You might’ve seen me walking along the road
Long golden curls, headed for home

Soft blue dress, with little orange flowers
Hopping in puddles from April’s rain showers

Or you might’ve seen my face plastered all over town
Missing child posters “NOT BEEN FOUND”

Amber alerts, sirens blare
No one really knew me, but suddenly they all care

Maybe I’m locked in a basement, or wrapped up in a sheet
But you came to your conclusion when you found a retainer full of teeth

Flowers growing in the cracks in the ground
No one heard my screams, because I didn’t make a sound

Where is she? Where is she? Is there any more? I’m just right above you, under this dirt floor

Have you seen me? Can you hear me? I’ve been scratching for days
He told me that he loved me, but I didn’t want to play

My dress is buried in the mud, as are my locks of hair
And if you look a little closer, you’ll find some child bones growing there

He tasted my pigtails every day, suckled all the sweetness
Told me they tasted just like cotton candy peaches

I tried to get away, I tried and tried but to no avail
He knew I was a liar, when I said I wasn’t a tattle tale

I dreamt of mommy’s kisses when she would tuck me in my bed
It’s always the big girl thing to do, instead of cry and beg

I saw little stars dancing around my head
As his grip squeezed tighter around my little neck

He buried me fairly softly, gave me a kiss goodnight
Wrapped me up in plastic bags and turned out all the lights

The earth is my pillow and my room is the sky
Don’t ask any questions because he won’t say why

Have you seen me? I think it was too late
You did not get to see me, until I met my fate.

TRIGGER WARNING: this was inspired by a very tragic kidnapping case that I saw on the news.