Depression Part 2

Depression is feeling anxious, sad, lonely and numb, but you don’t know whyDepression is feeling weak and tired at all timesDepression is feeling like you just want to sleep foreverDepression is consuming alcohol because it’s the only thing that numbs the painDepression is making plans but then cancelling them last minute because it feels overwhelming to socializeDepression is being distant to your friends and family … Continue reading Depression Part 2

Depression Part 1

Happy daysCome in wavesBut most days come with anxiety, sadness, fearDrinking, overthinking and tearsA struggle to get out of bedEveryday is a battle inside your headA cheerful laugh, a pearly smileCan only be forced for awhileIt’s a relief to take a showerTo cry in there for an hourUndead outside, dying insideContemplating suicideYou don’t really want to dieYou just want it to stop hurtingAnd death feels … Continue reading Depression Part 1

Have you seen me?

You might’ve seen me walking along the roadLong golden curls, headed for home Soft blue dress, with little orange flowersHopping in puddles from April’s rain showers Or you might’ve seen my face plastered all over townMissing child posters “NOT BEEN FOUND” Amber alerts, sirens blareNo one really knew me, but suddenly they all care Maybe I’m locked in a basement, or wrapped up in a … Continue reading Have you seen me?


Everybody is addicted to something & this body seems to love sadness darkness & pain – this mind unearths emotions that cause quite the commotion to encourage a reaction so intense just to distract from the silence. Maybe brains get addicted to emotions just like they do to other substances and that’s why this memory that makes me sick keeps plaguing my mind over and … Continue reading Addiction


It eats you away inside out It nibbles away at your pleasure it feasts away on your dreams It laughs at your issues It toys with your emotion It plays with your heart. Your hearts raises Your hand tremble Your stomach drops There is nothing you can do But pluck your hair out of your head Because the silent killer is here Waiting to take … Continue reading Stress