Sexy Eyes

Sexy eyes, you give me a thrill.You’re a captivating woman,And I mostly adore you.Why do rivers run swiftly to the coast?They go there for you,Only you and your sweet, sexy eyes. I’ll follow you wherever you go.I can lighten your life.Don’t keep your love for me;I adore you and your sweet, sexy eyes. Why does my heart pound?It pulsates for you,My sweet, sexy eyes.I wish … Continue reading Sexy Eyes

After longtime

After a long time when we met, my anxious heart felt peaceflowers of my wihes stared smilinglike spring in garden when my waiting eyes met your sharp eyesdrinks started flowingi didn’t need some pouring my drinksi felt felt drunk without drinking night passed into morningcandles started flickeringmy life started shining in the bright light of timeliness joy and attractions everywherejoy in the heartsno matter how … Continue reading After longtime

The Believers

Don’t believe everythingyou hear.People are beingbrainwashedby the tellersof tales.History teaches us“if a lie is repeatedoften enough,people will believe it.”Let us haveears to hear,and eyes that see.May our ears  and eyesbe opento the truth.Not just the tellerswords,but provable facts.We must each make an honestsearchfor the truth.Don’tlet someone elsedo yourthinkingforyou.May we allwakeup. Continue reading The Believers