Wonder Of Temporary Hope #Poetry

I wonder,
If a positive life,
Is really true,
If someone could really,
Have that view,
But still go through,
Terrible realizations,
Facts and opinions,
Negative situations,
And still understand,
Feel sympathy,
Even feel empathy,
While still being positive,
Not being attracted,
Towards the dark,
Or negative,
Not be affected,
Or being effected,
By life experiences.
To a person like this,
I cannot understand,
Nor feel hope,
From the very idea,
Or thought,
Of this lifestyle,
But I have a want or wonder if you are real,
And I feel the need,
To know you are,
That may give me a seed,
A temporary hope,
A nice mirage,
That will help temporarily cope,
With my existence,
For a little while.

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.


Can You #Poetry

Can you separate your art
from your politics

Can you separate the temporal
from the divine

Can you separate the excuses
from the reasons

Can you separate purpose
from those wasted times

Can you separate your vocation
and avocation

Can you separate curiosity
from true insight

Can you separate your duty
from convenience

Can you separate the darkness
—from the light

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

My heartbeat

Each beat feels like a muffled rumble,
Like it’s too hurt to beat all the way.
Between each beat is a pause,
That makes me think that my heart is going to stop,
But without fail,
The rumble starts again.

Quiet and slow,
Without any rhythm or flow,
It spreads like an echo.

© 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

Who Am I ?

When I Was Small My Mom Gave Me Toy
I Took It Apart To Figure Out How It Works.
Mom Kept On Bringing New Toys, I Kept On Taking Them Apart,
But That’s How I Played.

My Mind Sometime Doesn’t Care What’s Happening On The Other Side, I Just Do It.
Write Or Wrong I Don’t Know, Nor I Care. But When I Realize It. It Hurts, But I Just Can’t Control It. I Have Lost All My Relations Just Because They Think I Interfere. Really? I Don’t Have Any Motive To Interfere In Any Ones Life. I Just Addicted To Breach The Rules Of Security. I Just Do It For Fun. I Am Addicted To It. Go And Fuck With Your Lifes I Dont Care.

I Don’t Take Reality Of The World For Granted, Infact I Seek To Break Them And Rebuild.

I Don’t Need Money To Survive,
Nor It Makes Me Happy
I Don’t Even Like To Earn Money,
Just Bcoz My Dad Never Denies Me For It.
And That Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Work.

I Need To Find New Vulnerabilities In System, My Laptop And My Mobile Phones To Survive Everytime.

I Am Not At All A Sensible Person,
I Am Not Matured At All,
I Am Childish,
But I Am Really Damn Good On Finding Vulnerabilities.

People Like Me Are Very Small In Community,
But We Silently Posses The Skill To Strive The World.

I Still Remember The Feeling,
When I Got My First Rasberry Pie
It Was Awesome.

I Interfere In Everyone’s Life,
The Fuck I Don’t Care About
Going On In There Life
Just Because I Want To I Do It.
Again It’s Fun.

I Stay Away From People’s
I Stay Away From All Relationship’s
Yaa I Am Having Feeling, Emotions
But They All Get Lost When I Get Eager To Find Some New Vulnerability.

I Think A Lot,
I Hate Rape’s, Molestation n all these criminal activities.
Some Thoughts Haunt Me It’s Fine Nothing Is Wrong.
Infact These Drives Me Insane
I Sleep Rarely
I Write Poems
I Write Articles
I Involve In Social Activities
I Have Dozens Of Degrees, Which Are Useless For Me And Might Have More Just Because My Dad Wants It. Respect.
But Again I Believe Knowledge Is Wealth

What Am I?

What Am I?
Having Any Disorder(NPD) Might Be.

What Am I?
I Am A Human Being
I Change Faces And My Behaviour According To Situations And These Is The Fact, But I Never Have Any Wrong Intensions. Although My Base Behaviour, Character… Is Very Sweet And Adorable.
I Had Sex Multiple Times With Different Partners In Relationship.(Not different Genders, I Am Not a Male Lover)
My Relationships Never Last Long.
(It’s Truely And Genuinely Because Of My Mistakes.)
I Try To Keep Myself Away From Relations Now.
I Am Emotional, Sensitive.. But They Are Temporary..
My Dad Doesn’t Like What I Do, But He Loves Me Lot.
I Just Simply Love My Mom.
I Can Die Dor My Friends, Family And Whom I Really Love. Just I Need To Trust Them. Its A Bad Mindset I Face.
I Love Travelling And Exploring.
I Smoke
I Drink Twice A Year.

Who Am I?
I Know Who Am I Very Well.
And Really Don’t Need Anyone In These World To Come And Say Who And What I Am.
My Name Is Vishal Dutia.

Finally What I Do?
I Am An Hacker, Hacking Is Hacking There’s Nothing Ethical And Non Ethical In It.(The Reason Behind My Raltionship Destructions, But I Can’t Just Survive Without It.)
I Handle My Dad’s Business Too Some Extent. Respect.