Rapism (INDIA)

In our great country INDIA,
These types of animals are found in addition to animals in INDIA.
first they rape.
second who support rape.
third those who support rape victims on the basis of religion.
others just watch the show.


Growing Rape Culture In India

We live in INDIA where no means convince me and flirting is a green light for sex.
Where women are told, don’t get raped and men are rarely told, don’t rape.
Where slut shaming is encouraged and victims are blamed.
Where speaking out about rape is a call for attention and rape victims are silenced.
We live in INDIA where rape culture is normal and that is **unacceptable.

I know was supposed to be away from WordPress but can’t hold back by thoughts,
I Can’t Hold Myself Back After Kathua Rape Incident
I Am With #HangKathuaRapist

Please Support🙏

I Also Demand Death Penalty For Rapist, But Only After Cutting There Testicles Benchod..


Rape Doesn’t Hide #Poetry

Rape doesn’t always hide
At parties and outside clubs.
Rape doesn’t always hide
In dark alleys and empty parking lots.
Sometimes rape is right in front of you,
But you choose to look the other way.
Rape doesn’t always hide
Behind the faces of strangers in the night.
Sometimes rape is hiding behind the closed doors
Of your uncles,
And brothers.
Rape isn’t always loud-
Screaming, yelling, and crying.
Sometimes rape is quiet-
Gasping for air and silent tears.