My finger tips pour into the indents of your ribcage as I hold you tight ear to chest,Your heartbeat pounding against my eardrum like the sea spilling from a conch.Lacing fingers plucking at your skin like a harp.We share the same air in this tight pocket of intimacy.Your lungs expand as mine contract, a silent exchange.You fill my chest with thorns it hurts to breathe, … Continue reading Intimate


Wanna have that bodyGotta get that bodyWanna work that bodyWanna get youConfused Gotta treat my bodyGonna be real naughtyWanna be that hottieI just wannaBe used I’ll be your dollUp in your houseYou be the catI’ll be your mouse Play meLike you own meLike I’m yours to break Hang meLike a trophyI’m your hottest mistake Own my like you mean itI’ll wear a collar if you … Continue reading Master

A Tale Of Spice

I’m the sugar you’re the spiceas the sun and the blue skies,we differ, but complimentout each other’s nourishment,a symbiosis perfect scoreone that’s kept safely in store,words come sweet and at times tangypiquant ginger truly tasty,sweet a muse that will definemy brains boiling out the brine,through that shocking pretty lookI can’t get off from your hook,I got entangled and ensnaredFeel of lost being impaired. Continue reading A Tale Of Spice

Sexy Eyes

Sexy eyes, you give me a thrill.You’re a captivating woman,And I mostly adore you.Why do rivers run swiftly to the coast?They go there for you,Only you and your sweet, sexy eyes. I’ll follow you wherever you go.I can lighten your life.Don’t keep your love for me;I adore you and your sweet, sexy eyes. Why does my heart pound?It pulsates for you,My sweet, sexy eyes.I wish … Continue reading Sexy Eyes

In The Abyss of A Stranger’s Arms #Poetry

In The Abyss of A Strangers Arms Shh…I have disabled my lover’s heart alarm You are such a handsome man A fetish for a wet bearded romance You paid for this pussy and the strip tease dance Mm… sit back, relax, and watch me take off my clothes Unsnapping my garter, down my leg it slides slow Gyrating curvaceous hips, a palm moving up a … Continue reading In The Abyss of A Stranger’s Arms #Poetry

Good Morning #Poetry

Good-morning eyes that are quenched by the sun,with breath that aligns to feel one. Good-morning motor like steps that shall dance,and dreams that I plan to romance. Good-morning clouds that do drift in the sky,with breath of inhale that holds sigh. Good-morning heartbeats that sing joyfully,and love that makes me feel so free. Good-morning day thats a gift inside light,    with candle in heart that burns … Continue reading Good Morning #Poetry

My Love Life Facts (When She Falls Asleep Without Me) #3

When she will fall asleep without me by her side and i miss her more than anyone else in the world… her thoughts have hijacked by heart and mind.. Then you know you’re in Love. Rather I Am An Insomanic, But I Stay Awake With Some Beautiful Thoughts Of Her.. I literally miss her every second.. What The Fuck!!! Continue reading My Love Life Facts (When She Falls Asleep Without Me) #3