Good Darkness #Poetry

In the darkness of the night,
I still remember your lips finding their way towards mine.
Your hands sliding down my back sending shivers down my spine.
One touch and I was frozen.
Can I be your chosen?
We could barely see what was in front of us,
but yet our bodies were gravitating together.
Skin on skin we were beating any kind of weather.
I’ll let you guide my body into the the darkness of the night.
Until we see the morning light.
I can still feel your warmth tingling against my skin.
Melting my body deep within.
The darkness has no fear.
I’ll let you hold my heart and steer.

10 thoughts on “Good Darkness #Poetry

  1. I enjoyed reading your words and will be back to read more of your poetry. You may be interested in a upcoming poetry challenge I’m organising with another blogger in our blogs. It starts in March.

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