Wonder Of Temporary Hope #Poetry

I wonder,
If a positive life,
Is really true,
If someone could really,
Have that view,
But still go through,
Terrible realizations,
Facts and opinions,
Negative situations,
And still understand,
Feel sympathy,
Even feel empathy,
While still being positive,
Not being attracted,
Towards the dark,
Or negative,
Not be affected,
Or being effected,
By life experiences.
To a person like this,
I cannot understand,
Nor feel hope,
From the very idea,
Or thought,
Of this lifestyle,
But I have a want or wonder if you are real,
And I feel the need,
To know you are,
That may give me a seed,
A temporary hope,
A nice mirage,
That will help temporarily cope,
With my existence,
For a little while.

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Wonder Of Temporary Hope #Poetry

  1. I love this poem. Beautifully written. It is easy to be positive some times, maybe most of the time but all the time is a challenge. You said it well. And if you do find this person, let me know. Nice piece

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