She Killed Herself

She Killed Herself

She was walking alone on the dark street,

Unaware of the monsters who were chasing after her,

When she noticed them, it was too late,

They grabbed her,

She was begging for help but they were unmoved,

No one was there to help and save her from those beasts, 

Somehow she managed to free herself,

She knew that she can’t save herself from their evil intentions, as they were more in number,

They tried to seize her again, threatening her with knife, 

She grabbed that knife, And

Killed herself to protect her dignity,

Leaving behind some questions for society.

RAPE Knew Her Name Well. #nirbhayabetrayed

RAPE Knew Her Name Well. #nirbhayabetrayed

She’s a victim of
she has been raped
more times than
you’ve ever brushed
your teeth in a year,
she’s damaged,
the cold nights
froze her pain,
but then the sun
came in the morning
and the cold disappeared,
she didn’t know where to go
or who to run to,
so she stupidly ran to
but you took advantage
of her innocence too.


Change – We Need To Bring In Ourselfs

Do not talk of respect to those who are not ashamed.
Do not talk about religions, first check your karma.
Justice will be their ‘when’ change will happen in ‘us’
What to do with the wounds of the person who is not aware of ointment.

Humanity is a bird and if ‘he’ is one of the wings.. ‘she’ is the other one and the bird cannot fly without both its wings.


Justice for Aruna Shanbaug, Jyoti, Asifa, Unnao, Shakti Mills.. my heart aches for the fact that the list is infinte.

We need to treat our women exceptionally.

We need to make them feel safe and respected.

Constitutional rights of both Men and Women need to be revisited and women must be given certain special privileges over men unconditionally.

On an individual level, Change in mindset of men is the remedy in the long term.


Rapism (INDIA)

In our great country INDIA,
These types of animals are found in addition to animals in INDIA.
first they rape.
second who support rape.
third those who support rape victims on the basis of religion.
others just watch the show.


Motherhood in Childhood. (India)

Writing What She Feels.

I need help from someone
I made a promise that it will be difficult to keep
But I’ve never broken one before so i must keep it
But its such a scary thing
I must loose my virginity and get pregnant by july 1st
I will cry but it must happen
Which means i will be 17 a sophmore in highschool having a child
My child will be 2 years old when i graduate
They will be 2 when i am 19
When they are 16 and i will be 37

Life’s Hell.
These Things Need To Be Changed.

Every Person Is Born To Live His Own Life
In His Own Way He/She Chooses Too.

India remain among the countries where a girl is extremely likely to be married before she is 18, and have a child while still a teenager a result, acc. the United Nations reports

Every year some four million teenage girls in India have babies, the UN said earlier this year.

For every 1,000 girls aged 15 to 19, there were 76 adolescent births in India in 2010 compared to 49 worldwide and 53 in less developed regions.

Stillbirths and newborn deaths are 50% more likely among infants of adolescent mothers than among mothers aged 20 to 29, according to the World Health Organization in 2012. Infants who survive are more likely to have a low birth weight and be premature than those born to women in their 20s.

Underage marriage and teen pregnancy are major health and economic concerns. Some 70,000 teen girls die every year from complications in pregnancy and childbirth, mostly in the developing world, the report said. The report did not say how many of these deaths take place in South Asia.

In India, nearly half of women marry under the age of 18, the report said, citing the most recent Indian government data available. In some states, that percentage is even higher even though the practice is outlawed throughout the country.

The worst state for child marriage is the eastern state of Bihar, among the poorest in the country, where nearly 70% of women in their early twenties reported having been married by the age of 18.

Although it is illegal for girls to get married under the age of 18, there’s cultural acceptance for the practice and law enforcement rarely gets involved.

“Everyone thinks that the earlier you get the girl married, the less money you’ll have to give,”

National crime data from 2012 showed that a third of all rapes that year happened to girls aged 18 or under. Marital rape is not a crime in India unless the wife is under the age of 15, and is not counted separately in crime statistics. Shameless Indian’s.

The Biggest Questions
Can We People Change?
Yes, But We Indians Won’t
Because We Are Greedy Of Manly Power That Our Society Has Addicted To Us.

Greedy MotherFuckers We Indian’s Are.


Growing Rape Culture In India

We live in INDIA where no means convince me and flirting is a green light for sex.
Where women are told, don’t get raped and men are rarely told, don’t rape.
Where slut shaming is encouraged and victims are blamed.
Where speaking out about rape is a call for attention and rape victims are silenced.
We live in INDIA where rape culture is normal and that is **unacceptable.

I know was supposed to be away from WordPress but can’t hold back by thoughts,
I Can’t Hold Myself Back After Kathua Rape Incident
I Am With #HangKathuaRapist

Please Support🙏

I Also Demand Death Penalty For Rapist, But Only After Cutting There Testicles Benchod..


Rape Doesn’t Hide #Poetry

Rape doesn’t always hide
At parties and outside clubs.
Rape doesn’t always hide
In dark alleys and empty parking lots.
Sometimes rape is right in front of you,
But you choose to look the other way.
Rape doesn’t always hide
Behind the faces of strangers in the night.
Sometimes rape is hiding behind the closed doors
Of your uncles,
And brothers.
Rape isn’t always loud-
Screaming, yelling, and crying.
Sometimes rape is quiet-
Gasping for air and silent tears.