I Think of Thoughts

I think of thoughtsThat take me placesFind new friendsMeet old faces I think of storiesThat make me forgetThe hurt and painBut mostly regrets. I think of timesWhen life was smooth sailingAlways a light aheadNot tunnels darkening This wanderlustThis need for a changeThese old town peopleWill always stay the same. All these thoughts of mineAre fleeting flights of fantasyWhere I’m not saying goodbyesJust making new memories. Continue reading I Think of Thoughts

I Wonder

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those I’ve loved.In secret or up front.What difference does it make tonight in this unsettling thunder? How many of them a mishap?How many of them a mindless blunder? How many of them have truly found what they were looking forIn someone else?How many have gone from blond to blonder? How many nights did I spend in this rabbit hole?How … Continue reading I Wonder


Horror isIt screams to someIt whispers to othersHave you ever felt her?Her fingers close around your heartDarkness is her companionHas he ever engulfed you in the night?Their child is fear and she wanders the hallsDo you hear her creeping on your floor?Death is their sonAnd he is often just around the door.These are not my friendsBut they have visited before.They come knocking at the doorBut … Continue reading Horror

Living In The Horror

Living In The Horror Life we took for grantedThe Sun will rise tomorrowBut now the clouds of darkness hasThe world in the threshold of its sorrow Even the addicted, with so manyAttempts of suicide they tryAre clinging to life because theyReally don’t want to die It feels like we should all paint withThe lambs blood above our doorSo that the death cloud passes overAnd swear … Continue reading Living In The Horror


I thought I found it:The answer to being human.It came in a little heart-shaped box.It told me to work hard and achieve my goals.It told me to find people that love me,and love them too.It told me to get my head down earlyand eat a colourful plate.With all these boxes ticked,I found glory in a greater life.But still I found myself hurting.I found brittle bones … Continue reading Human

The Only Me is ME

                                                         I’ll not claim to be a lyrical master                                                               I’ll not boast that there’s no one faster                                                              I’m not brightest not the dullest                                                              My words my not mesmerize or drive you to hysteria                                                               I may not have every thing that you’ve got                                                               I am however the one thing you are not                                                   I am Me and  I’m the only me that has ever or will ever be … Continue reading The Only Me is ME

Depression Part 2

Depression is feeling anxious, sad, lonely and numb, but you don’t know whyDepression is feeling weak and tired at all timesDepression is feeling like you just want to sleep foreverDepression is consuming alcohol because it’s the only thing that numbs the painDepression is making plans but then cancelling them last minute because it feels overwhelming to socializeDepression is being distant to your friends and family … Continue reading Depression Part 2

Depression Part 1

Happy daysCome in wavesBut most days come with anxiety, sadness, fearDrinking, overthinking and tearsA struggle to get out of bedEveryday is a battle inside your headA cheerful laugh, a pearly smileCan only be forced for awhileIt’s a relief to take a showerTo cry in there for an hourUndead outside, dying insideContemplating suicideYou don’t really want to dieYou just want it to stop hurtingAnd death feels … Continue reading Depression Part 1

These are the hands

These are the hands that will guide you to greatness,These are the hands that will stay through the years,These are the hands that will celebrate good times,And these are the hands that will wipe away tears. These are the hands that will love you forever;When you are weak they will help you feel strong,And, right now, since these hands are entwined togetherThese hands are precisely … Continue reading These are the hands


Let me go!I need to breathe,shed my skin,lick my wounds,look within. I look around.My senses reel,hiding from sight,crotching low,waiting to heal. Crawling restlessly,through thick thick mud,my sins overwhelm me;my endless journeypoisoning my blood. Upon this earthwe’ve been thrown to dwell,by a mystical will,out reaching our helpless journeythrough fires of our individual hell. No signs of truce,as we subside to pain,worthless battle,lost before we begin;our sins … Continue reading Journey


There may be reasons to cryThere may be reasons to fallBut someway, somehowI’ll find a way through it all There may be reasons to yellThere may be reasons to screamBut I won’t let anyoneDare ruin my dream There might be reasons to fightThere might be reasons to protectI’ll find all possible waysTo accomplish what I expect There might be reasons to changeThere might be reasons … Continue reading Reasons


I wonder why people willAllow obstacles nail Their dreams,If you fail, BOUNCE.You cannot live like thisYou don’t have to screamWhenever you feel downGet to your heel and BOUNCE.It’s sad to holdSomeone who doesn’tWant to be with youIt is painful but BOUNCE.Sin will not overcomeIf you do not giveHer a sofa to sitEven in the pit, you can BOUNCE.I remembered whenI was a boyRunning with my toyLike … Continue reading Bounce

One step behind

No matter how high you are,I’ll always be here to catch you…No matter the struggle,we’ll find a way to make it through. Wherever you go,I’ll always be one step behind…I’ll take your sadness, your hurt away,even bring you peace of mind. I’ll be the one to pick up the pieces,when life takes you off course.When problems do arise,we’ll tackle it at its source. I’ll always … Continue reading One step behind

Sometimes ability to change is the ability to survive

Sometimes life can feel like you’re on fire hanging over a huge cliff, with only one hand, and it’s raining and cold; every second feels like a year, and another person is just standing at the top, looking down at you and not helping you up. You feel let down and angry, but you manage to pull yourself back up. You didn’t think you could … Continue reading Sometimes ability to change is the ability to survive

Augmented Reality

The world is coming to an endWars and germs and all godsend,They seminate guns and armsAnd everything that causes harms,The environment as we knowhas become our worst foe,instead of people taking carethey just drive us to despair,but like me i don’t care muchcause my world is out of touch,my atmosphere has a light airleaving me nothing to scare,all my atmosphere is augmentedsaturated and fermented,by the … Continue reading Augmented Reality