Hungry Lips #Poetry

Feed me your mouth, so I can satisfy my desires with the taste of our destiny. I long for the rush, from our lips, when they touch. symbols of each other, signaling one another, our body language, speaking to, us. Lost in forever, the moment consumed, by passion © VishalDutia Continue reading Hungry Lips #Poetry

Between Your Legs (I Had Sex) #Poetry

I will find restoration held between your slender legs. It is all we’ve got, in this paradise lost, in this sweaty reclaim, to a feeling we’d forgot. Going down is not an art, but a way of keeping young. I went Down, I licked, I kissed She moaned, Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh and i could only here her siren of love Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh With Your Every Moan I am … Continue reading Between Your Legs (I Had Sex) #Poetry

Morning Romance. (Where To Start ?)

Oh yes, where to start….                              A Kiss behind the ear              trailing across the jaw                   a light sweep of lips across lips                        a catch of breath…                                moving down…. Fingers tracing every move….     soft wet kisses to the neck            ….are you feeling the groove?                   Slowly lips move from neck to chest                              as they lovingly adore               fingers lightly travel down                                            eager to explore…       Wet … Continue reading Morning Romance. (Where To Start ?)