With Love, Forever You #Poetry

My name on your lips

Love found in one skipped heartbeat

Singing jasmine breeze

Living memory

In dark frozen autumn sky

Eternity etched

Deja vu wonder

Journey of my forever

Here, now, always you


You grip my mind

Like a light that owns its fire

Like the blue that defines the sky

Your love fills my heart

Like a perfume too heavy for its flower

Like a sweetness that overflows its fruit

This is our story, the world plays a mere part

Our madness is divinity

Miracle, revelation, a new genesis

I will be your secret shrine

A forgotten portal

A visible distant time

Let boundaries melt like snow

Space will shrink

Densities unfold

You will be my first and last

A retreating future

Unending past

I will sleep then

Encircled by the stars

Shining brightest

A heartbroken singing scar


Cold darkness to inhale,

Emptiness that breathes freedom and endless going on,

A world crafted without design,

An accident

A by-product

An afterthought,

Of a poet forlorn

Of a madman seeking

Of a lover forgotten, who cannot forget

Dancing his way through the void of himself

Filling it indifferently with stars

And dreams

And sighs

And signs of a never ending story

Paused mid-beginning

And as he creates himself anew

In the image of love, which is all that’s left of his forever,

He forgets his boundaries, his outline blurs,

As he oversteps oblivion

An expanse opens up, where there was nothing to call ‘here’,

And he finds himself

At home, in an improbable world of levitating forms,

A world of a single possibility, hinging on a promise frozen

All he lives is a voice, breathing his name

A gushing fountain of sunshine on a cold, dewy morning,

He turns,

Reaches out,

To hold on to the image

Of those lips as they move to speak

Of those eyes as they sparkle with knowing

Of that joy that illuminates his heart,

But only sees himself

Trying to reach out

To that image

To that voice


And it is enough

It is everything

This way, she is forever his

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