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Sexual Senses #Poetry

Upon his chestHer head did restWet lips on skinKisses beginIt felt so niceHe told her twiceHolding her tightHe thought he mightSqueezr her butt cheekIt made her squeakFingered her crackShe touched him backBoth wanting moreFell to the floorIn the pitch darkHe left his mark ©® VishalDutia

I wish #poetry

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I wish I could tell you,How much I love you,Not for your body though,But for your soul.I wish I could look deep in your eyesAnd tell you that you are the moon of my nightThe marrow of my life.I wish I could tell you what you mean to me,That every breath I take,I write only…Continue reading »

Enlightened flames

You’re the fire that melts my entire heart A burning flame keeping me so safe and warm From that awful feeling of being broken apart You’ve ignited so deep within my heart life and soul Opened and etched my every single loving part To cover and comfort me through every fierce lightning or fire storm…Continue reading »

Pessimistic #poetry

Feel like I’ve committed a thousand sinsFor elevating my ego, pride and selfish winWish I’d go back into my mom’s womb forever. I look around people, they’re cleverI’d rather be born as fragrant flowerWish I’d go back into my mom’s womb forever. I thought life was a joyful endeavorNo one committed to single loverWish I’d…Continue reading »

Night Drive #Poetry

Black is the night and the road is dead. Along this way I go, I get lost in my head. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’ll get there soon enough. Fog lit as it appears endless, I guess I’ll call it’s bluff. Signs heed there warning of what approaches me near, I’ll be…Continue reading »


It pumps blood,It pumps feelings,It is an orchard full of love;But it doesn’t express.It feels pain,It feels love,It blooms emotions;But it buries this stuffs.It comprehends others,It understands other souls,It is ironical to brain;But it feels truth.In it’s every lub dub,Flows millions of emotions.Caged between lungs and ribs,But it is a free spirit.It sanks,It flies,It’s everything;It’s…Continue reading »

The Vow

For all of those days when I felt empty inside.I often blamed myself for something I can’t control.I hate the scars from my past.I hate the flaws that already there since the day I was born.I hate my imperfections for I know I always less than anyone. Then, you came.Break into walls that I’ve built.Saved…Continue reading »


Look at your phoneLook at your bookLook at your blanketLook at your wardrobeLook at that bar codeLook at that matchstick They all have linesThey would not be created without linesLines can divideLines can uniteLines can organizeLines can cutLines can be rough-edgedLines can be smooth and refinedLines are signsLines tell you somethingLines containLines can be curvyAnd…Continue reading »


Break my bones;cut my throat.Pull me open,learn the ropes. Breath me in;taste the fear.Shank my skin;stand and cheer. Kick my head;let me bleed.Unbolt my veins;enjoy the read. Gouge my eyes;punch my face.Wrap me upin your embrace.

A Wall #Poetry

Some ideas sway in the windWhile others bypass the heartSome thoughts that get blownin are really poles apartSome words leave you reelingIn an outcome that says it allIn a light that could encompassa fly on a wall

Life goes quick

If We died tomorrowdid we complete ourbucket listIs there anything We missedsay what you feeldo the things nowbecause tomorrowis certainly not promisedlife can be such ahit or missI leave you with this to ponder💕

Was it an illusion?

Was it an illusion? Words that trigger an attraction A reply that lays a connection Was it an illusion? A look that exposes a sensation A whisper that defines an emotion Was it an illusion? A touch that pushes a button A kiss that captures a moment Is it an illusion? To transform words into…Continue reading »

A Women

A women whose life isn’t surrounded by a lie anymoret is worth everything, A women who masters the courage to bring the truth to light, deserves a man’s understanding.


It’s a virus with a crownOne that surely puts a frown,Keep your distance if you sneezeI might get it through your breeze,Micro critters on attackThey’ll be climbing up your back,Making way down to the lungsJust by flying by our tongues,Get reclused for 14 daysAnd your clothes go set ablaze,Wash yourself and disinfectGet your fever duly…Continue reading »

When We Were Close Friends

We had an unselfish love when we were close friends.You were a good friend and a trusted companion,The only one I could depend on for sound advice was you.We felt strong concern for the wellbeing of each other. There was neither envy nor pretence between us.You had faith in me and I had confidence in…Continue reading »

People have come to make me understand

People have come to make me understand,How crazy these people are. The peace that is found in the forbidden,Why do people need to dumb it down? With all knowledge, they’re still ignorant,How unknowing these people are. They are never helpful when the time comes,These familiar-recognisable people. Now that I’m no longer conscious,These people have come…Continue reading »

A Clock’s Lie

You’re the short hand of a clock.I’m a number you only strike when everyone else is asleep…You pass me by like a Valentine’s Day bouquet,& I stare at the 9 across from me,Wondering if it’s a coincidence she was placed there…The 9 encourages me to de-nyThe idea that time is running out,Says when time runs…Continue reading »

Metal is My Way

I’m just some metal guy, I got no time for lies. Until death will I bang my head, Music is how my soul is fed. Do you feel it inside? Life is just a musical ride. The journey of our lives, Is why we survive. The music comes from the heart, To be expressed like…Continue reading »

My sadness

Pain conflicted. Gain restricted. Overdose. Plain predicted. flame addicted. Comatose. Kill a thought. here’s another. Take a Rose. Thoughts convulse. Caught no pulse. Should I take a pill? Todd you could! I will.

Broken Reflection

Don‘t give me your hope Don‘t give me your name Give me your love Then drown me in shame Don‘t give me a smile Don‘t give me a wink Give me your mind To insult how I think Don‘t give me the truth If the truth is a lie Don‘t give me your heart If…Continue reading »


I’m not your white knight But I could be yours tonight. Let’s see how far this can go So don’t be afraid to say hello. I only ask for a little bit of your time Just enough to make another rhyme. My love is more than four letters We could make it last forever. To…Continue reading »

Lust Till Dawn

The leaves blooming between you and me stay evergreen. When we wake up the flames burning deep inside Our lustful retreat.


Heart made of glassmy mind of stone –a soul made of fireeyes burn aloneraising my voice andwalls of fearsomeday i’ll make itout of here

Look at the clouds

Look at the cloudsBlack and greyWhite and a blue skyLook at the cloudsWhere the sun is meltingLook at the cloudsTheir shapes and sizesLook at the cloudsThey’re nearlyas beautiful as you.

Ask me #Poetry

Ask me if I’m happyI’ll lie cuz you don’t know meOne night I’m fineNext night I’m fineIn silence I cryDuck tape over my mouthBlind fold over my eyesI ask myself whyI’ve come to realizeI’m a joke and a lieThat’s how I’m classifiedTell me I’m happySo it’s easier to pretendTell me I’m really fine so I’m…Continue reading »


When your past holds you backAnd your future is under attackb r e a t h eToday you are aliveThe past is dead and the future dosn’t  existBut today you are aliveBreathe freely, knowing you have outlived your past

Stages of Life

Beginningan open game- in-betweenthe focus on aim- in the penultimate-doubt is the name- at the endingattribution of blame.

Soul washing #Poetry

Soul washingIs entirely differentOne doesn’t needAny guidelinesNot any ritualsNot any sacramentNot any particular timeNot any change of clothesNot distinct air to inhaleNot any price to payNot the holi waterNo, nothingAs such Touching livesJust stay humanAlways

Where is democracy? #Poetry

Dear democracy, Are you really there? Fighters fought for freedom Now the youth, for their share. You taught us to be free, You taught us to put our opinion But lately you seem like a mere word, To be used by only a politician. I live in India, and the recent protests are making me…Continue reading »

witch poetry

She’s a witch #Poetry

Candles light up her room it smells like herbs and flowers fall is her favorite season she enjoys the rain while dancing trough the woods barefooted she’s one with nature and the sun but in love with the moon

Just Write #Poetry

Just Write The Truths they are Afraid of saying Write The Screams you compressed within Write For the Sake of those, who showed you the Limits. Break them and Show who you really are Just write When Nobody is there for Listening Because Somebody out there Willing Write “Your words are not Merely Words They are Sheerly Truths you Jewel with words”. (Just write cuz I’m here for reading^_^)


Stages Of Loosing Me #Poetry

There was afeeling;Of loneliness,longingness. There was apremonition;Of melting down into nothingness.After getting high on expectations, promises. There was astate of denial,The common sense to ran away,blissful,ignorant illusion of belonging,settledin instead.But like all illusions,I too,will fade. Then came aconfirmation.Sol will rip apart skin and set these bones on fire.I’ll let myself fall,into certain damnation.I cаn’t go…Continue reading »

Hollow #Poetry

You fell empty?Feel its time to dwell?Dont ever ponder…hope for the wishing well.Take charge of your spirit.Take charge of your soul.Take charge of your life….just fill that hole.It’s not as bad as you thinkEven at the brinkYou feel empty?Pull the plug out the sink.

Sunflower #Poetry

To me you are like a sunflower high up in the sky Thinking your all alone just wondering why Just know that the sun is there up in the sky A companion shining bringing you back to life

Why do I Write? #Poetry

I write because I woke up this morning. I had my coffee and finally stopped yawning. I write because I have a lot to say. I want to put it down before I lose the sound of the words reverberating in my ear. I write because my hands are as filled as my heart. And…Continue reading »


Leave Me Leave You #Poetry

To my family i’m sorry for being distant it’s not that i don’t love you i do love you but it’s better off for me to be alone for us not to have a close bond so that when i die you won’t be filled with remorse so that you won’t be disappointed in me…Continue reading »


Loneliness #Poetry

A mere phantom of life Silent and miserable Waves as people walk by, Yells ‘I’m here, invisible!’ It doesn’t know they don’t see It doesn’t know they can’t hear It shouts till its voice is soar, Then finds solace in fear. Will they ever listen? Will they stop to understand? Will anyone look further Maybe…Continue reading »

Women Are Beautiful #Poetry

Women Are Beautiful, Size And All. They laughed at her size, you could ve been the change, the twist in the story but at the end of the day you laughed along with those fools, maybe your mama didn’t taught you how to respect a woman’s body, instead of judging her size add a little…Continue reading »

Hungry Lips #Poetry

Feed me your mouth, so I can satisfy my desires with the taste of our destiny. I long for the rush, from our lips, when they touch. symbols of each other, signaling one another, our body language, speaking to, us. Lost in forever, the moment consumed, by passion © VishalDutia

The Matrix #Poetry

I am locked in with binary codes. I am told to act appropriately and wear these clothes. A future development of the system that spoils the fruit that grows. That leaves the truth untold. So I ask this question, do you stand with the mass or do you find yourself searching for that deep dark…Continue reading »

Basically life is PORNOGRAPHY #Poetry

Virginity is like a balloon. Once you prick and it’s gone for ever. Sex is like a pack of chips, Once you start. You can’t stop. An exam paper is like a Dick, When it’s hard, people get fucked. Education is like hiring a prostitute, it needs both your money and your hardwork. Success is…Continue reading »

Me And The Mystery Girl #Stories

This is the story of me and the mystery girl. So I was boarding my train from Surat to Dehradun. It was an AC coach .The coach wasn’t crowded . I had the lower berth. Suddenly a girl enters in the coach . Turns out she has the seat right in front of me. She…Continue reading »

Where should the soul go? #Poetry

We remain with ourselves With our empty hearts And sinful hands Money corrupts people Drugs hides all And Humanity dies through We kill our own kind We lie our own God And Trust dies through They pretend Empowered by emotions, not a feeling And that’s how Love dies through Where should the soul go? ©VishalDutia….Continue reading »

Dig Deep #Poetry

Never give up Always dig deep You never know What dreams Are right under your feet Waiting for you To make them compete Never giving up Always digging deep Trying to get the dreams Right under your feet ©2018. VishalDutia

Smooch #Poetry

I’ll let my lips burn down if thats what it takes to taste your fire. @2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Death by number #Poetry

Lengthy Eulogy Paraphrased Pathology Box is cold Light is thin Would someone please Let me the hell back in. ©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

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