You’re Beautiful #Poetry

You are beautiful You are tremendously beautiful You are marvelously beautiful You are astonishingly beautiful You are magnificently beautiful You are breathtakingly beautiful Inner and outer You are beautiful You are the definition of Beauty Or shall I say, what is Beauty compared to you What is Beauty compared to you ? It feels shy and ashamed when I describe you A weak meaning it … Continue reading You’re Beautiful #Poetry

Can You #Poetry

Can you separate your art from your politics Can you separate the temporal from the divine Can you separate the excuses from the reasons Can you separate purpose from those wasted times Can you separate your vocation and avocation Can you separate curiosity from true insight Can you separate your duty from convenience Can you separate the darkness —from the light ©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights … Continue reading Can You #Poetry


Everybody is addicted to something & this body seems to love sadness darkness & pain – this mind unearths emotions that cause quite the commotion to encourage a reaction so intense just to distract from the silence. Maybe brains get addicted to emotions just like they do to other substances and that’s why this memory that makes me sick keeps plaguing my mind over and … Continue reading Addiction


I give you my trust That belongs to so few So old, it’s covered in rust It’s been years since it grew My trust has grown tough Having been broken too many times It’s calluses are rough Rougher than the skin of limes I am trusting you Please be careful with me Promise you’ll be true I break very easily I love you That’s a … Continue reading Trust


It eats you away inside out It nibbles away at your pleasure it feasts away on your dreams It laughs at your issues It toys with your emotion It plays with your heart. Your hearts raises Your hand tremble Your stomach drops There is nothing you can do But pluck your hair out of your head Because the silent killer is here Waiting to take … Continue reading Stress


POUND, POUND, POUND my head is killing me looking at anything hurts it’s like if someone took a knife and STAB, STAB, STAB I don’t know why it hurts so bad my eyes overflow with tears it’s a migraine?? THUMP, THUMP, THUMP there’s my heartbeat it makes my head hurt worse please stop THRUM, THRUM, THRUM I just want to sleep but I can’t medicine … Continue reading Headeache