Teacher’s day #poetry

On the occasion of teacher’s day,I wish to have a long stay. In those classes back, Which were packed with different track. I miss those classes old,Filled with people more valuable than gold.Wish to go back in that time,Where there was no any serious crime. Classes were full of fun,And some people made me stun.Now … Continue reading Teacher’s day #poetry

The Mirror

When I look in the mirrorI’m not who I seeI no longer knowwho I used to beThis stranger stares backwith a cold empty looklike she can read meas if I were a bookEven when I turn awayI feel her hardened stareand the bottomless sadnessthat I can no longer bareThen I fall to the floorand the … Continue reading The Mirror

The Time Keeper

Second by second, minute by minuteLike twenty first century robotsThe time keeper keeps periods of timeorganized in individual slots He dissects these periods methodicallyCreating mysterious time linesCause that’s his thing, his own thingJust to blow away our minds Continue reading The Time Keeper


Your love is algebraI can’t find the formulaIf I could find the right calculator,I could define your euphoria. Your love is geometryI can’t find the anglesIf I could prove your theories,It wouldn’t be a shambles. Your love is trigonometryI can’t figure it outIf I spent an entire notebook, perhapsI’d still have doubts. Your love is … Continue reading Trigonometry

The Vow

For all of those days when I felt empty inside.I often blamed myself for something I can’t control.I hate the scars from my past.I hate the flaws that already there since the day I was born.I hate my imperfections for I know I always less than anyone. Then, you came.Break into walls that I’ve built.Saved … Continue reading The Vow

Break my chains

Hold my hand and persuade the waytell me all you want to say~Whisper softly in my ear,all those things I want to hear~Kiss my lips and touch my skinbring out passions deep within~Draw me close and hold me neareradicate my pain and fear~In the darkness of the night,shine your beacon, be my light~In the luster … Continue reading Break my chains

Farmer (Thank him once)

With axe and sickle in his handHe serves the best way he canHeavily burdened with debtsHardly anything to look forwardOut of hunger he himself growlStill never fails to fill our food bowlMourn continues, No solution in sightUntil another one commits suicide Sitting in comforts, not realising even onceWhy can’t we, be a help even an … Continue reading Farmer (Thank him once)


Life is like a puzzle,A game you cannot lose. It requires patience and perseverance,It also takes understanding. It takes years for the pieces to fall into place,But just one little fall…One measly little falll,Can cause the pieces to fall apart,And plunge you into the depths of hell. Continue reading Life

String Me your Feelings

String Me your Feelings,on a Chain with Love.So I can wear it at Nightand sleep like a Dove.Stitch Me Two Pillows,in Colors of Blue.So I can lie down on themand Dream about U.Knit Me a Sweater,to keep Me Warm.This Winter it’s Coldand I’m expecting a Storm.Romance Me at Nights,Once in a While.As I make Love … Continue reading String Me your Feelings

Losing Her

I feel close to losingHer because I’m to tough too be withI am sorry and I’ll miss herBut I won’t fight her. Because love hates to fightUnless it’s for something that’s right So let go of yourEgoor Let go of Her Continue reading Losing Her


My finger tips pour into the indents of your ribcage as I hold you tight ear to chest,Your heartbeat pounding against my eardrum like the sea spilling from a conch.Lacing fingers plucking at your skin like a harp.We share the same air in this tight pocket of intimacy.Your lungs expand as mine contract, a silent … Continue reading Intimate

Emotional Health

I’m feeling overwhelmed, unsatisfied, why?I’m happy, in love, why?I hate my job, why?I love my career, why?I read, I write, why?I smash things, I cry, why?I’m so unsure, why?I’m so sure, why?Pain, so painful, why?Happiness, so happy, why?I’m angry, frustrated, it’s all frustrating, why?Emotionally unstable, physically bound, mentally free and spiritually alive, I’m living and … Continue reading Emotional Health

The Queen

The queen is alwaysvery busybreedingand seldom takes arest from herseeding If she didn’t keepproducing morebeesthere would be fewto pollinate thetrees Her tireless efforts arerarely if ever given athoughtyet without her fecundityno honey could bebought   We human beings shouldoffer our praise to thequeenas she’s never ceases her workon the propagationscene Continue reading The Queen


You areThe air to my lungs,The blood in my veins,The pulse to my heart.You are the reason I’m aliveAnd I love you moreThan words could ever describe. Continue reading You


I long for my pencil, I long to draw againI long to draw my painI long to exercise my brainI long for my pencilMy friend in strange timesWhen shades replace rhymes,And line, words.When I seek to shade my painSomething’s cannot be described by wordsSome battles are not won by swordsWhen these things seek to burst … Continue reading MY PENCIL

Some Days

Some days it rainsSome days it shinesSome days you’re happySome days you crySome days create precious momentsSome days leave painful scarsSome days turns into a lifetimeAnd that is who you are Continue reading Some Days


From time to timeyou can find mein the depthsof the darkest trench,in the deepest ocean. But with your hand in mine,I’ll be breathing oxygen,and the waterswill be clear Continue reading Oxygen

I Think of Thoughts

I think of thoughtsThat take me placesFind new friendsMeet old faces I think of storiesThat make me forgetThe hurt and painBut mostly regrets. I think of timesWhen life was smooth sailingAlways a light aheadNot tunnels darkening This wanderlustThis need for a changeThese old town peopleWill always stay the same. All these thoughts of mineAre fleeting … Continue reading I Think of Thoughts


Sometimes I feelIt is better to stopinvesting in people,You give them the powerto hurt you. Things are a better investment.It is okay to discard things.Nowadays people find it easierto discard people. Continue reading Investment

Like an Idiot

like waterI poured myself into her until she was overflowing at the brim like reinforced steelI bridged my heart to hers and welded myself to her soul like the sunI filled myself with light to cover her darkness like a blanketI shielded her from the harsh world underneath the covers like magnetsI orbited her aura … Continue reading Like an Idiot

Love Feeds Better!

Never leave yourself aloneWhere you look outside the windowSomeone hails you through back:Trust,Move,Bloom!I had walked a dreadful numbers of FootstepsBut while they cross yoursMy knees feel like falling into the only Place you’ve settled inYou need someone denying your fearsYou call meWhen you need me to remove your tearsThen I knowTears would land in somewhere … Continue reading Love Feeds Better!


Immersingin silent place No boundarybetween the outer world and me When I myselffill the space and time And when finallyall disappear I realizethat I am the worldand the world is me Continue reading Meditation


If you read thismy DearI want your eyesto sparkleIf you happened to stopand stumbleget up and smileat the sweet sight of yourcute crooked grinthere in the mirror Continue reading Mailbox


Who are you for me…Dont ask me..Your are more than airThat I breath..The soul,Kepping me alive atleast!! Your my morning glory,Song of this little bird…Come with me,To write a lovely story..That never been heard..!! Continue reading Darling

Universe Of Two

I wana close my eyes& wake up next to youI wana see your worstthat leads up to the best of youI wana lay on your chest& listen to your heart beatLook up into your eyes& tell you that it belongs to meI wana please youmentally, emotionally & physicallyI wana make you smilebe your saving gracekiss … Continue reading Universe Of Two

A Balloon

A balloonCan bring the fun out of usBut a balloonCan cause a fuss A balloonCan guide us into the nightBut a balloonCan also save someone’s life A balloonCan mean a lotBut a balloonCould mean much more A balloonCould be fun and have tricksBut a balloonCould say much more A balloonCould be a sign of hopeBut … Continue reading A Balloon


My world’s so full of silence I can hardly think.At 3 am I finally hear my beating heartticking my mistakes and reciting their names.My life passes before me like a movie once again. Continue reading Noise


Wanna have that bodyGotta get that bodyWanna work that bodyWanna get youConfused Gotta treat my bodyGonna be real naughtyWanna be that hottieI just wannaBe used I’ll be your dollUp in your houseYou be the catI’ll be your mouse Play meLike you own meLike I’m yours to break Hang meLike a trophyI’m your hottest mistake Own … Continue reading Master


Give me your time,I’ll give you my word.Give me your love,I’ll give you the world.Tell me your dreams,I’ll help make them come true.Just have faith in meand I’ll take care of you. Continue reading Faith


You’re like nothing I’ve ever seenYou’re like no one I’ve ever metYou make me question what has beenYou make me want all I can get You! You’re the midnight’s sunYou’re the river’s fireYou’re the only oneYou’re what I desire Continue reading You!

Celebration of Incompleteness

She celebrates her incompletenessAnd dances with the music of her broken heartWhen her soul sings the song of darkness and chaosShe matches it’s rhythm with her sobbing to create an artShe knows that this world will never be kind to herHence, she decorates her wounds with prideFor she can witness the world taking pleasure in … Continue reading Celebration of Incompleteness

All is Coming

All is coming…All is here… You are aliveand you know it…You are connected to All… How can I explain it?How can All explain it to you? It’s always here…You’re always alive…not always…but every day…Every day of your life… Life is precious…All is coming…and All is leaving… one day.. Continue reading All is Coming


Criminal Deeds never goes to top.Criminal Deeds are dangerous to human kinds.Criminal Deeds are black spots to human life.Criminal Deeds are seen in every human kinds.Criminal Deeds are big threats to our country. Continue reading CRIMINAL DEEDS


CriminalO CriminalThis deceit you leak reeksOf sour lemons and urination. CriminalO CriminalThis pride you flood smellsOf blueberries and broken dreams CriminalO CriminalThese miracles you bring leave a miasmaOf grape Faygo and suffering souls CriminalO CriminalThe peace I bring leaves an aromaOf blue raspberry popsicles and lonely depression Continue reading Criminal


Fear will always be there.Following, tied to your ankles In the brightest days one can see it so clearly,In the darkest nights it becomes the hard air to breathe Fear knocks on your doorThe more locks you get, the louder it knocks Fear sounds like birds chirping on a Saturday morningThe harder you try to … Continue reading Fear


She brought the lightcontrasting my dark.With every stroke of her beauty,imperfectly perfectNot painted by accidentbut created with purpose At first sighti found myself ; somewhat inlove ,drawn to her true coloursShe was art Continue reading Her

I seek

I seekPuritySimplicityOf my heartMy very Being She smiles at meAs flowersCalls meWith bird songCries with meAs raindropsHides from meAs rainbows “I am as youEverywhereAnd always,”She whispersIn love, as loveForever PureSimpleStillBeing Continue reading I seek

Keep It Simple

All one needsIs to take itLike a pill So you want to moveThen, stepSo you want to growThen, thriveSo you want to dreamThen, sleepSo you want to smileThen, smirkSo you want to cryThen, sobSo you want to liveThen, hold onFeel and sense Continue reading Keep It Simple

Forever not mine

I will keep you closebut never say a wordI will lose myselfto find you in this world You won’t reach menot even search for meYou won’t teach mehow happy I should be I lost you onceI’m losing you again. a pitiful eternity. Continue reading Forever not mine

Body Language

Stare down and a blink, what is it you think? A stroke of the beard observing what is weird Laying in bed you turn your head what has been said? Tilt your face and form a verdict before ears have heard it Arms are crossed mad with exhaust, right at any cost Nervous and insecure … Continue reading Body Language


Noting changes.Nothing grows. Empty highs.Empty lows. I can’t feel the warm,And I can’t feel the cold. I worry I’ll upset you,If I can’t make a change.It’s not fair of me,To make you stay the same. Continue reading Mono

I Do Not Love You

I will sayI do not love youuntil my mouth forgets your taste I will writeI do not love youuntil my fingers forgethow your hands feel, wrapped in mineand my poems no longerreek of sadness and desperation I will believeI do not love youuntil it becomes impossibleor until I beginto love someone new Continue reading I Do Not Love You

Wake up

Eyes closedMind awakeHands trembleBody coldLips apartTongue tiedHair distraughtHeart delightFeet groundedArms twistedNightmare or dreamI can’t tellPleaseWake up Continue reading Wake up

Some kisses

Some kisses I savefor me, for you, for my mom’s cheek.some kisses i savefor the one, for the second, for us.some kisses i savefor rainy days and warm teasome kisses i savehidden, just so I can barely see them.some kisses I savein my pocket, for the next time.some kisses were stolenby herfrom far, far awayjust … Continue reading Some kisses


When i write i spill my bloodthrough my pen onto the paper.now, that i’m intoxicated by you,you’re in my bloodstreamand all of my poems are about you, babe. if getting rid of you,requires me to bleed out,then i shall die sober-without you messing me up. Continue reading Bloodstream

Once Maybe

once upon a timemaybe i was saneonce upon a timemaybe i wasn’t to blame once upon a timemaybe i could communicateonce upon a timemaybe i could think straight once upon a timemaybe i could seeonce upon a timemaybe it wasn’t just me Continue reading Once Maybe


Sometimes i scream inthe silence,hoping to be heard,but then i realise,that no one heard me,as i only screamed in my head.but i just love silence way too muchto contaminate itwith my pain. Continue reading SCREAMING

My Heart Is Gone

My heart is gone.it’s been bleedingslowly,tenderly,for years.every dayi could feel the blood escapeand run down my organs.it hurt at first,but as time went on,it felt like honeyand then you took it,Honey.so now,my heart is gone.and in absence of sweetness,there’s no bitterness,or sourness,or saltiness,in fact,there’s no taste at all;there’s just numbness.my heart is gone. Continue reading My Heart Is Gone

Beautiful Mystery

You’re a beautiful mystery clad in gorgeous enigma.You’re poetry that looks good in a skirt. You are a notebook, a yearbook, a sketchbook, a burn book,every facet of you written in swirling cursive,rhymes and famous signatures snaking between cinnamon hair and cleverness. You’re the first dream of the boy too scared of nightmares to sleep … Continue reading Beautiful Mystery


I dream of a world,Where love is in thousandfold.Where no man is scorned,But rather adorned. A world of simplicity,Rather than a world of toxicity.Find peace in respect,And good things to project. Continue reading Dream

My voice

I’ve been looking for my voice,For so long.I’ve wandered aimlessly,Not knowing that the only sound,That never drowned me,Has been the only sound,that I’m always surrounded by.My voice is silence. Continue reading My voice

I Wonder

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those I’ve loved.In secret or up front.What difference does it make tonight in this unsettling thunder? How many of them a mishap?How many of them a mindless blunder? How many of them have truly found what they were looking forIn someone else?How many have gone from blond to blonder? … Continue reading I Wonder


Look at your phoneLook at your bookLook at your blanketLook at your wardrobeLook at that bar codeLook at that matchstick They all have linesThey would not be created without linesLines can divideLines can uniteLines can organizeLines can cutLines can be rough-edgedLines can be smooth and refinedLines are signsLines tell you somethingLines containLines can be curvyAnd … Continue reading Lines

Mysterious One

you are averymysterious onedon’t know if I caneverfigure you outyou hold my thoughtswithin the palm of your handI melt like chocolatesweet. you are a verymysterious oneI’ve neverliked your type beforenot one to jumpinto anyone’s armsstill this is somethingyou’ve softened up my core. You say youcan seeinside my shellthat my sweetnesswas the very keyYou say I’ve … Continue reading Mysterious One


You’re mysterious.You’re mysterious in the way that makes me want to open you up like a book and read your pages from start to finish but I can’t because you are so high up on the shelf that I cannot reach you.You sit up on the shelf collecting dust trying to protect yourself from the … Continue reading Mysterious


Close your eyesSee the airTouch the groundTaste the rainSmell the sunThere’s a rainbowDo you hear itIs it thereDo you feelThe earth’s old rhythmDo you feelThe ancient glare Continue reading Artemis


I want to spread your legsacross my sheetslike waves across a beachand get you wet enoughfor me to dive on inuntil the depths of youI reach. Continue reading Depths


Somewhere the sun is settingIn your tired eyes Somewhere a cool breeze carriesSongs of changing times Somewhere you’re getting by,Flushed with words of wine, Somewhere a fool lamentsThat he never called you “mine” Continue reading Somewhere


I want to tell youWhat’s in my headThis entire other worldThe constant droning of voicesThe screaming and thrashing within But if I didIf I did… You’d never look at me the sameI’d be broken to youDamaged I know that I am…But I just…I can’t let you see me like that Continue reading Damaged

Our Nature

Our nature is not that of beauty,we are all monsters,inhabitants of cruelty. Give someone power over anotherand you will quickly see that our nature comes forthwhen set free. We are all monsters at heart,some are just better at hiding it. Don’t say you’re not bad,then you would be bad as well as a hypocrite Continue reading Our Nature

I draw my life

I am an artistI draw my life.I am a teacherI teach my steps.I am a doctorI treat my destiny.I am a lawyerI judge my actions.I am a builderI build my success.I am a translatorI translate my opinion.I am a photographerI take my memories.I am a writerI write my future.I am a chefI cook my mood.I … Continue reading I draw my life

Falling hard

Roll me upas a crisp packetand dispose where no one will see.Crush meto ice on a snowy bank,as soil on a no-dig bed.Thoughdon’t makeeye contact for Idon’t have eyes that can stay,they weren’t made for morethan casual harm, see –pain hurts less than love,your boot less than your lips.No fingers through hair,none laced between mine,justburn … Continue reading Falling hard


Horror isIt screams to someIt whispers to othersHave you ever felt her?Her fingers close around your heartDarkness is her companionHas he ever engulfed you in the night?Their child is fear and she wanders the hallsDo you hear her creeping on your floor?Death is their sonAnd he is often just around the door.These are not my … Continue reading Horror


Unseen microbes everywhereon our skin and in the air…microbes form a part of whowe are both me and you inside symbioticallymore than I as they are we…in the soil enriching alllike the trees which grow so tall microbes left upon the Moonback on Earth grew very soon…in Earth’s rocky crust belowunseen microbes still can grow … Continue reading Microbes

This Light

what lingers here, leaving onlyits reflection?once your memory fell throughthe mirrorand escaped from my hands  like a river,it is gold, forever now, because of it.here, something once so darkis asking me,where is all this light coming from? Continue reading This Light

The Truth

I don’t vocalizeI’m not a musician.I don’t embalmI’m not a mortician.I don’t make objectsdisappear in thin air,I’m not a magician.I don’t flip numbers,I’m not a mathematician.I don’t heal patients,I’m not a physician.I don’t tell funny jokesI’m not a comedian.I don’t do hair or makeup,I’m not a beautician.I can’t run for public officeI am not a … Continue reading The Truth

Living In The Horror

Living In The Horror Life we took for grantedThe Sun will rise tomorrowBut now the clouds of darkness hasThe world in the threshold of its sorrow Even the addicted, with so manyAttempts of suicide they tryAre clinging to life because theyReally don’t want to die It feels like we should all paint withThe lambs blood … Continue reading Living In The Horror

Twelve Midnight

In a room with people who sleeps peacefullyI find myself wide awakeAnd thinking of my mistakes.I couldn’t say that I regret themBut I wish I’ve known the outcome.Their weight is too heavyFor my heart to carryDay by day, it’s weighing me downAnd I feel myself being drowned. Continue reading Twelve Midnight


Break my bones;cut my throat.Pull me open,learn the ropes. Breath me in;taste the fear.Shank my skin;stand and cheer. Kick my head;let me bleed.Unbolt my veins;enjoy the read. Gouge my eyes;punch my face.Wrap me upin your embrace. Continue reading Gore


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