Wake up

Wake up

Eyes closed
Mind awake
Hands tremble
Body cold
Lips apart
Tongue tied
Hair distraught
Heart delight
Feet grounded
Arms twisted
Nightmare or dream
I can’t tell
Wake up

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Beautiful Mystery

Beautiful Mystery

You’re a beautiful mystery clad in gorgeous enigma.
You’re poetry that looks good in a skirt.

You are a notebook, a yearbook, a sketchbook, a burn book,
every facet of you written in swirling cursive,
rhymes and famous signatures snaking between cinnamon hair and cleverness.

You’re the first dream of the boy too scared of nightmares to sleep again.

You are the taste of honey and cigarettes on the lips of the first girl that boy ever kissed.

You are a dictionary. Your picture isn’t just under “beautiful.”
It’s under “dangerous” and “witty” and “myth”

You are a poem, a telltale heart beating inside a lesson in vengeance,
temporary only because nothing gold can stay.

You are the raw words read aloud by the daring poet,
standing beneath midnight moon,
the power of the throne,
the breath of a whispered promise falling upon the ear,
the warmth of kisses on the cheek,
the passion of all hope there ever was in trust and truth.

You are the fire in lightning,
the sparkle in the snow and the glitter in the rain,
the fierceness of the wind and the gentle, soothing peace,
the blazing chill of winter and the roar of summer’s heat.

But you’re still a mystery.
A beautiful,

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I Wonder

I Wonder

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those I’ve loved.
In secret or up front.
What difference does it make tonight in this unsettling thunder?

How many of them a mishap?
How many of them a mindless blunder?

How many of them have truly found what they were looking for
In someone else?
How many have gone from blond to blonder?

How many nights did I spend in this rabbit hole?
How many of them deserved all those years, all those tears?
They weren’t kidding when they said, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those I’ve loved.

How many of them alcoholics?
Drinking away their sorrows, going under.

How many of them were actually good for me? Was it a terrible mistake to let them go? Oh, I wonder.

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those who’ve loved me.
How many of them were able to see the real me?

How many of them looked at the good and overlooked the bad?
How many of them were not my cup of tea?

Had I known they were going to love me until their very last breath, would I have still led them to flee?

How many of them tried so hard to please me?
Yet drowned themselves in the vast darkness that is my sea.

How many hearts have I broken?
Is it one, two, or three?

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those who’ve loved me.

How many of them were too kind, too gentle?
How many of them were ready to take a leap of faith?
How many of them would have set me free?

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Look at your phone
Look at your book
Look at your blanket
Look at your wardrobe
Look at that bar code
Look at that matchstick

They all have lines
They would not be created without lines
Lines can divide
Lines can unite
Lines can organize
Lines can cut
Lines can be rough-edged
Lines can be smooth and refined
Lines are signs
Lines tell you something
Lines contain
Lines can be curvy
And those curves can be ridden and lead into another path

The world would not be complete without lines
The world would not be created without lines

But you can’t cross lines
Lines cross you
And lines draw you

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She was torn,
Broken into pieces.
She pieced herself together,
Turned herself into an art.
A mosaic of disaster,
That made her a beautiful mess.

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Somewhere the sun is setting
In your tired eyes

Somewhere a cool breeze carries
Songs of changing times

Somewhere you’re getting by,
Flushed with words of wine,

Somewhere a fool laments
That he never called you “mine”



I want to tell you
What’s in my head
This entire other world
The constant droning of voices
The screaming and thrashing within

But if I did
If I did…

You’d never look at me the same
I’d be broken to you

I know that I am…
But I just…
I can’t let you see me like that

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I draw my life

I draw my life

I am an artist
I draw my life.
I am a teacher
I teach my steps.
I am a doctor
I treat my destiny.
I am a lawyer
I judge my actions.
I am a builder
I build my success.
I am a translator
I translate my opinion.
I am a photographer
I take my memories.
I am a writer
I write my future.
I am a chef
I cook my mood.
I am a businesswoman
I manage myself.

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Unseen microbes everywhere
on our skin and in the air…
microbes form a part of who
we are both me and you

inside symbiotically
more than I as they are we…
in the soil enriching all
like the trees which grow so tall

microbes left upon the Moon
back on Earth grew very soon…
in Earth’s rocky crust below
unseen microbes still can grow

microbes living everywhere
microbes also are aware…
all together intertwined
microbes helped to write this rhyme

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The Truth

The Truth

I don’t vocalize
I’m not a musician.
I don’t embalm
I’m not a mortician.
I don’t make objects
disappear in thin air,
I’m not a magician.
I don’t flip numbers,
I’m not a mathematician.
I don’t heal patients,
I’m not a physician.
I don’t tell funny jokes
I’m not a comedian.
I don’t do hair or makeup,
I’m not a beautician.
I can’t run for public office
I am not a politician.

I was born to flip
Letters into words.
I can write a lovely script
Shiny like samurai swords
I can bring smiles to faces,
Via a beautiful love story.
I can take your mind to places,
Using the magic of poetry.
I can make the sun to shine,
In a dimly lit corridor.
My words will outlive time,
Like the soul of a gladiator.
I can morph into a genius,
By the stroke of my humble pen.
The nectar of my ink is gracious
Always doing the best it can.

The truth is all that I know…this is the truth!

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Break my bones;
cut my throat.
Pull me open,
learn the ropes.

Breath me in;
taste the fear.
Shank my skin;
stand and cheer.

Kick my head;
let me bleed.
Unbolt my veins;
enjoy the read.

Gouge my eyes;
punch my face.
Wrap me up
in your embrace.

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I’m at a loss

I’m at a loss

As I lay awake last night
Contemplating my life
I felt it in my heart
It hit me as sharply as a knife

I love you

And I know you already know
But I’ve only come to realize how much I truly do
I love you so much, That I don’t know what to do
Don’t know what to do with this love for you

It’s burning my soul
With its sheer amount and intensity
I am legitimately at a loss
at what to do with this density

Do I wrap it up and tuck it away?
Or do I allow it to have its way
Would I scare you off if I told you this?
Or would you give a gentle kiss

Would you want to escape from it?
Take your chance to split
Or would you be filled with happiness?
Feel the pure and raw tenderness

It scares me but I know
My self-awareness is rather slow
But now that I know what I know
It’s hard not to show

I love you
I love you so much

Though what to do with this overflowing heart
I haven’t the slightest clue.

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A Wall #Poetry

A Wall #Poetry

Some ideas sway in the wind
While others bypass the heart
Some thoughts that get blown
in are really poles apart
Some words leave you reeling
In an outcome that says it all
In a light that could encompass
a fly on a wall

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The opposite of creativity

The opposite of creativity

The opposite of creativity:
Staring at a blank sheet of
Notebook paper and thinking
The simplicity of the neatly
Placed blue lines is
Good enough.

The River

The River

The river is fast
The river can be slow
The river has trash
Like the ocean as shown
The trash kills water animals
So keep the water clean
Animals die everyday
So make the most of it
Take care of our planet before the days goes away

Blind Generation

Blind Generation

Men of little faith

Men with eyes but lack light

If only you could see the end of your

Road, perhaps you’ld have return.

Men of vain fame, men with ears but

Cannot detect sound, if only you could

See the source of what you listen to, perhaps

You’d realized what fools you have been.

You talk of leadership

But you are no leaders

Cheaters and liars in secret, whose end

Is self destruction and eternal separation.

Truth, refuse to heed

For lies roam the atmosphere

Turn back before you expire

Inspire what is left in the dark.

Put aside corruption and greed

We are suppose to be a peculiar breed

Why dress with bombs and

Claim to do God’s will?

Hate and prejudice, mice we must end

Humanity we must preserve

Earth we must conserve

Leaves should stay green and fresh.

This is our time

Put away racism and revenge

And black will be black

And blindness will fade away.

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Life goes quick

Life goes quick

If We died tomorrow
did we complete our
bucket list
Is there anything We missed
say what you feel
do the things now
because tomorrow
is certainly not promised
life can be such a
hit or miss
I leave you with this to ponder💕

Was it an illusion?

Was it an illusion?

Was it an illusion?
Words that trigger an attraction
A reply that lays a connection

Was it an illusion?
A look that exposes a sensation
A whisper that defines an emotion

Was it an illusion?
A touch that pushes a button
A kiss that captures a moment

Is it an illusion?
To transform words into reality
To turn moments into eternity

It is an illusion
When words are lost in silence
When affection is met with fear
When All is subsumed in memories

Whilst memories may fade
The illusion remains
We hope for those moments again

Poets love the illusion
Though Cynics judge us weak
We shall silence their mocking speak



A Tale Of Spice

A Tale Of Spice

I’m the sugar you’re the spice
as the sun and the blue skies,
we differ, but compliment
out each other’s nourishment,
a symbiosis perfect score
one that’s kept safely in store,
words come sweet and at times tangy
piquant ginger truly tasty,
sweet a muse that will define
my brains boiling out the brine,
through that shocking pretty look
I can’t get off from your hook,
I got entangled and ensnared
Feel of lost being impaired.



I’m scared today, my thinkings all sad!
I’m missing my Mum, I need her so bad!
I’m feeling all lonely, and butterflies inside!
I’m feeling real sick, but so hard to cry.😟😟

With You Gone

With You Gone

With you gone,
My eyes still see
My legs still move
My hair still grows
But my heart, it’s numb.

With you gone,
My ears still hear
My knees still bend
My hands still touch
But my heart, it stops.

The flowers will grow
The seasons will change
But with you gone
My heart is estranged.

The sun will rise
The sun will set.
But you are gone
And I cannot forget.

Gravity Of Almost

Gravity Of Almost

Someone asked me
So you think, you can?
Survive, almost?

Yes please
Setting me free
You make me believe
So far away

I will try
Try my best
I replied

A Women

A Women

A women whose life
isn’t surrounded by
a lie anymoret
is worth everything,

A women who masters
the courage to bring
the truth to light,
deserves a man’s



Everything turns to dust –
even you,
even me,
even the bond that binds us now.

I’ve had many waking dreams
and a few waking nightmares,
but I don’t remember most of them now.
They were lost while I was sleeping,
just like us.

Whether I lost you in my dreams
or in my nightmares,
I lost you
all the same.

Tommorow When I Wake Up #Poetry

Tommorow When I Wake Up #Poetry

Tomorrow when I wake up
I’ll start my day with a smile
I’ll do the things
I wanted to do for a while

I’ll disclaim my phone
and talk to my mother instead
I’ll tell her my dreams
and let go of my biggest regrets

I’ll forgive everyone
whoever hurt me
I’ll ask God for forgiveness
I’ll beg on my knees

I’ll work on my goals
and set my doubt aside
I’ll fight for my people
And bring back their rights

But if tomorrow doesn’t come,
It would be a tragedy
Because then I’ll stay
forever today’s me



A head full of thoughts and words seek to be confessed

High on emotions though chose never to be expressed

You can hold your breath and lies, you see, I’m not here to impress

Drowned in chaos though I feel like  blessed

Don’t chase me baby I’m a queen of my own chess

So let me be me no more or less

I know I’m a masterpiece, though a full fledged mess

Running endless, A bloody hell mess

Gold Enough To Drink

Gold Enough To Drink

Her voice is liquid gold
Demanding respect
Soothing junky minds
Smooth as peanut butter
Gliding over the surface level of music
Her voice is the voice of black women
Whove had theirs stolen
Long before they had the chance to break them in
She is golden
Her voice golden
Rich enough to be an overload
Her voice
Strong as nails
But soft enough to hold me close
People have come to make me understand

People have come to make me understand

People have come to make me understand,
How crazy these people are.

The peace that is found in the forbidden,
Why do people need to dumb it down?

With all knowledge, they’re still ignorant,
How unknowing these people are.

They are never helpful when the time comes,
These familiar-recognisable people.

Now that I’m no longer conscious,
These people have come to make me understand.

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Desperate Love #Poetry

Desperate Love #Poetry

Im deperate for your love
Everytime you get so hard
You are sweet as my milk tart
Everytime you lay eyes on me you wanna go fast.
I wanna pursue you, lets march
Its rose pedals, hotels and carts
Wanna know the best part?
A sensational love, that wont depart.
You have shown me desperate love
Im protected, rescue as your dove
Love unbeatable, no one can be above
Your essence are my miraculous and desperate love.

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After longtime

After longtime

After a long time when we met, my anxious heart felt peace
flowers of my wihes stared smiling
like spring in garden

when my waiting eyes met your sharp eyes
drinks started flowing
i didn’t need some pouring my drinks
i felt felt drunk without drinking

night passed into morning
candles started flickering
my life started shining in the bright light of timeliness

joy and attractions everywhere
joy in the hearts
no matter how much one tried, couldn’t leave your party

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When I was red,
You were blue.
Then I turned to green just for you.
What you wanted was violet,
But all I could be was indigo.
Orange was your favourite colour,
I wrote you a song in yellow.
For your acclamation,
I mixed all those colours.
Frantically tried to undo it,
When all of them discoloured.
I sat there reflecting on what was left of me.
I finally became the colour that I wanted to be.
Play Safe Stay Safe

Play Safe Stay Safe

Locked eyes
touching lips
an act so beautiful
or so ugly

making love
having ***
different names
different reasons
different positions

vaginal, oral, **** or *
Trying for a baby
wanting some fun
don’t have time, so make it quick
or have a moment alone
what ever your reasons
what ever positions
take precautions

One act can turn into a lifetime mistake
what ever your reasons
what ever you positions
stay safe

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You’re fun to be with
fun to know
it does not matter
where we go

It does not matter
what we do
It’s always fun
to be with you!

Her Captions

Her Captions

With the lighting just right shes such an exotic sight
Try as you might to not stare but youll lose a futile fight
The light shining from the right enlightens your third eye
Giving you a healthy helping of her breast & her sexy thighs
You might rise to the occasion while trying to solve the equation
On how to spend a night with her filled with erotic copulation
Building your frustrations cause shes not easily touched
I understand your elation cause her ass looks so plush
She knows as much & displays an array of her images
That makes you salivate for a taste of her jelly sandwiches
Yet she has more to give than sexual consumption
Pay close attention to what shes scribbing in her Instagram captions


Bad influence🧤

Bad influence🧤

The influence on me is like a glue that is ******* my skin
Learnt so many things the hard way dont blame what I hate on my skin.
Little things matter the most dont wait until you are carried away
Being jolted in the right direction but peer group pressure makes me look away.
Another bad influence coming my way I think I will just settle for another shot
As soon as I get rid of one another bad influence comes knocking trying his shot.
I really think I need a fresh new habit I cant keep going down this lane
My new instincts keeps telling me that my new habit left down my old lane.
When I Wake

When I Wake

When I wake
Please give me a kiss
On my forehead
When I wake
Lets make coffee together
And dance around in our underwear
When I wake
Can we make
Blueberry muffins?
Flooding Feelings

Flooding Feelings

Thunder Storms
Rain falling down
Whispers and screams
Tears falling
Hoping for better
onesided love
Everyone is different
set apart
from their skin
to their personality
broken girls
to stupid boys
who regret
but say nothing


My spirit can not be tarnished
My will can not be bent
Like gold
I am invincible
My value can not be priced
My life can not defined
Like gold
I am impenetrable
My thoughts can not be contained
My character can not be tainted
Like gold
I am pure
My love can not be given freely
My time can not be wasted
Like gold
I am expensive
You can not destroy me
You can not make me disappear
Like gold
I am immortal


Pretend My Lips Are Blue

Pretend My Lips Are Blue

Like the day that I was born
Im alive despite the pressure
Ive arrived to learn the answers
In a hospital towel
The brightest day of my mothers life
But you pretend my lips are blue
Maybe Im dead to you (and only you)
Maybe im just dead to you
When you finally left you said
Never again, never again, never again
When I finally woke I said
Never again, never again, never again
Like christmas day at home
Im profoundly moved by letters
That hope Im feeling better
In a hospital gown
It was once the first moment of my life
To pretend my lips were blue
A decade passed and I met you
Maybe Im just dead to you
The only gift you chose to leave
Are fever dreams, the kind you still believe
Ill scream how it feels to feel
And youll try so hard not to hear
Like the day I learned to read
Expressions meant to lie to me
Seeing forest from the trees
Losing trust in majesty
So I write to concentrate
On the echos down the storm drain



Floating in between

I feel the change
I feel the shift in my energy
In my spirit
In my heart
I can feel the way I dont care anymore
It feel it falling apart
I feel it slipping away
I feel it becoming less important
I feel like the days are longer now
And I cant stop from crying
I feel like Im different
And I dont know
Whether to accept my metamorphosis
Or start running
Help me? Could you maybe for a second?
Its okay if you cant
Im used to being shot down
But maybe if you just had a second
Id feel more attached to the ground