I Wonder

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those I’ve loved.In secret or up front.What difference does it make tonight in this unsettling thunder? How many of them a mishap?How many of them a mindless blunder? How many of them have truly found what they were looking forIn someone else?How many have gone from blond to blonder? How many nights did I spend in this rabbit hole?How … Continue reading I Wonder


Look at your phoneLook at your bookLook at your blanketLook at your wardrobeLook at that bar codeLook at that matchstick They all have linesThey would not be created without linesLines can divideLines can uniteLines can organizeLines can cutLines can be rough-edgedLines can be smooth and refinedLines are signsLines tell you somethingLines containLines can be curvyAnd those curves can be ridden and lead into another path … Continue reading Lines

My voice

I’ve been looking for my voice,For so long.I’ve wandered aimlessly,Not knowing that the only sound,That never drowned me,Has been the only sound,that I’m always surrounded by.My voice is silence. Continue reading My voice


I dream of a world,Where love is in thousandfold.Where no man is scorned,But rather adorned. A world of simplicity,Rather than a world of toxicity.Find peace in respect,And good things to project. Continue reading Dream

Mysterious One

you are averymysterious onedon’t know if I caneverfigure you outyou hold my thoughtswithin the palm of your handI melt like chocolatesweet. you are a verymysterious oneI’ve neverliked your type beforenot one to jumpinto anyone’s armsstill this is somethingyou’ve softened up my core. You say youcan seeinside my shellthat my sweetnesswas the very keyYou say I’ve no moresecrets to tell’cause you’ve devoured them for me? Well … Continue reading Mysterious One


You’re mysterious.You’re mysterious in the way that makes me want to open you up like a book and read your pages from start to finish but I can’t because you are so high up on the shelf that I cannot reach you.You sit up on the shelf collecting dust trying to protect yourself from the people who will rip out your pages or bend your … Continue reading Mysterious

Beautiful Mystery

You’re a beautiful mystery clad in gorgeous enigma.You’re poetry that looks good in a skirt. You are a notebook, a yearbook, a sketchbook, a burn book,every facet of you written in swirling cursive,rhymes and famous signatures snaking between cinnamon hair and cleverness. You’re the first dream of the boy too scared of nightmares to sleep again. You are the taste of honey and cigarettes on … Continue reading Beautiful Mystery


Close your eyesSee the airTouch the groundTaste the rainSmell the sunThere’s a rainbowDo you hear itIs it thereDo you feelThe earth’s old rhythmDo you feelThe ancient glare Continue reading Artemis


I want to spread your legsacross my sheetslike waves across a beachand get you wet enoughfor me to dive on inuntil the depths of youI reach. Continue reading Depths


Somewhere the sun is settingIn your tired eyes Somewhere a cool breeze carriesSongs of changing times Somewhere you’re getting by,Flushed with words of wine, Somewhere a fool lamentsThat he never called you “mine” Continue reading Somewhere


I want to tell youWhat’s in my headThis entire other worldThe constant droning of voicesThe screaming and thrashing within But if I didIf I did… You’d never look at me the sameI’d be broken to youDamaged I know that I am…But I just…I can’t let you see me like that Continue reading Damaged

Our Nature

Our nature is not that of beauty,we are all monsters,inhabitants of cruelty. Give someone power over anotherand you will quickly see that our nature comes forthwhen set free. We are all monsters at heart,some are just better at hiding it. Don’t say you’re not bad,then you would be bad as well as a hypocrite Continue reading Our Nature

I draw my life

I am an artistI draw my life.I am a teacherI teach my steps.I am a doctorI treat my destiny.I am a lawyerI judge my actions.I am a builderI build my success.I am a translatorI translate my opinion.I am a photographerI take my memories.I am a writerI write my future.I am a chefI cook my mood.I am a businesswomanI manage myself. Continue reading I draw my life

Falling hard

Roll me upas a crisp packetand dispose where no one will see.Crush meto ice on a snowy bank,as soil on a no-dig bed.Thoughdon’t makeeye contact for Idon’t have eyes that can stay,they weren’t made for morethan casual harm, see –pain hurts less than love,your boot less than your lips.No fingers through hair,none laced between mine,justburn them, sear them,throw knives upon them,I can take thatbut I … Continue reading Falling hard


Horror isIt screams to someIt whispers to othersHave you ever felt her?Her fingers close around your heartDarkness is her companionHas he ever engulfed you in the night?Their child is fear and she wanders the hallsDo you hear her creeping on your floor?Death is their sonAnd he is often just around the door.These are not my friendsBut they have visited before.They come knocking at the doorBut … Continue reading Horror


Unseen microbes everywhereon our skin and in the air…microbes form a part of whowe are both me and you inside symbioticallymore than I as they are we…in the soil enriching alllike the trees which grow so tall microbes left upon the Moonback on Earth grew very soon…in Earth’s rocky crust belowunseen microbes still can grow microbes living everywheremicrobes also are aware…all together intertwinedmicrobes helped to … Continue reading Microbes

This Light

what lingers here, leaving onlyits reflection?once your memory fell throughthe mirrorand escaped from my hands  like a river,it is gold, forever now, because of it.here, something once so darkis asking me,where is all this light coming from? Continue reading This Light

The Truth

I don’t vocalizeI’m not a musician.I don’t embalmI’m not a mortician.I don’t make objectsdisappear in thin air,I’m not a magician.I don’t flip numbers,I’m not a mathematician.I don’t heal patients,I’m not a physician.I don’t tell funny jokesI’m not a comedian.I don’t do hair or makeup,I’m not a beautician.I can’t run for public officeI am not a politician. I was born to flipLetters into words.I can write … Continue reading The Truth

Living In The Horror

Living In The Horror Life we took for grantedThe Sun will rise tomorrowBut now the clouds of darkness hasThe world in the threshold of its sorrow Even the addicted, with so manyAttempts of suicide they tryAre clinging to life because theyReally don’t want to die It feels like we should all paint withThe lambs blood above our doorSo that the death cloud passes overAnd swear … Continue reading Living In The Horror

Twelve Midnight

In a room with people who sleeps peacefullyI find myself wide awakeAnd thinking of my mistakes.I couldn’t say that I regret themBut I wish I’ve known the outcome.Their weight is too heavyFor my heart to carryDay by day, it’s weighing me downAnd I feel myself being drowned. Continue reading Twelve Midnight


Break my bones;cut my throat.Pull me open,learn the ropes. Breath me in;taste the fear.Shank my skin;stand and cheer. Kick my head;let me bleed.Unbolt my veins;enjoy the read. Gouge my eyes;punch my face.Wrap me upin your embrace. Continue reading Gore


I thought I found it:The answer to being human.It came in a little heart-shaped box.It told me to work hard and achieve my goals.It told me to find people that love me,and love them too.It told me to get my head down earlyand eat a colourful plate.With all these boxes ticked,I found glory in a greater life.But still I found myself hurting.I found brittle bones … Continue reading Human


My mind glitters when I think My eyes shine when I see My stomach jumps when I feel My body shakes when I touch My tongue ripes when I taste  My hands tremble when I sense  what is all this? Its thinking about you Its seeing your eyes Its feeling your presence  Its touching your body  Its tasting your lips  Its sensing you Continue reading Porn

Ellipsoid Of Revolution

Clarity Is A Rarity In Time Let Alone Rhyme Words Woven Paradigms As What Is Mine And What I Claim Is Then Still Rearranged Found To Be Strange Exchanged Deranged I Then Hear The Laughter Of The Universe A Living Curse Though It Could Be Worse My Story Spills Yet Pollution In Absolution Convolution Evolution Restitution Revolution ! Continue reading Ellipsoid Of Revolution

The Only Me is ME

                                                         I’ll not claim to be a lyrical master                                                               I’ll not boast that there’s no one faster                                                              I’m not brightest not the dullest                                                              My words my not mesmerize or drive you to hysteria                                                               I may not have every thing that you’ve got                                                               I am however the one thing you are not                                                   I am Me and  I’m the only me that has ever or will ever be … Continue reading The Only Me is ME

The Burden of Knowledge

The Burden of Knowledge is deafening The Burden of Knowledge is sitting on my bedroom floor reading all the labels on my cosmetics The Burden of Knowledge is remembering all the tap water I use for my coffee The Burden of Knowledge is looking through the cabinets at the cleaning supplies and pondering which will kill me faster Which will give me cancer quickest Which … Continue reading The Burden of Knowledge

I’m at a loss

As I lay awake last nightContemplating my lifeI felt it in my heartIt hit me as sharply as a knife I love you And I know you already knowBut I’ve only come to realize how much I truly doI love you so much, That I don’t know what to doDon’t know what to do with this love for you It’s burning my soulWith its sheer … Continue reading I’m at a loss

Depression Part 2

Depression is feeling anxious, sad, lonely and numb, but you don’t know whyDepression is feeling weak and tired at all timesDepression is feeling like you just want to sleep foreverDepression is consuming alcohol because it’s the only thing that numbs the painDepression is making plans but then cancelling them last minute because it feels overwhelming to socializeDepression is being distant to your friends and family … Continue reading Depression Part 2

Depression Part 1

Happy daysCome in wavesBut most days come with anxiety, sadness, fearDrinking, overthinking and tearsA struggle to get out of bedEveryday is a battle inside your headA cheerful laugh, a pearly smileCan only be forced for awhileIt’s a relief to take a showerTo cry in there for an hourUndead outside, dying insideContemplating suicideYou don’t really want to dieYou just want it to stop hurtingAnd death feels … Continue reading Depression Part 1


TodayWas one of those daysWhere I couldn’tStop lookingOver my shouldersExpecting to see youClose to meWaiting for me to do somethingTo push you away like beforeFreeze when you started toDo what you didI’ve let the paranoiaSink inIts been controlling meLike you had beenI wasn’t perfect…That terrible feeling I had gotten the night of the stormHow I cried myself to sleep beside my best friendBecause that was … Continue reading Paranoid

A Wall #Poetry

Some ideas sway in the windWhile others bypass the heartSome thoughts that get blownin are really poles apartSome words leave you reelingIn an outcome that says it allIn a light that could encompassa fly on a wall Continue reading A Wall #Poetry

Juggling Hearts

Imagine having as many hearts as you have hands. Imagine one Doesn’t Belong to you. Imagine how easy it is to juggle two things Imagine how hard it is to juggle three things. Imagine catching three hearts Imagine dropping one Imagine picking it back up. Imagine juggling four hearts. Imagine being so talented you can catch two in each hand. One day. Imagine the one … Continue reading Juggling Hearts


Denials, lies, witch hunts and filesHidings their facesAiding their causeLaughing at justiceLaughing at rightThe innocent are never innocentIn the cold moons light Continue reading Corruption

It’s Not What You Think.

This life is full of hundreds, thousands, millions of surprises – Yeah as long as you live and breathe you will always come along of surprises, most pretend as if they feel nothing but no their feelings are hiding under their skins. A skin pretends to be happy but their eyes tells a whole story that shows all the hurt or pain they been through. … Continue reading It’s Not What You Think.


There are so many things I wish forIts a very long list I wish I had more timeBut time is not anyone’s friend I wish I was tallerBut I always fall short I wish I had moreBut I always lack I wish for a smile on my faceBut all thats there are tears I wish I didn’t have to leaveBut you know it was for … Continue reading Wishes

See you again

The rain dampened cheek that smelled of tears…The traveler with the gentle gaze…The nostalgic music that resonate softly…I wander among memories i cannot rememberMy dream flies away on tiny wingsto the place where our feelings won’t disappear; just the two of us,going beyond the distant ocean and sky.Your gentle gaze illuminates me,in the dark night… I want to see you.I want to see you again… … Continue reading See you again

Lonely But Not Alone

I attain I love I hate say goodbyes I enjoy myself others I despise I was born into this world on my own lonely but not alone As days march to nights and night times to days As months turn to years and years to decades I grow and live on my own lonely but not alone Continue reading Lonely But Not Alone


Corona is here, Do not fear,  Its just a plan for the elite to cheer, To make us scared, To make money from the cure, Don’t listen to the bullshit, It’s all a game, to decrease the population, That’s the aim,  They Show us fake videos of people dying, Little kids in china who are forced into crying, Don’t be afraid we will be fine, … Continue reading Corona

Polygamous Bee

Fragrant flowers of thriving colours With scintillant sepals and sweet honey Hypnotize n bemuse the roaming bee in dell So, it wishes to enjoy the essence of all But every flower wants to hook the bee as eternal!!! Continue reading Polygamous Bee

Message from Corona

We are the dark above the light We will make you fright  We are wild and faster We will kill fortune and are disaster  We will rule over the world Neither you can tolerate us nor hold Never we will die, never we end Ever and ever evil we will bring. Continue reading Message from Corona

Why Poets Are Important

𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚍𝚜 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚜𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚜𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍 𝚒𝚜 𝚟𝚒𝚋𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚟𝚒𝚋𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚒𝚜 𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚛𝚐𝚢 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚛𝚐𝚢 𝚒𝚜 𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚝𝚎 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 Continue reading Why Poets Are Important

These are the hands

These are the hands that will guide you to greatness,These are the hands that will stay through the years,These are the hands that will celebrate good times,And these are the hands that will wipe away tears. These are the hands that will love you forever;When you are weak they will help you feel strong,And, right now, since these hands are entwined togetherThese hands are precisely … Continue reading These are the hands

Some Parallel Universe

such a wretched world we live inwhere time is enemyand enemies are your friendsplastering phony smilesand faking best regardswhy live in a worldwhere the sun scarcely shines? here’s to living lifepurely in the momentwhere only true words can prosperminds only full of wonderand happy thoughtsthat can never decompose a world like this exists,i suppose Continue reading Some Parallel Universe

It’s you

I see her again, that girl.She is sitting, her hair being a mess.Her eyes are red from tears,mouth wrinkled. Rubbing her now dry eyes,she stood up.She fixed her hairand wore a smile. I decided to approach her.Closely, closer, and closer.She also turned and faced me.In the same way, she walks toward me. I reach out my hand,and so did she.Our hand touched each other,that cold … Continue reading It’s you


Spread so quick watch us all dieTest them kids they showing signsSpread so quick we all go hideCheck them ‘fore we all dieHealth comes first let’s surviveCome together and pray to GodThe next black plague it’s a sign (ya)Don’t panic, it’s alright, same thingAs 1300 then they lost 75 million livesRubbed those herbs they reviveWe suffocate, throw up, cough and dieNo cure for this COVID-19 … Continue reading COVID-19

I want to touch you

I want to touch you–just one innocent touch,dripping with desireand coated with love. I want to touch you–my lips onto yours,glazed with a passionthat can’t be unhooked. I want to touch you–just my hand in yours,enveloped so softlywe forget we’ve been hurt. Continue reading I want to touch you

My Kind Of Love

You’re too beautiful to cryWhat man did this to your eyes Would you allow me to tryTo put a smile inside BecauseIf I could squeeze in some love on the side Those tears would disappearAnd stay clearIf you allowed me to apply My kindOf love Continue reading My Kind Of Love

The Virus

What has the power to destabilise the economy;shut down schools;put millions of people under lockdown; inspire people to buy inordinate amounts of toilet paper;wish they had never gone on that cruise and cause global uncertainty, fear and mayhem. Yet is invisible to the naked eye, inaudible, cannot be per se physically touched and is borderline between living and non living? Continue reading The Virus


Let me go!I need to breathe,shed my skin,lick my wounds,look within. I look around.My senses reel,hiding from sight,crotching low,waiting to heal. Crawling restlessly,through thick thick mud,my sins overwhelm me;my endless journeypoisoning my blood. Upon this earthwe’ve been thrown to dwell,by a mystical will,out reaching our helpless journeythrough fires of our individual hell. No signs of truce,as we subside to pain,worthless battle,lost before we begin;our sins … Continue reading Journey


No matter how difficultit should be to lose you inthe muddle of thoughtsand images, tourmaline,so very blue, ina diamond andgold band, guidesyou back to me.Though the swiftness ofa kiss you gave may beout of reach,being chasedas though it wasdust racing awayin a windblast.In the puzzle that yearsproduces, I want youagain poisedbefore the keyswishing the oraclefollowedthe lines in my palmand promised you’d playA song of lovebut … Continue reading Tourmaline


If you can’t hold onyou’ll lose yourself in stagesparts of you have already fallen behindTry to gather yourself upbeing human can be toughabusiveness is an ugly thingdon’t believe the things that you’re sayingAt Least Try Continue reading AT LEAST TRY

Dead Optimist

I’ll wear my heart on my sleeves so when I sleep I can feel the weight of my soul but I don’t hear a beatI hear a scream, it saysLet me spread my wings, set me freeDon’t hold me down, just let me seekMy brightest thoughts, my darkest hoursI didn’t live if I died a coward, but I’m buried aliveMy flame will burn through my … Continue reading Dead Optimist

Spare me the tears

Make me sob for youSweeping break up songMake my tears whell upEmotionally written scriptMake misty eyes for meBaby anything to musicMake me be blind with tearsSpeaking of all our yearsOut of the blue waterworksHolding me tight that first nightLet if flow freelyThere’s plenty of tears to spare Continue reading Spare me the tears


I don’t want thisI don’t want to liveI don’t want to be soberI don’t want to be cleanI don’t want to be responsibleI don’t want to take care of myself I want to destroy myselfI want to get out of my headI want to make the room spinI want to starveI want to drownI want to bleed I can’t enjoy my lifeI can’t liveI can’t … Continue reading Desires


I met youas the leaves felland the sky turned grey the world grew coldas my heart turned warm i missed youas the leaves grew backand the sky turned blue the world grew warmas my heart turned cold Continue reading Seasons

The River

The river is fastThe river can be slowThe river has trashLike the ocean as shownThe trash kills water animalsSo keep the water cleanAnimals die everydaySo make the most of itTake care of our planet before the days goes away Continue reading The River

Reality is not real

The inspiration diesAll the time in the worldIs never enoughThe food loses its spice,the river floodsthe fire burnsthe dust settles,the smoke fills the airThunder glitters the sky,the land slides.A small child criesThe sun setsThe gloom steps inAn adult hides,the sourness staysThe prices risesmarket fallsdebts increases,Diseases spread aroundWorld is falling apart.Everyone is going backIt is true but not.Nothing really existsIllusions dive in. Continue reading Reality is not real


There may be reasons to cryThere may be reasons to fallBut someway, somehowI’ll find a way through it all There may be reasons to yellThere may be reasons to screamBut I won’t let anyoneDare ruin my dream There might be reasons to fightThere might be reasons to protectI’ll find all possible waysTo accomplish what I expect There might be reasons to changeThere might be reasons … Continue reading Reasons


I wonder why people willAllow obstacles nail Their dreams,If you fail, BOUNCE.You cannot live like thisYou don’t have to screamWhenever you feel downGet to your heel and BOUNCE.It’s sad to holdSomeone who doesn’tWant to be with youIt is painful but BOUNCE.Sin will not overcomeIf you do not giveHer a sofa to sitEven in the pit, you can BOUNCE.I remembered whenI was a boyRunning with my toyLike … Continue reading Bounce

Blind Generation

Men of little faith Men with eyes but lack light If only you could see the end of your Road, perhaps you’ld have return. Men of vain fame, men with ears but Cannot detect sound, if only you could See the source of what you listen to, perhaps You’d realized what fools you have been. You talk of leadership But you are no leaders Cheaters … Continue reading Blind Generation


The Mystery is….still a mystery…So i slove what i can…the problems of man…The Mystery is…. still a mystery…So i love who I can…According to plan…The mystery is still a mystery…So what will i find…Inside my mind…the answers to some…the questions of all…Where do you run… Who do you call…The blessings of life no mystery there…Just Call out his name for he is everywhere…The Mystery is … Continue reading MYSTERY

Murder, Sweet Murder

It’s unfortunateThat you had to dieEven more soBecause it was me whoHad held the knife you criedso perfectThe way you screamedWhen your stomachWas exposed Your heart was racingIn a fear unspokenYour breathing was slim,For your lungs would not open Blood paints the wallsAnd I take a tasteSomeday maybe IWill share the same fateWelcoming death’sEternal embrace Continue reading Murder, Sweet Murder


I feel vincible? as alwaysCan I falter? almost constantlyAm I useless? well sometimesAm I together? neverAm I content? seldomCan I change? everydayAm I steady? just barelyFall to pieces? still missingAm I lost? most definitelyAnyone for you? no one Continue reading Myself

Menstral Bleed

To all those envoking. You are not seemingly,less than the fliesthat above aways of blood enreaching Your own teachings of laying bleedingssome most entackling the bleeds with other females bleedsGross-eningto one yourself for having disrespected with a flatch of bloodand to one with enfeeding out into two different toilet bowls It’s that your barely human?For believing the dream of in the cow? It’s that you … Continue reading Menstral Bleed

Quality Of Life

Simply, not likeWhat we think of One dayA time will comeWhen you will haveEverythingWhat can beTouchedSeenSmelledThat allOnce you wished for StillLooking aroundYou may crave forSomething authenticThat canJust be feltA reason to beWhat it’s all about Continue reading Quality Of Life

A Womans Voice

A Mothers VoiceThe first that you hear kisses your tears and soothes your fears A Lovers VoiceWho’s whispers of entice and perplex your body’s reflex An Awesome Voice That shouts out loud stands up and is proud not lost in the crowd A Powerful Voice One that rallies and fights without losing sight asserting its rights A Survivors VoiceRiddled with pain no longer in chains … Continue reading A Womans Voice

Potion of Love

She was like a HeartLittle more ShatteredBleedTornedCaged under RibsBut still Beat like Perfect RhythmOn the Other HandHe was an Ocean of BloodSmoothly flowing in the Veins of ImaginationA Perfect Mixture ofCells of Love &EmotionsThe one who Quench the Thirst of Drought HeartAnd Fills her with Potion of Love. Continue reading Potion of Love

Delicious Donut

I contemplateI buy it on aromatic instinctThe fight emergesDon’t eat it!You’re not even hungry!I sit in my headWhile the words debateThe palate ultimately winsMy hands follow ordersThe sweet melting chewSavory icingMade for my mouthI close my eyesTaste buds dancePure enjoymentA moment has escaped meIn my candy landUntil it’s goneA guilty pleasurePlagued stomachChurning toDisappointed intestinesAn alienThey don’t quite understandAs it has no nutrients or vitamins to … Continue reading Delicious Donut

Grocery Store

I heard you moved,out of town.Somewhere far away,and I’m still waiting here. And to think I was foolish enough,to believe every word you said.Let you and your lies,get inside my head. Sometimes I go to the grocery store,just to make conversation.Usually no one talks back. So I give them my money,the little I have left,and take my candy bar,and walk away. I can feel them … Continue reading Grocery Store

Life goes quick

If We died tomorrowdid we complete ourbucket listIs there anything We missedsay what you feeldo the things nowbecause tomorrowis certainly not promisedlife can be such ahit or missI leave you with this to ponder💕 Continue reading Life goes quick

Found in Love

The hills roll for miles,The sun smiles aroundThese mounds of green earthAs it circles intoThe cloudy, dim sky. Lying among the slopesAre the hopes and dreamsOf seeds; growing grassAnd lasting flowers –Hours into days. Winds play songs in theLeaves of browning treesAs they squeeze betweenThe leaning branches;These leaves fall in love. What were the chances,That they’d fall on us? We are surrounded,Abound by, crowned by,Found … Continue reading Found in Love

Soaked In Light

UnderMoonlightSkinSoaked in light RadianceOf aching bodiesReleasingPent up emotions ShowersOf passionOut poringOverflowing Hot liquidFeverish vapourConsummateThe friction of skin A burningFrom heartsSatedIn touch Continue reading Soaked In Light


Listen up Talk to me Everyone Will be free Sense me now I sense you Everywhere Will do it too Think about it I contemplate Every time Will not be late I am yours You are mine Everything Will turn out fine Continue reading Equilibrium

Was it an illusion?

Was it an illusion? Words that trigger an attraction A reply that lays a connection Was it an illusion? A look that exposes a sensation A whisper that defines an emotion Was it an illusion? A touch that pushes a button A kiss that captures a moment Is it an illusion? To transform words into reality To turn moments into eternity It is an illusion … Continue reading Was it an illusion?

A Tale Of Spice

I’m the sugar you’re the spiceas the sun and the blue skies,we differ, but complimentout each other’s nourishment,a symbiosis perfect scoreone that’s kept safely in store,words come sweet and at times tangypiquant ginger truly tasty,sweet a muse that will definemy brains boiling out the brine,through that shocking pretty lookI can’t get off from your hook,I got entangled and ensnaredFeel of lost being impaired. Continue reading A Tale Of Spice

One step behind

No matter how high you are,I’ll always be here to catch you…No matter the struggle,we’ll find a way to make it through. Wherever you go,I’ll always be one step behind…I’ll take your sadness, your hurt away,even bring you peace of mind. I’ll be the one to pick up the pieces,when life takes you off course.When problems do arise,we’ll tackle it at its source. I’ll always … Continue reading One step behind

Sometimes ability to change is the ability to survive

Sometimes life can feel like you’re on fire hanging over a huge cliff, with only one hand, and it’s raining and cold; every second feels like a year, and another person is just standing at the top, looking down at you and not helping you up. You feel let down and angry, but you manage to pull yourself back up. You didn’t think you could … Continue reading Sometimes ability to change is the ability to survive

Sexy Eyes

Sexy eyes, you give me a thrill.You’re a captivating woman,And I mostly adore you.Why do rivers run swiftly to the coast?They go there for you,Only you and your sweet, sexy eyes. I’ll follow you wherever you go.I can lighten your life.Don’t keep your love for me;I adore you and your sweet, sexy eyes. Why does my heart pound?It pulsates for you,My sweet, sexy eyes.I wish … Continue reading Sexy Eyes


You’re a tree of knowledgeI’m your fallen leafThis ground between usSo cold and starkSo waterlessI cannot surviveIf ever you loved me at allPlease end this miseryBy finishing me off Continue reading Mercy


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