Longing #Erotica

She winces,Unused to the pleasuresOf my tongue;She quivers,Overwhelmed,But begging I’m not yet done. ©VishalDutia

Candlelight #Poetry

My blossoming beloved:How I envyThe shadows,Dancing by candlelight,Upon your glisteningEager and nervous form;Would that I mightCaress you so tenderly,And stroke you as steadily;And adore you as ardentlyAs no lover before. ©VishalDutia

Caress #Poetry

Her rose petal lips Are slightly aquiver, Her deep eyes dancing now As sunlight on the sea; My hands hold her hips, As her thighs somewhat shiver, And I recite my solemn vow To pleasure her with poetry. ©VishalDutia

Choking On Words #Poetry

I’m choking on wordsI’ll never sayWritten in penThey smear and fadeBut when the sunRises at dawnMaybe thenYou’ll hear my song. ©VishalDutia

Problems #Poetry

Sometimes problems don’t look for us. We create them ourselves. When everything is okay and not going so great we tend to find faults. We look within, panic and let our fears overtake us. I’m so good at creating problems where there are not. I just did and I messed everything up. ©VishalDutia

Fresh Start

Starting over fresh is like waking up to remnants of you and me scattered on my pillow case and feeling a sense of calmness knowing that it’ll all be okay. © VishalDutia

Love #Random #Poetry

We want to quantify it, Feel it, Touch it, Know it before we say it’s real. But love is all around us. Every single day we move about we get to experience different facets of love but we have become used to it so it’s normal to us. Love is simple. It’s complicated. It’s not…Continue reading »

An Affair with your Mind #Poetry

I want to have an affair with your mindThe secret places that fold into wetnessI want to gaze into your eyes Your quiet reserve calling me homeOn fire with desireUntil my combustion spills forth into ecstasy. © VishalDutia

Ending of each day #Erotica

A night spent within your arms, wrapped in your sweet embrace, sharing the softest kisses, laying together face to face Or having you dressed in my favourite outfit, your delicious curves dressed in soft Red lace, seeing passions rising, a hunger on your pretty face Hands entwined together our digits make a lovers knot, making…Continue reading »

Deeper Than Silence #Poetry

Speaking in silk tongueof lust boiling sementouching toesas I enterdripping on porcelainlaying waste to twilightdeeper than silencegiving rhythmto your butterfly wings. ©VishalDutia


All my nights are just sinking boatsDrowning deep into the river of regretsAnd me not realizingmyself being pulled down along with the boat. © VishalDutia

Goddess draped in lace #Erotica

A Goddess stands before me, Red lace draped across her skin, with the soul of an Angel but her eyes were filled with sin I watched her curvy body move, I wished she could be mine, not just inside a dream but in the real world and for all-time To feel her body next to…Continue reading »

Today #Poetry

You know I wasn’t always like this.. One day I was kind. One day I looked forward to the beauty and comings of the universe. One day I feel asleep in hopes of excitement on what’s to come tomorrow. One day I was kid. A kid who smiles colors of a warm sunshine. With the…Continue reading »

My hope #Poetry

My heart is the ocean. And it is deep. For it is storming. My waters are dense and ponderous. And for any intruders to set sail upon my waters they will sink. There’s no existence in my ocean. But you see my love , when my eyes glance upon your eyes. You do something to…Continue reading »

You give me meaning #Poetry

You know often times we forget to appreciate the value of things because they are consistently There. I appreciate my home for having a working A/C everyday and working electricity. I appreciate my bed for providing a safe warm comfortable place for me to sleep everyday . I appreciate mr. Door who happens to open…Continue reading »

Hey 3 A.M #Poetry

So here I am againThe sky drowned in darknessThe stars buried behind the cloudsThe little rain droplets endlessly kissing the groundThe air completely drunk with Petrichor With no eyes opened aroundMe sitting amidst all the deadlinesWith all the unanswered textsStill thinking of words to replyTo all the unanswered callsStill thinking of excuses to make And…Continue reading »


My body aches to be with youTo hold you and make love to youOur naked bodies tightly pressedMy chest upon your perky breast I am so ready and you are already wetAs we begin this hot duetDancing to the ebb and flowAll inhibitions we let goMaking love throughout the nightContinuing until daylightMany times we both…Continue reading »

I was fine #Poetry

I have been wondering lately,why my thoughts aren’t serene,why my mind lacks harmony,why my words are void of ecstasy. Then my inner peace whispered,It is not so soothing in here,with your heart’s broken piecespiercing me non stop.So, lets not pretend likewe are fine.May be I was not fine. © VishalDutia

To chase her dreams

Her soul is so drunk on dreamsbut, what you see her,a soulless soberis just an illusion projected fromher fear of rejections and failures. Just wait till this magical girlblows off all her fears.Once she drops the veilher drunken soul will run wildchasing her beautiful dreams. © VishalDutia

Broken, Again

Stranded in darknessby the hands of warmth Wounded heartsank so deep Colder and colderAlone and broken Foolish selfnever learned the lesson Hoping for loveascended from the hurt Walked into the gardenwhere colors mask agony Sweet little liesSwooned the vulnerable Fell for a rosesmiled so beautifully Anxiety rushed inheld it tight Stung by its thornscried for…Continue reading »


You may not beThe moon orA star orThe sunBeaming vision to the world. But to meYou areThe cute littleFireflyCasting hope in me. © VishalDutia


I want to paint …the saddest nighton a blank canvaswith the beautiful shadesof pain mixed with lonelinessadding a hint of unsaid wordsfinishing it by addinga little drop of blue !! © VishalDutia

The dawning of the Sun #Poetry

Soft kisses and caressing our bodies entwined as one, we share sweet tender moments as we await the dawning of the Sun Wrapped in each others arms, in such a tender loving embrace, looking deep into each others eyes, a smile upon each face Fingers blended together, it’s hard to tell which ones are mine,…Continue reading »

No Harm In Thinking Of Possibilities?

I hope not to offend your effect is more than a trend rise the body heat in a lustful wayoriented to action and less to say Because even the words on my mind are considered naughty lines about the anatomy you posses in and out of that flattering dress Hips divine and pleasure filled joy…Continue reading »


Love and Lust, they doth combineto bid a couple entwinein the fullest expressionof mutual possession,In the cause of Nature’s planof perpetuating Man,an act of procreationin guise of recreation. I see the two personifiedin painting artists have defined.Love, armed with the Cupid bow,cheeky winged babe head to toe,Lust a horned, bearded satyrserving wine of passion fire….Continue reading »

Memories #Poetry

Memories of loved onesAgain we cannot have Are friends so jealous. With open arms They’ll come calling And into them you’ll come falling. Around you they’ll wrap, In the warmth of their embrace You’ll even take a nap. Your mind they’ll distort With an illusion of perfect comfort. That’s how they always kidnap. In your…Continue reading »


Heaven and hell are a complete lie. Where you have done wrong, you must suffer the punishment there. © VishalDutia

Making Sweet Love #Poetry #Erotica

As we lay together cuddled in bedThe heat rises and thoughts run through my head As I start to kiss your soft and tender lipsMy hands wonder and rub on your hips As I kiss on your neck I feel your body tenseThen I feel your relaxation as you kick in another sense As I…Continue reading »

Sate my needs once more #Erotica

I have a ravenous need, it’s growing oh so very fast, I’m trying to control it but I’m not sure how long it’ll last My body’s aching for you, each heartbeat screams your name, I need to feel your body, this hunger feels like pain I’m desperate to taste you, I’m in desperate need to…Continue reading »

With You #Poetry

Through this time of pain and sorrowI’ll be there for you today and tomorrowOur lives together are like a songSo perfect, where things never go wrong.I want to be with you when you are sickHold you when you are weakKnow the words when you can’t speak.Truth be dared, heal your soul so honestly. ©VishalDutia

Lonely Nights #Poetry

Deep within the sleepless nightI lie silently staring into the darknessImagining your smiling face before meIt makes my heart skip a million beats The night starts to brighten with your lightI close my eyes swiftly with a smile on my faceImagining your caring touch so gentlyMy heart starts to race as I could feel your…Continue reading »


She brought him to light!When he only witnessed the dark… She gave him delight!When he felt lost in despair… She saved him unaware…Like a superhero aware! She landed her mark…Now look at them!All alone in their realm! ©VishalDutia


One that is beautiful willOnly drown you in sadnessBecause you do not know whereTheir loyalty lies. ©VishalDutia

Simplicity #Poetry

No need to understandNo requirementTo decipher meaningNo reasoningNo gravityNo levityWeightlessness in just the wordsIn how they soundNo requirement to searchFor Anything moreNo need for the profound ©VishalDutia

Forced Forward

I want to end it all and start it fresh elsewhere.I want to restart it and have another go.I want to repeat it and do better this time… With no restart button, that’s out of the question. I have to continue, because I can’t go back. ©VishalDutia

Love and Passion

Tonight as I Explore U,Inch by Inch.Making Love to U,starting with a Pinch.Holding U by the Waist,as I take U Whole.My Kisses shall flow,like a River to your Soul.Our Bodies shall warm up,with Love and Passion.Excelling in every Position,without any Fashion.Your moments in Bed,will be filled with Pleasure.U shall call Me Skilled,beyond all Measure. ©…Continue reading »

Wondrous dream

The tender fingers that melt deep into my soul, right into my conscience. The hands that heal, knowing exactly where my wounds are. The arms that embrace the worst of my scars. In those fingers of her, I see my fingers intertwined. Onto her hands, I see my hands holding on tight. With her arms,…Continue reading »

Am I, Have I, Do I

Have I really chosen what I love,Have I not simply fall in love with it? Do I really choose my feelings,Do they not simply come and go? Am I really the owner,the master of my heart,Am I not simply… … a soul, living with it? ©VishalDutia


Don’t leave me scattered here,You promised me you won’t.And I am aware people change. But I don’t want tobelieve it’s you this time.Why am I always the onegetting attached and being left out? I want to forget you. But I don’t regret it one bit.I bet you already did.Your promises were mere words only.And I…Continue reading »


DrowningIn the blacknessOf your eyesLike a newborn kittenHelplessIn dark waters.Much as I tryTo swimOr touch the groundBeneath my feetWhenever our eyes meetI go limpAnd disappearUnder the restlessSea. © VishalDutia


You can’t force a flowerto forsake its bloomcan’t keep it locked awayin Mother Nature’s womb.You must let it glowin the morning sunand marvel at its beautyLong after it’s gone. © VishalDutia


You’ve got a woundin your heart –tiny little cutbleeding and splashingonto the polished floor. I wonder who you’re dying forwhen you lived for none. © VishalDutia


Let us pursue this pleasure rideLet us climb the ocean’s tideAnd use this wild momentTo cruise along our chosen stride. Lustful waves feel the energy of our heatStepping inside a sinful world there for us to meetCarnal pleasures drive our heated stovePast the lust lakes from where we drove. Something sparks; something’s burningThe rollercoaster of…Continue reading »


The feeling of the weighted blanketnot leaving as you set it asidea silent morning alarmgradually fading after sunriseyou question what there is to look forward tothe tunnel’s other sidewhen you find yourself waking every dawnbeneath the dark, heavy sky. ©VishalDutia

Joys of going down

I’m so very hungry for your moist pussy, I need desperately to part your lips, slide my tongue to taste you, I’ll drink you in small sips I want to pray at the altar of my Goddess, I want to bow and pray, to pay homage to her tenderness, each and every day To water…Continue reading »

Sleeping Awake

We are the stars, lying on the floorWe are the moonlight, reflecting on our ownWe are the sky, but the blue is all goneWe are the light, but the darkness has always shoneWe are the smiles hidden behind the frownsWe are the people that have always outgrownWe are the cigarette buts that lay on the…Continue reading »

Lingerie #Erotica

There’s nothing more arousing than a curvy girl in lingerie, hopefully it’s soft Red lace but that’s just the way I play Laying over her sexy curves, showing just a hint of skin, sexy and seductive with delightful mysteries hid within Soft clinging Satin making her gorgeous nipples stand up tall, shinning in the candlelight,…Continue reading »

I dream a lot

I dream a lot. Those chills down my spine, Those butterflies in my stomach. Are these even real? Walking holding hands, Smiling lips, blushing cheeks. Aren’t these too surreal? I dream a lot, about thingsThat won’t ever happen. Maybe I dream a lot about us. © VishalDutia


Waiting has always been the longest journey, too mortifying to travel. © VishalDutia

Little to say

I have little to say, but so much to feel, a keeper of rusted heart but a guise of steel, battling with pawns of time, having no minute to heal. © VishalDutia

Her Kisses

Her kisses on your wrists were ice cold, just what was needed to quench your boiling veins, just enough to hush the groans burning your throat. © VishalDutia

Somewhere deep in you

Deep in your thoughts, You were chasing me. Deep in your heart, You chose me. Deep in your feelings,You embraced us. But little did you know I was falling for you. © VishalDutia


They stifled my screams in my own smile, wanting it to be sweet to look at. #society © VishalDutia

What Am I supposed To Do

You are a caterpillar in my cocoon. It is now up to me. Either I let you die or turn you into a beautiful butterfly. Hold on a second,What do you suppose I would do? ©VishalDutia

Just Life

She yelled.I just cried. She made us gin-tonic.We drank.We survived. It isn’t a poem.It is just life. © VishalDutia

Deep waters

𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑑𝑒𝑒𝑝 𝑤𝑎𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑠 𝑘𝑛𝑜𝑤 𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑚𝑦 𝑒𝑛𝑖𝑔𝑚𝑎𝑠 𝑎𝑠 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑦 ℎ𝑎𝑣𝑒 𝑠𝑜𝑙𝑎𝑐𝑒𝑑 𝑚𝑒, 𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑐𝑒𝑎𝑙𝑒𝑑 𝑚𝑒 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑔𝑢𝑙𝑝𝑒𝑑 𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑜𝑓 𝑚𝑦 𝑡𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑠. © VishalDutia

Maybe too perfect for me

Eyes like too full moonsFace of an angel and heart as pure as it can beYou are the perfect girlWhile I’m as imperfect as any other humanI am just another face in your eyesBut your so kind you make me feels special by juts looking at meYou’re too perfectMaybe too perfect for me. © VishalDutia


Ego is attachment to a wrong image of myself. My body , my name ,my family , my degree Everything that was mine . We called it’I ‘ ,and We forget the real ‘I’ . ©VishalDutia

It’s Fate That You’re Reading This

Fate is incurableFate is inevitable Fate is a tide’s push and pullFate is an empty moon’sAbility to be fullTo shed light on wounds Fate is as a dove fliesOn wings of a crowAs the maggot multipliesIn the flesh below Fate’s inside our rainFrom clouds and skyCreates inside our painThe questions why The same fate is…Continue reading »

Cycle of nightmares

Sometimes life is just a nightmare That you wish was over It is a cycle That keeps on starting Over and over again It’s like being trapped In a dungeon full of fears © VishalDutia


I want to rule this world With terror and with fear Everyone will bow for meKneel for me And kiss my feet And those who do not Will starve In a psychotic cellar I will have this power That no one is free And only live To serve me © VishalDutia


It’s September.My feet are cold, my heart too warm.My legs are aching, the curtains too tight.I should probably go to bed.Sleep, read, masturbate, drink tea,As long as i stop writing.It’s been eight pagesAbout the same old thought. ©VishalDutia

Smoke screen

A life lived in vainHear the falling rainSee the tattooed stainFeel the tormenting painHide from your fearsRunaway from cheersFeel the lingering leersLet flow the tearsYourself you do hateFeel the suffocating weightIs it too lateTo change your fateSadness, all too realLove/hate, we feelCan we ever healJesus, take the wheelHorrifying story to tellI lost and fellInto my…Continue reading »


To know someone Is to know their poetry. Your emotions saturate my screen. My empathy bursts at the seams. I read your words and feel your pain Sincere compassion is a strong quality; A rarity in today’s society. ©VishalDutia

Our first time #Erotica

I took you by the hand and lead you slowly to my bed, I layed you down then I place a soft pillow behind your head We cuddle close together, we started to chat and kiss, I looked into your eyes and asked, “do you still want to do this” You nod so I lift…Continue reading »

Wavelength #Erotica

Do you have dirty dreams, when once you’ve read my write, do you dream of me fucking you hard and fast, when it’s late at night I wonder what you’d make me do, if you were in control, would I rough or gentle, would I treat you like some cheap sex doll Would we take…Continue reading »

Nymphomaniac #Erotica

No need to rough me up, your going to get your way, I get it your feeling horny and you want to fuck today Slowly babe no need to rush, calm down and take your time, yes I’ll go down on you, I adore your pussy’s wine Why are you so frantic you seem to…Continue reading »

The Universal Wish

Time ticking by,Looking through the window,Seeking for an escape,Arms reach out,Until a noisy reminder,The chains hold,The body stuck,A prisoner inside,Outside a wishful life. The universal wish,For freedom. ©VishalDutia


I was thereWhen you need hands to hold onI was thereWhen the world turn its back to youI was there all the timeI witnessed how you break into pieces I healed your woundsEven though I’m not the one who caused itOnly for you to break me. ©VishalDutia

We know

A stealth approach triedMuch the leader hidesCover civilan eyesMake us all blindIntelligence overrides Truth leaks out in timeA very weak disguiseMuch trust compromised. ©VishalDutia

If Today

If today was your last day, Would you say everything, All the things you’ve bottled up? Would you deprive yourself, Of all the enjoyments of life? Would you tell your loved ones, Just how much they mean to you? Would you be content, With the life you’ve lived? It’s time to live, As if today,…Continue reading »


Tearing your heart open again and again just to feel something, anything other than … broken. ©VishalDutia

Write To Cry

I put my pen 🖊️to paper 📜 My finger to the keypad 🖥️⌨️ 📲 But the words just wouldn’t flow They stumbled at the last moment Self doubt got the better of me What am I really saying? Do I want to say anything at all? Or do I just want to cry? And let…Continue reading »

Almost Enough

Ever since you took love and walk away, back into night I’ve been chasing that high That overwhelming feeling Of burning from within I keep Lighting fires wherever I go Hoping to feel the warmth Im always left cold and alone But last night Drunk on the adrenaline A warm summer breeze And the embers…Continue reading »


I expose my inner desires Show my inner firesSpeak so passionately But nobody wants meI am more than flat wordsI am home with boardsI am a man desiring Someone to be admiring A heart and a heart that needs me. ©VishalDutia

A lustful dream

Passion fueled a fire deep inside of me. A feeling so irresistibly pleasurable, that suddenly made it hard for me to speak. The taste of desire. The look of lust as I awaited patiently Staring into your eyes.Captive in a lustful dream. ©VishalDutia

Wrapping Roses

O’ Lovely Wrap tight those beautifully teethed thorns around my throat Pulling the laceration deep so out may blossom this garden of roses seeded only for you ©VishalDutia

Zip it

A world of opinions Each compelled to share ‘I’m right, your wrong’ Adults on a merry-go-round Argue this, Argue that Back it up with Wikipedia facts If I wanted to know your stance By now I would have asked. ©VishalDutia

The Art Of Artistry

Thank you for your canvas, I’ll paint a portrait Using language; And perhaps that’ll enchant you, To embrace your native tongue. ©VishalDutia


I could wait for you forever in time But you would not see me. I could place my heart on the part of your journey But you will only walk past the bleeding of it… ©VishalDutia

Always With Us

Our happiness has gone away Emptiness in our heart’s all day And always carrying you In our heart’s every day and It’s like you never left us that sad day And it never seems to fad me Not even for a minute but Goodbye will never be forever. ©VishalDutia  

A Kiss Across The Water

I will miss your smile, But I have to sail away. Blow a kiss across the water, On this lonely day…… As the shoreline recedes I have memories of you, And I shall also blow a kiss Across an ocean sad and blue….. © VishalDutia

Owns my heart #Erotica

Even though I try to fight it, my heart beat calls out your name, I try my best to resist you but it is just a futile game You are running through my veins, you are the air I breath, a night spent without you in my dream, is a night I can’t conceive. When…Continue reading »

Maybe Tomorrow

I wanted to see the sunrise.Instead I laid in bed and watchedas my windows slowly let inmore and more light. Maybe tomorrow,I’ll watch the sunrise. Maybe tomorrow,I’ll crawl out my window. Maybe tomorrow,I’ll take pictures of the sunrise andit’ll be worth it.I’ll always want to see tomorroweven if I dread every second of today.I want…Continue reading »

Burn & Breathe

I’d set fire to the air you breatheso you can burn with everyinhaleandexhale ©VishalDutia


I don’t want to be alone,and don’t want to feel lonely I want to fly with somebody,to rise with somebody,to cry with somebodyto die with somebody, To be able to be,never alone, And when I fall,to have somebody to fall with me © VishalDutia


barely a meter awayi can hear themso why can’t they hear mei can see themso why can’t they see meit’s like i’m invisibleit’s like i’m mutein realityi’m just meand they are just themand we are closebut we’re a worldof friends away © VishalDutia

Fear of hope

Is it hopeThat we feelWhen we stare into the darkAnd hope something will stare back Or is it fearThat we feelWhen we hope for somethingIn nothing © VishalDutia

A screaming cry

I heard thatAnger is a secondary emotion.I want to screamAnd tell them to look at me.I want to beat them upSo they feel like I do.But I thinkI actually just want to cryAnd stop myself from hurting. © VishalDutia

Sin Taxes

A few hours of elationfollowed by weeks of self-deprecationHere I amin trouble again At least now the greens are gonesoon I’ll even be rid of the bottlebut letting go of our playful banteris punishment I don’t want to handle So go ahead and tax mefor pretending there ever was a “you and me” ©VishalDutia

A Pawn in Disguise

Can you capture,can you get away?he asked patientlyappearing harmless, helpfullike a sensei I sat in thoughtnervous about my next movetrying to focus on the box in play,just as he had taught meignorantly paying no mindto the soon-to-be-queenbrewing in a distant planeA pawn, but only in disguisestealthily eyeing its next **** I looked to him for…Continue reading »


Lay on top of medead weightuntil its safe ©VishalDutia

While I Have You

Let’s stay horizontalentwinedfeedingoff each other’s sweatand wholesome lies. ©VishalDutia

Passion Fruit

I’ll take you as issour, sweet, or in betweenno sugar added’cause you’ll always bemy favoriteSo pucker up babyshow me what you’ve gotunder all that thick skin ©VishalDutia

Full Circle

I gave you everything I hadand you didn’t think twicenaively, till the endwhen we becamestrangers again ©VishalDutia

Man in the Moon

I dream of the nightI can stare at the moonand not be reminded of you And until thenI hope the sunswaddles me tight ©VishalDutia


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