Depression is deadly
It hides behind a mask
A mask of joy and pity

Depression is defined by

It holds you tight
Locks you in
Melts the key into a
Suffocates you then
Abandones you and keeps
coming back to torture you

It stabs you
And leaves scars
That kill
It is parented by
Death and destruction

It controls you
Tells you to do things
Things you just have to
You can’t say no
No matter how much you want to

You try to call for
But no one will hear
Because it comes in the form
Of smiles and
I’m fines

It tears you down
And haunts your days
It sends hope through
Blades and Pills.
Makes you think that
You have tried
Even won

It destroys your
Tears down your walls
Breaks away the hope of joy

Becomes the Queen
And calls for your head
You can try to lie in bed
But will be bombarded by
Thoughts of being dead

But if it left
You wouldn’t know how to
Would you be the fake strong
woman or the weak
Dying girl

Depression is non existent
But suicide is for attention seekers
My pain is my shadow that no one can

Suicide was forbidden until I
Completely forgot my reason
To live
It happened quickly

Depression is never there
Even when its staring them in the
Even when you beg for
Someone to notice they
Never can

There is always a medical solution
Therapy, rehab,
“Tell me about yourself”

The only solution Suicide
Suicide I shall choose
When I can’t dream
Of that happy place
Given to my on a late night of

I will send myself there
So i don’t have to wake up
I can finally be free

But for now
I can still see that place
While it may be far
It’s still barely there