I might be a pervert

I think I might be a pervert 🤔 I mean, a mere bite of her lip, stroke of the hair or flick of her hip sends fire around my body criminalises my mind and throws me outside, to look pressed nose against the glass, breath blurring up the window, and my view of her ass….

Cursing never made more sense. #Funny

FUCK. Forget. unreasonable. cravings. knockout SHIT. Suck. his. intimate. treasure. BITCH. Because. it. truthfully. causes.  hurt. DAMN. Dont. admit. meaningless. nothings. MOTHER FUCKER. Most. of. the. happiness. ends. roughly. Forget. undesirable. creatures. emitting. regret. DUMBASS. Dont. undermine. morals. before. assessing. serious. situations. HELL. Handle. emotional. love. loss