A Balloon

A balloonCan bring the fun out of usBut a balloonCan cause a fuss A balloonCan guide us into the nightBut a balloonCan also save someone’s life A balloonCan mean a lotBut a balloonCould mean much more A balloonCould be fun and have tricksBut a balloonCould say much more A balloonCould be a sign of hopeBut a balloonCould mean everything to just one person Continue reading A Balloon

When We Were Close Friends

We had an unselfish love when we were close friends.You were a good friend and a trusted companion,The only one I could depend on for sound advice was you.We felt strong concern for the wellbeing of each other. There was neither envy nor pretence between us.You had faith in me and I had confidence in you.We would protect each other from harmful situations.It is a … Continue reading When We Were Close Friends

Wonder Of Temporary Hope #Poetry

I wonder, If a positive life, Is really true, If someone could really, Have that view, But still go through, Terrible realizations, Facts and opinions, Negative situations, And still understand, Feel sympathy, Even feel empathy, While still being positive, Not being attracted, Towards the dark, Or negative, Not be affected, Or being effected, By life experiences. To a person like this, I cannot understand, Nor … Continue reading Wonder Of Temporary Hope #Poetry