Karma #Poetry

She was the one who made me belive in happiness.

She was the one who was there two years ago, With me. 

And now, 

I think she dosent need me anymore. 

Well, yes. 

She comes back when shes crying, 

And Im the one who conforts her, 

But after this, 

She just runs away. 

But, what about me?

What if IM sad?

What if IM crying. 


I call this a game. 

Shes playing with me. 

And I let her. 

Cause I know Karma will take care of her.

Hanna says it: Sometimes you poke the bear. Other times, the bear pokes you.

Remember this, Karma will take care of you. Because Karma Balance’s Itself.


24 thoughts on “Karma #Poetry

    1. Thats how i feel about it. Like magic or witchcraft. In fact i have a strong hunch rich people invented karma to keep poor people from rebelling (like religion) but thats another story

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  2. Very relatable post. Though, karma works when you choose to walk away, now that you have identified the game. People who do not live running by their True Self are predictable…..karma is life and life is fair, the players however……an acquired seasoning. Another, great write. Full of truth, thanks

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  3. I believe in karma too, thanks for sharing and the ‘follow’ on my blog’. Look forward to seeing more of yours. Apologies for my tardiness, am still catching up on my reading! Peace and blessings! 🙂

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