Lonely But Not Alone

I attain I love I hate say goodbyes I enjoy myself others I despise I was born into this world on my own lonely but not alone As days march to nights and night times to days As months turn to years and years to decades I grow and live on my own lonely but not alone Continue reading Lonely But Not Alone

Reality is not real

The inspiration diesAll the time in the worldIs never enoughThe food loses its spice,the river floodsthe fire burnsthe dust settles,the smoke fills the airThunder glitters the sky,the land slides.A small child criesThe sun setsThe gloom steps inAn adult hides,the sourness staysThe prices risesmarket fallsdebts increases,Diseases spread aroundWorld is falling apart.Everyone is going backIt is true but not.Nothing really existsIllusions dive in. Continue reading Reality is not real