Field of Love

I searched you in every word,Like I’m wandering soul in the field of love.. © VishalDutia


I’ll be the Saint to your sin& the wine to your lipsI’ll be the air in-betweenyour next kissanything & a little morejust to getmy foot in the door. © VishalDutia

How the sun loved moon

I love it, how the sun burns itself everydayjust to kiss the moon again.I truly see nothing but beauty.How much butterflies do the moon would get,when it sees it is almost sunset.How much courage does the sun have to keep wanting to learn the lyrics of moon.Which the stars even didn’t want.How unlucky are those…Continue reading »

Honey Pot

She bloomed like a flower on a field of sensual dreams the bee was enticed by her sensualitylanding on her ever so gently Her petals quiveredas he tasted her budher succulent nectar of love. © VishalDutia

Thank You

There was a time where I would wake up thinking of you…Counting the seconds until I would see you again…I would breath thinking of you..And would close my eyes at night hoping to dream of you…I would melt just seeing your eyes…And got transported to wonderland every time you kissed me…That is how much I loved…Continue reading »

Kiss Her

Kiss her heartLike a beautiful piece of art Kiss her mindTogether thoughts will be entwined Kiss her bodyYour lips of love she will embody Kiss her soulHealing her heart, making it whole Kiss her spiritHelp her to never fear it Kiss her faceLet her feel your lips embrace Kiss her cheekFeel her knees get weak…Continue reading »

(I’m) Hers

Her smile Is my smile to secure Her laughter Is my laughter to linger Her happiness Is my happiness to hunger Her life Is my life to live Her heart Is my heart to hold Her mind Is my mind to mesmerize Her body Is my body to bless Her soul Is my soul to…Continue reading »

Lines and Words

From the depths of the soulthe poet sighs for a poemone who falls in love with his musethat makes her feel my essencewith each stanza of my penevery sip from your mouthpure magic that overflowsonline loveconstant flow of poetryfeelings that do not separate them or the distance. © VishalDutia

The star

The star that makes me fall in lovehas a velvety soulwith a beauty unmatched in this galaxyher gaze shines with magicas if I wanted to fly on top of youflow like a queenspill lifeis the source associated with my naturebecause when we get together we are the greatest cosmic energythat dissolves and forms intergalactic fumarolesevery…Continue reading »

Our love

We long to lovingly kiss our sweet and tender lipsWe dream of grabbing onto our electrifying hipsWe want to be lost in the caress or our fingertipsOur hearts, minds, bodies and souls do backflipsOur love will be tasty like fish and chipsOur love will shine under a solar or lunar eclipseOur love at sunrise and…Continue reading »

Beyond the dying days of love (Thoughts of Surbhi)

Unshackle my lonely and slowly decaying heart Crawl into my tortured and tormented mind Enchant me with your caress, electrify my body Stitch me up passionately, heal my wounded soul Breathe endless love into my shattered spirit With soft quivering lips, kiss me back to life Whisper love into my heart, mind, body and soul…Continue reading »


Doubtful of Self, of Realness Fortified by others’ knowing, or preferably- admiration Like being constructed out of sets of other peoples’ eyes Like being made real by propagating in more minds, many more minds, specific minds. In countless beating and virtual hearts, Likes, thumbs up Not wanting to be forgotten, while alive, while dead Taxed…Continue reading »

Now and Forever

DarkSide fadeHair so slickMoves so sickEyes like fire opalsUnholy was my undead fireMesmerized by his fiery eyesI falter — heart asunder;Pulse bounds erratic… Her presenceHypnotic. NaiveHer fragranceMy senses shiverI can taste her flowSo active her young beatMy whispered sins do enticeMind swims, to his silken voiceHeld to his sway, soul obeysIrresistibly pulled, dazedLosing myself inhis…Continue reading »


Naked upon her forest floor We wrote our love in a fall of colours. © VishalDutia

New Moon

She bathed me in her milky wayBefore revealing the rise of her new moon © VishalDutia


I float upon her sea of rosesDrowning within the bloom of her love. © VishalDutia


Amuse me Never abuse me Sing to me But never throw bling at me Kiss me Like you miss me Never lie to me That is to die to me Hold me Mold me You gift me As you lift me Embrace me Outer space me Excite me Fly and kite me Walk me Sweet…Continue reading »


Together we pleasurewe both want to exploreYou are my lover, my partnerforever wanting, needing more. Together we playwe both get our needs meteach taking our time and turnto satisfy and get the other wet. Together we excitewe both share and also teasestroking ourselves and each othertaking turns down on our knees. Together we lusteither in…Continue reading »


The way your eyes tell me they want me The warmth of your hands on my thighs The way you silently part my legs Watching you lower yourself into me Watching your hips grind against mine Watching the sweat from your face drip onto mine Listening to our bodies as we meet Listening to you…Continue reading »

Mind Blowing

Though my bodies broken, my tongue and hands work fine, let my hand between your legs, I’ll make your pussy mine I’d play with your outer lips, make pretty patterns on your clit, push my fingers deep inside and finger fuck you for a bit Play with you delicious tits, on your hard nipples I…Continue reading »

I see your frame

In Moon Where the lonely Night Leads my Wandering eyes to Sleep , To Stop by in Your Memories and walk on the Dreamy Lanes of Love. © VishalDutia

Please dream weaver

Tossing and turning I’m struggling to get of to sleep, I’m desperate to nod off,so into my night my girl will creep Come lay your kisses on me, let our bodies be entwined, so I can touch all your curves and soft skin and you’ll be touching mine Sharing tender kisses, I’ll be sipping your…Continue reading »


On my silent days,I miss you a little louder. © VishalDutia

I will take them off the pages sometime

I think I’ll take them off the pages sometime. Let me remember all the alphabets that came out of her mouth sometime. What would be such a compulsion that we do not remember them. I think I will send a gift and remind myself sometime. I think I’ll take them off the pages sometime. ©…Continue reading »

Was it not enough

I think that maybe something is missing If you didn’t understand, I would have explained Or what I could understand was not enough, The complaint was that you do not express your If there is love, why don’t you ever tell the time? oh love what i used to show The more you saw in…Continue reading »

This is me loving you

I live for your love I die for your love I laugh for your love I cry for your love I smile for your love I want your love I need your love I crave your love I desire your love I have to have your love I pray for your love I hope for…Continue reading »

The Spell

God I want your body, I can see you naked in my mind, I’m having naughty thoughts of you, of the kinky kind All your curves are calling me I’m so desperate for a feel, bring yourself to me, tonight make my wishes real Let me kiss your tender lips, let me slide inside your…Continue reading »

Make love within a rhyme

When I whisper I adore you, do you feel my warm breath on your skin, when I ask you what you want to do, do you think sin Sending kisses up your spine, a nibble on your ear, do you feel me in my words, do you feel I’m near Hands softly caressing you, mapping…Continue reading »

You make me burn.

I am set ablaze by the fire of your sexuality.Burning for you, an eternal flame. Astounded by your generosity as you acceptthese rough hands along the gentle slope ofyour shoulders. My mind racing as your skin speaks to thevery heart of me.Tracing supple breasts, fingers translatingthe textures of hardened nipples. Warm breath finds the nape…Continue reading »

My Love Won’t Die

Memories of you laughing brings tears to my eyesI miss you with my whole heart, I wish this pain would dieHow could you leave me?I thought we were in loveI wish you’d believe meI don’t want this to be doneYou’re so beautiful to me, even when I’m being rejectedI want you to come back, I…Continue reading »


I feel like I never stop breathing without inhaling you in my daily life. © VishalDutia

Unto ecstasy

I can feel you.Your sticky candy apple bloodruns cold against my lips.Icing my veins with every tantalizing taste. We have stepped through.Traversing far beyond mortalityinto a life eclipsed.Behold the innocence laid to waste. Venture with me beyond theblackest veil.Feel a passion warmed in thefires of hell.Open yourself to me my queen,and feed the flesh with…Continue reading »

Die for fuck’s sake!

I know not when I caught this affliction.The scent of you, my only addiction.Mesmerized by the flow,tell me all that you know.Bleeding your knowledge onto my knife. I ask only for simple submission.Sharing yourself, with your legs division.You must never say no,to the dark undertow.As we’re fucking away your whole life. Feel the orgasmic asphyxiation.Say…Continue reading »

The battle rages on…

I was a gladiator in the catacombs, from hence I’ve roamed, making prey out of lesser men. Having never really understood, all the depleted good was never coming back again. It doesn’t seem to matter now, between the why’s and how’s stands a man with a broken heart. Thrown into the dark I fell, fought…Continue reading »

Betrayal Of The Heart

You shattered my hopes and dreams in mere moments… This leaving me without any reason is what you want… And makes you happy, You were my one, my only true love. Because I love you, I will give up my one chance at happiness for you, as I would have did anything for you. You…Continue reading »


Feeling your soft kisses on my face and foreheadI am awoken from my night’s sleepkisses that wipe away tears I weepthe kisses that wash away my fears and dread. I open my eyes to the day ahead as well as youwe gaze into each other’s eyes with you my secrets I can confideI completely trust…Continue reading »

Sweet Taste

The sweet taste ofour love fingers in my mindA succulent tasty morselA treasure worth its find A wet and juicy fruitThat fills my mouth with joyLike candy to a baby With nectar sweet as honeyA syrup of flowing silkLike a bubbly kind of lavaAs smooth as warm clear milk It breathes with scented oilsLike a…Continue reading »


You’re my light that shines when there is no sun, you’re my beautiful rainbow when the rain is done.You’re my stars that twinkle throughout the night,you’re my glorious moon that glows so bright. You’re the gentle wind that whistles my name,you’re my precious love, when the world’s insane.You’re the flowers that the bee never misses,you’re…Continue reading »

Single’s Night

A friend of mine callsIn the stormy nightShe cries on the phoneSays she wants a lover She’s afraid of being on the runShe says she can’t be on her ownShe needs someone to hold her closeI can’t let her go She lets me be her only recluseSoon she will have to chooseIt will tear us…Continue reading »

Steal your heart #Erotica

With every line I send out across the void, I’m aiming at your heart, trying to bring you closer, though we’re miles apart Each stanza makes the net, cast out to make you mine, words sent to wrap you up, they are like seductive twine Small snippets of hopes and fantasies are used by me…Continue reading »

Mirror 🪞 Love

MirrorWhy are You blushing my Love.LoveIf I ask You am I beautiful …What would you say?MirrorYes You’re beautifully gorgeousThe way You AdornYour bodyDesires me to be a mirror foreverWere I find the beautiful reflection of Yours in MyFrame © VishalDutia

Falling for you

Falling for YouIs Like Forever…You’re just Like the Teardrops of eye’sWhichUrges the Heart to let go…But the SoulNever allows me to Let go…Which onlyScreams Your name upon my restless Heartbeats,Not as a Vightmare of LifeButA beautiful sight of my Life.Falling For You. © VishalDutia

Each other

When you have each other and a love that’s truethen you have happiness for your whole life througheach and everyday love is there to sharethere inside your heart love is always there happy ever after you will always bein love for evermore for eternityit will never die or ever fade awaythere inside your heart love…Continue reading »

World love

If there was only love how happy we would beno more war or violence would we ever seejust a world united with lots of love to shareall around the world each and every where in a land thats free where we could live as onein a land of love where violence there is nonejust a…Continue reading »

Love is everywhere

Love is everywhere love is all aroundall around the world love it can be be foundtwo hearts they entwine as love begins to growstronger everyday as it begins to flow a lovely piece of nature that comes to one and allgrowing stronger everyday as in love we fallthere to last a lifetime within the heart…Continue reading »

Modern Explorer

I’ve been to the top of the mountainAnd looked down breathlesslyAt the Earth’s mighty majesty. I’ve licked my lips and hung my tongueBetween the two peaks of bountiful joy.Glad in my total corporal amazement. I’ve explored down deep in the valleys tooWhere my legs held stiff and firmAgainst the elements and the beginnings of life….Continue reading »

Dream Me

Make me from your dreams. Fashion me from great desire. Mold me from your hopes. Cast me into your ambitions. I am your benevolent lover. Dream of your dreams, Let your inhibitions release Your happiness From your imagined passions. Let your love soar above and Beyond the limits of reality. This is your life, this…Continue reading »

Social Distancing

Darling……..stay far away from Me,for a few days More.Until The Monster,reduces it’s victims Score.We should not hold Hands,in times like This.No more Nights,of Midnight Bliss.The World is freaked out,with the ****** Virus.It hasn’t spared Tom,  ****, Harry nor Cyrus.It will be lingering for a While,like Viruses usually Do.So hold on to your kisses,until this Nightmare gets…Continue reading »

Searching for an Address

I’m searching for an Address,that will nestle My Heart.A pretty soul, in Waiting.Will study Me, by Heart.She must be an Angel,On a visit from the Skies.When I search for Heaven,I must find it in Her Eyes.With Beauty in Her Aura,Beauty on Her Face.Beauty with Her Kindness,that’s never out of Place.With Beauty in Her Moods.Beauty on…Continue reading »

Universe at Romance

Tonight I will be Gazing,the Dark Skies at Eleven.Fixing Myself a Date,with Uranus in Heaven.Venus next door,will be Jealous and in Tears.As I had refused Her Dates,all over the Years.Mercury will rise,after it’s affair with Mars.Saturn will be rocking Neptuneas Jupiter Romances The Stars.Our poor Earth’s Romance,got left out of the Race.As the Virus had…Continue reading »

String Me your Feelings

String Me your Feelings,on a Chain with Love.So I can wear it at Nightand sleep like a Dove.Stitch Me Two Pillows,in Colors of Blue.So I can lie down on themand Dream about U.Knit Me a Sweater,to keep Me Warm.This Winter it’s Coldand I’m expecting a Storm.Romance Me at Nights,Once in a While.As I make Love…Continue reading »

Dates, Dates and Dates

Date an Air Hostess and U shall fly, First Class on Her Flight. Date a Lady Teacher and She will Teach U, how to Read and Write. Date a Poetess and She will Compose U, A Poem filled with Verses. Date a Lady Doctor, U will be attended by all Her Pretty Nurses. Date a…Continue reading »

A Million, Billion Stars

As I held My Moon,last Night.The Stars got Jealousand we’re out of Sight.A Universe that hada Million, Billion Stars.Hid themselves between,Earth and Mars. © VishalDutia

Scarlet Letters Of Love

LoveLove drove My Heart,on a Hell of a Ride.It washed down My Egoand also some Pride.Last Night as I read,Her Scarlet Letters of Love.As Grey Clouds kept passing,in the Skies Above.I searched for one Letter,which mentioned My Heart.A Caption that Read“Till Death does Us Apart”I ripped that Letterand tore every single Word.I screamed Her Name,but…Continue reading »

I plant My Kisses

As I plant My Kisses,on those Lips of Yours.Passion keeps flowing,from those Eyes of Yours.I then slowly move,these Hands of Mine.To touch the Points,of your Holy Shrine.As My pace slowly Increases,U get the Chills & Fever.Sending Vibrant Signals,to My Receiver.Our Midnight Romance,has a long haul Aheadand Our Burning Desiresshall keep rocking Our Bed. © VishalDutia

Once more, Again

Last Night We Escaped,to a far away Place.To be on Our Ownand have our Own Space.As I played My Tongue,inside Her Mouth.I Rolled in a few Kisses,from Her North to Her South.I stroked Her Silky Bodyand relieved all Her Pain.She Moaned and Whispered,“Once more, Again.”I kept feeding Her Passionand all that She Desired.Kissing Her every…Continue reading »

Our Love, is done and dusted

I burnt the Memories, U gave Me.I burnt your Love Letters Too.Your Tears won’t ever, Cry for Me.Tell Me…..What else must I Do?I threw the Souvenirs, U gave Me.I hardly ever take, your Name.Our Love is done and Dusted.As it put us both, to Shame.Most of the Time, I keep Thinking.Why not find, somebody New?A…Continue reading »

If you ask me

if you ask me if i’m fine,i won’t lie and i’d say no,i am not. if you ask me if i’ve found someone elsei’d smile and i’d say no,it’s still you. if you ask me if i still feel the same way,i’d smile and i’d say yes,it never changed. if you ask me a question,i’d…Continue reading »


You were wrong to thinkThat your affectionWas to be toleratedWhen it was a privilegeFrom the beginning That your embraceHad the ability to crumpleHer paper bonesWhen she was ofBubble gum descent That your laugh wasA summertime thunderstormWhen it is a gentle humThat brings me comfortEven on the darkest of days That your smile wasA malevolent poker…Continue reading »

Clockwork heart

when the shadows chasethe sunlight away,i am wide awake,listening to the clockimitate the every beatof my pounding heart. every tick, every tockmy heartbeat becomesfainter and fainterthen it that second i know,our time is up. ©VishalDutia

मेरी रंगत

मैं फूल, तू तितलीमैं खिलता,तू मंडरातीमैं मुरझाता,तू नजर न आतीतुझ बिन मुझमें रंगत न आतीतभी तेरी मेरी संगत सबको भाती।।


I spent years trying to pick upThe pieces of a puzzleThat would never feel completeAnd when I got closeTo her completionDeath was thereTo congratulate me And after her passingPeople continued to feelLike problems and projectsNever getting too closeBut somehow loving so muchOnly to discard themLike broken objects And with you I found solaceIn the illusion…Continue reading »


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