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Good advice #Poetry

There you are you’ve been lost for awhile. Sit tight because we all love your smile. Let it go if it only causes you pain. Relax, just hear the loving sound of the rain. Surrender, sometimes it’s best to give in. Just stop, eventually you will win. Sacrifice, sometimes we all go without. Forgive, be […]

The still #Poetry

The wind begins to slither, finding openings to my room,Something moves along the window, touches of impending doom,Growing larger, ever closer, above my lying form to loom,I wake up in the night,The darkness is alive now, my bright eyes stare into the veil,Catching motion, is it blowing? Or somehow rising up through Hell?The chiming ever […]

Rusty #Poetry

I never believed in anythingas much as I believed in you.I’ll never forget you. Yourheartbeat is still in my own.You taught me how to love.You taught me patience andhumility and to be kind whenit wasn’t deserved but needed.I need you more than ever tohelp find my way back alone. – VishalDutia

Dead and Gone #Poetry

A tear falls from her eyeThoughts racing in her mindPleading to the sky for mercyHer lovers now passed onHe taught her to be strongNow she only drinks her winewhen she is thirstyThis helps to ease her painFor the feelings that remainA broken heart is still worthy of a mending – VishalDutia

Delusion #Poetry

There is this deceptionThat I always tend to believeThe past is greatThe past is the golden age But as I wonder,What makes the present day?Isn’t lovely?Isn’t magnificent today? And now I reflect,And remember Your faithfulnessThe present accumulatesThe wonder of Your grace. – VishalDutia


Poetry is laughablyseriousIf it gets you. – VishalDutia

Hello #Poetry

When you hear a new voiceand it comes from inside youand you realize it was always – VishalDutia

Turning #Poetry

Once we are togetherTo understand the truthIn every side the book we readThe pages unfold forever. – VishalDutia

Dear Oxygen Mask #Poetry

Dear Maskinject the oxygenin such a flowvirus will be scaredto breathe in my holy bodyHe will leave like a Fart out of bumnever comes backjust start your magicI promise I will never come back.

Broken Heart #Poetry

So strangebefore i was meant to be your life partnerand now you flip the emotionsand I existed only in your poemslike some content to expermentwith metaphors and emotions. – VishalDutia

Bound forever #Poetry

My soul belongs to youAs does my loveLoving you is like taxidermized wedding dovesLoving you is like a never ending Titanic kissA permanent finale but it lasts foreverA good ending that makes up an entire bookWe are one and as I ever try to separateI meet you before I’m remindedWherever you go, I follow the […]

Random #Poetry

Life was such a beautiful dream then. I guess it still is really, quite a beautiful dream. VishalDutia

Random #Poetry

“Take time out of your day  allow art to touch you in some way” – VishalDutia

I Wanted #Poetry

I wanted to write books But the words wouldn’t come So I put down my pen to sleep I wanted to say something But whatever I said Had been said long before me I wanted life to be fun But I lost track of time As money became the key I wanted to find love […]

“The Scent of Bookmarks” #Poetry

Continuous ebbs and flows, Ongoing transits on the way home, Nights of burned candles shine, Gaining new insights all so fine. Rainy days and espresso on the nose. Afterglow outlines turned backs. Trudging through piles of books, Untangling webs of teachings- Laughing through triumph, Answering through ones and twos, Thundering through the syllabi, Information would […]

Random #Poetry

It’s a hard time to be human. We know too much and too little. Exaggerate your flaws until they turn into virtues. VishalDutia

The alternarive poem by vishal Dutia

The Alternative #Poetry

Counted on, but don’t come throughStuck in just one point of viewNever sure of what to doTo justify the meansMind is racing, spinning wheelsWe’ll never know the pain she feelsThe alternative, has less appealAnd doesn’t come with laughterOnly tears and big regretsNot knowing where to place his betsShe constantly wonders why she letHer loved ones […]

Olive trunk #Poetry

I would share your bed forever That even in clothes I’ll always feel naked with you VishalDutia

Senses #Poetry

As you enter me, never do I want this feeling to come undone Moaning with pleasure, moving in unison, we become one I long for your essence, together we both arrive a feeling of love which words cannot describe. – VishalDutia

Random #Poetry #Erotica

I read the in betweenA font of your choosingTo scour and gleanWhat I might be losing You shouted the meaningsIn a few blastsI wanted more teasingWould you make it last? You said I am greedyBut so are youAnd we both are needyFor the ******* too – VishalDutia

Twilight sky #Poetry

Emotions from beyond are slowly seeping in,spilling over my conscious,dripping on my skin.I want to taste it on your lips,I want to hear it when you breathe.I have scaled every beat you missed,I have heard your whispers and whims,still familiar with what are your needs in play.Your lips feel like ripples on my neck,divine interventions […]

Collide #Poetry

Closer to one another, we take a stride, our hearts & bodies about to collide. Leaning in taking in each others scent, delicately our lips meet, so present. Heat builds between us, we’re on fire, so much passion ignited, I feel your desire. Licking your neck as you moan with pleasure, now I know I […]

Her Hills and Her Valley #Poetry

I Kissed My way through, Her Hills and Her Valley. In search of a Treasure, that lay between Her Alley. She spread Her Legs, across the White Sheet. Welcoming Me inside, so Our Souls could Meet. Our bodies got locked, as We both Embraced. We were following a Trail, Our Passions had Traced. We had […]

Dream Girl That I Never Had #Poetry

My dream girl that I never hadI really wanted you so badThe lust I felt you’ll never knowOr of the lengths that I would goTo please you and to make you ***Until you are properly doneThere’s nothing that I wouldn’t doJust for the chance pleasure youNo one would try harder than meTo make you scream […]

Moonfall #Poetry

As you fall gracefulFrom the moonLike some kind ofGoddessAll I wantIs to worshipAnd love youTo kiss your curvesAnd body as weMake loveMy blessedMoonfallCome and kiss me – VishalDutia

Passion fruit #Poetry

I peel back your skinthen I press my tongueagainst the folds of your fleshjuices flow endlessly into my mouthyour flavors my soul savors as I skillfully finessemy tongue, fingers and teeth in the depths of your crevasseimmersed in your sweet nectar, the scent stains my breathewith a scent that is so unique, I can’t wait […]

A girl’s kiss #Poetry

A fading dreamof a waning youth a girl’s kissdeliciousas wine lay with herand forget about time. – VishalDutia

Kiss me #Poetry

Our eyes smiling at each otherAs we hold eachotherWe smile at eachHolding handsI rub my hand on your Buddha bellyAs if it were a magic lampWe finally kissNot just dominate and submissiveBut as alsoLoversI can see the same pain in your eyes thePain I dealt with all my lifeAs we make loveKiss me you say […]

A Walk around Her Park #Poetry

My Lips went for a Stroll,around Her Thighs.They stopped on hearing,Her Moans and Her Sighs.I then began worshipping,Her sacred Shrine.Coz the Night, was Youngand My Needle, was at Nine.I passionately kept tasting,Her Divine Flavour.Afterall…..She was My Dish,which I ought to Savour.“Take your time”…..She said,as I worshipped Her Thighs.“Coz there lies your Heaven,waiting to open up […]

Lascivious #Poetry

S e x u a l energy, invade me.Permeate through my skin.Sipping on sinAnd tasting all the placesWe’ve been. S e x u a l energy, encase me.Cover me in tongue.Lust filled lungsBreathe heavy til I comeUndone. S e x u a l energy, envelope me.Consume me in your grip.Sip on my lipsAnd seal me […]

Fade #Poetry

I can feel you fading awaySlowly, as if it’s all in my headSlipping through the cracksOf your cold and tired embrace You want to leave meI can feel the lack of warmthAttempting to let me down slowlyOnly to prolong the pain Just go if you want to goLeave me here to crumbleIt’s my time, it’s […]

I blame you #Poetry

I blame you.For the dreams that died.For the love that i will never have.For the smile that you took from me.I wanted to fly far away but youBurnt my wings keeping meIn the cold darkness.I blame you for killing me. – VishalDutia

Loop #Poetry

These thoughts are a haphazard tessellation of moments, sounds and scents – caught in a persistent loop… Such it is, that they herald no known beginning, and yield no foreseeable end. VishalDutia

You don’t care about me but that’s okay #Poetry

You are the light of my lifeMy morning sun and my evening moonI want to reach you and stay by your sideToo bad you’re just “not in the mood”Too bad “you have better things to do”Because the only thing I dois think of you I dreamof you thinking about me too – VishalDutia

When I Fell in Love with You #Poetry

When I look at you,I don’t see darknessI don’t see rainI don’t see pain When I speak to you,I don’t feel sadnessI don’t feel neglectYou always show respect When I think of you,It gives me strengthBecause you’re so brightMy brightest light When I dream of you,I find myself in your armsRight where I belongRight where […]

Insomnia insecurities #Poetry

I’m losing friends like i’m losing sleepapologies don’t work, and neither do sheepdon’t go, because i want you to staybut don’t lie to me, you’re leaving someday – VishalDutia

Love…. #Poetry

You keep me sane, Truly you do. Collectively you speak to me, And i am weak. Like a sedative I cave into relaxation, Knowing you are here brings me peace. Sleeping peacefully, Laughing, I just need to enjoy the life. Enjoy you. VishalDutia

This Magical Moment by vishal dutia

This Magical Madness #Poetry

You touched a part of my soulI’ll permit no other to ever go,And with a language so sweet and sacredYou rewrote the world’s inked hatred This bond that surprised all of creationTaught me to love without hesitation,Changed the chemistry of my brainAnd became the remedy for my pain How did this magical madness come to […]

A gentle detour #Poetry

Eventhe beads of your sweatwarpfrom the intense gravityof those dense but sensuous orbs,making a gentle detourlike a river,before flowing into the whorlof your beautifully chiseled navel – VishalDutia

Life #Thoughts

Being single is boringRelationship are stressfulTalking to people is annoyingAt this point I don’t know whatI want from life. – VishalDutia


I wanna stopwondering what ifs,I wanna knowwhat it is. – VishalDutia

Lines #Musings

She taught me how to share my crayons I taught her how to color outside of her lines. -VishalDutia

Alive poem by vishal dutia

Alive #Musings

Beautifully broken upon the battlefield of life I saw inside of her a love still so alive. VishalDutia

footprints is a poem written by vishal dutia

Footprints 👣

She left her footprints of love  Upon the empty beaches of my heart – VishalDutia

Love #Musings

I fell in love with her poetry Before I fell in love with the poet. – VishalDutia

Contemplating #Poetry

Back to the drawing board Nothing is working out Yet you want it so bad to You need something to break However all doors are shut It’s still only a matter of time It all starts with contemplating -VishalDutia

Not #Poem #Philosophical

There are two different worlds now. The one I see when I look at the screen and the one where birds sing. I feel as if the world would end sometimes and my mind forgets the meaning of living but the shadow is under my nose. Somehow forever is the place of technology. The glow […]

I would die (For You) #Poetry

I would die once Just to see you smile I would die twice Just to hear your laughter I would die many deaths just to sense your happiness I would die nine deaths Just to hold you in my arms I would die fifty deaths just to kiss your sweet lips I would die ninty […]

When the poetry dies #Poetry

I broke down and cried The day my pen stopped and died I broke down in ever present sadness The day my writing was trapped in madness I broke down in lost confusion The day my ideas were just an illusion I broke down in tormented pain The day my words were washed away by […]

Paper Hearts #Poem

Say nothing of how you feel, For hearts they tend to flee. Speak not the words of love, Nor show care for the. Paper hearts are fragile things, and of your fire they are afraid, lest they burn to the pile of ash, and on the wind be carried away.

Sexual Senses #Poetry

Upon his chestHer head did restWet lips on skinKisses beginIt felt so niceHe told her twiceHolding her tightHe thought he mightSqueezr her butt cheekIt made her squeakFingered her crackShe touched him backBoth wanting moreFell to the floorIn the pitch darkHe left his mark ©® VishalDutia

Damn This World #Poetry

It’s strange how your heart can break, not long after it had flown amnong the clouds. The way a slight change in behavior, tears at the very fibers of one’s soul. How you can feel so close one moment, then a distance so great.. thousands of miles pale in comparison. It’s funny how we ache […]

I Wanted #Poetry

I wanted to write books But the words wouldn’t come So I put down my pen to sleep I wanted to say something But whatever I said Had been said long before me I wanted life to be fun But I lost track of time As money became the key I wanted to find love […]

Money #Poetry

Money controls all evils.  Money is like a sweet nutella that every single person’s wants to have. Work for it, and enjoy.

Light Of Hope #Poetry

The horizon of hope beckons mightily upon me,and my life today of all days. If only time would,deliver me the light and success I crave to haveupon my life. Maybe that light of sucecess will helpfeel like I am finally on the winning side. © VishalDutia 2022

I wish #poetry

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I wish I could tell you,How much I love you,Not for your body though,But for your soul.I wish I could look deep in your eyesAnd tell you that you are the moon of my nightThe marrow of my life.I wish I could tell you what you mean to me,That every breath I take,I write only […]

Enlightened flames

You’re the fire that melts my entire heart A burning flame keeping me so safe and warm From that awful feeling of being broken apart You’ve ignited so deep within my heart life and soul Opened and etched my every single loving part To cover and comfort me through every fierce lightning or fire storm […]

Pessimistic #poetry

Feel like I’ve committed a thousand sinsFor elevating my ego, pride and selfish winWish I’d go back into my mom’s womb forever. I look around people, they’re cleverI’d rather be born as fragrant flowerWish I’d go back into my mom’s womb forever. I thought life was a joyful endeavorNo one committed to single loverWish I’d […]

You loved me forever More #poetry

Sometimes I thinkSometimes I don’tSometimes I let my mind floatA place where I see a smiling faceThe details are fuzzy but the message is sureThat you loved me forever more. © VishalDutia

I Imagine #Poetry

I imagine you in my everyday You are my all in every way I imagine you in my every night You make my world shine bright I imagine you in my heart It beats fast with your kick start I imagine you in my mind Together our thoughts forever entwined I imagine you all over […]

Alliteral Allure #Poetry

Admire the mire Mind the matter But dont wallow in worry. For perception is pain. Duplication is devious. Smiles are sinister. Bring on the beginning. Endure unto the end. Darkest are the days. Nightmarish as the nights. Ghouls of old gestalt. Rise to revenge. Time is taken. Lord of lies. ©VishalDutia

Night Drive #Poetry

Black is the night and the road is dead. Along this way I go, I get lost in my head. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’ll get there soon enough. Fog lit as it appears endless, I guess I’ll call it’s bluff. Signs heed there warning of what approaches me near, I’ll be […]


It pumps blood,It pumps feelings,It is an orchard full of love;But it doesn’t express.It feels pain,It feels love,It blooms emotions;But it buries this stuffs.It comprehends others,It understands other souls,It is ironical to brain;But it feels truth.In it’s every lub dub,Flows millions of emotions.Caged between lungs and ribs,But it is a free spirit.It sanks,It flies,It’s everything;It’s […]

Moon’s Lullaby #Poetry

Every dusk The Moon sings her lullaby Taming the evening To sleep night of walking stars. ©VishalDutia 2021

With Love, Forever You #Poetry

My name on your lips Love found in one skipped heartbeat Singing jasmine breeze Living memory In dark frozen autumn sky Eternity etched Deja vu wonder Journey of my forever Here, now, always you ~~~ You grip my mind Like a light that owns its fire Like the blue that defines the sky Your love […]

Its all over #Poetry

Heaven fell from the tired sky Angels found bars and delighted in warm whiskey dreams…  Dancing sugarcane symphony  I crossed the street and met myself in yesterday’s clothes… Empty box of cigarettes  looking so lonely on summer hot cement. A dirty page can tell a clean story  A clean page can say nothing at you… […]

Do we care #Poetry

For each other, do we even care Do we not give a damn and blindly stare Holy shit, the earth is a mess Our lack of humanity but I digress Do we have any more fucks to give Do we give up and die, instead of live Lifeless will be the day when all the […]

Heartbreak Realisation (1) #Poem

It takes so long to realise that,Your message doesn’t always have to be the first one,You can leave a call or chat earlier.And your messages don’t always have to be the last ones.

Fart is an art

Out of a fart he made Great ArtIt was no ordinary fart no!It was straight from the heart, thatFartIt had lain too long in the darkNow was it’s time to startTo make its bid for freedom… and for stardom. It flew like a dart that fart from theheartLike an arrow strung from CupidsbowLittle did it […]

Teacher’s day #poetry

On the occasion of teacher’s day,I wish to have a long stay. In those classes back, Which were packed with different track. I miss those classes old,Filled with people more valuable than gold.Wish to go back in that time,Where there was no any serious crime. Classes were full of fun,And some people made me stun.Now […]

Your Name

Your name hasn’t touched my lipsIn a whileI wonder if it will hurtMy tongueOr bring the butterfliesTo life.

The Mirror

When I look in the mirrorI’m not who I seeI no longer knowwho I used to beThis stranger stares backwith a cold empty looklike she can read meas if I were a bookEven when I turn awayI feel her hardened stareand the bottomless sadnessthat I can no longer bareThen I fall to the floorand the […]

The Time Keeper

Second by second, minute by minuteLike twenty first century robotsThe time keeper keeps periods of timeorganized in individual slots He dissects these periods methodicallyCreating mysterious time linesCause that’s his thing, his own thingJust to blow away our minds


Your love is algebraI can’t find the formulaIf I could find the right calculator,I could define your euphoria. Your love is geometryI can’t find the anglesIf I could prove your theories,It wouldn’t be a shambles. Your love is trigonometryI can’t figure it outIf I spent an entire notebook, perhapsI’d still have doubts. Your love is […]

What does love sound like?

Is it the words whisperedin secret corridorsi love you are they proclaimed boldlyfrom roof topsI LOVE YOU Or maybe lovesounds like laughtergiggles shared only between two what if love has no noiseits beauty is similar to a sunsetseen and feltbut never heard

What does love sound like?

Is it the words whisperedin secret corridorsi love you are they proclaimed boldlyfrom roof topsI LOVE YOU Or maybe lovesounds like laughtergiggles shared only between two what if love has no noiseits beauty is similar to a sunsetseen and feltbut never heard


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