It Always Darker Before

It is always darker, before the breakthrough.It is always darker, before the healing take place.It is always darker , before the daylight take place.It is always darker, before you receive the present.It is always darker, before you see the miracle.It is always darker, before you finally receive the blessing.It is always darker, yes it is always darker before the light. Continue reading It Always Darker Before


Can’t **** it with bullets,Can’t **** it with liquor.Can’t **** it with drugs,It’ll just make you sicker. Can’t destroy it with silence,Can’t burn it with matches,Can’t cut out the legsAnd just hope it collapses. Can’t stop it with arrows,Can’t stop it with knives.Can’t stop its great furyAnd destruction of lives. Can’t erase it with pleasure,Can’t **** it with joy.Can’t disguise yourself from it,It’s on a … Continue reading MONSTER

This land

I love this landThat I have been born toWith its thick mud, green mossesWise treesRippling grasses I love this landThat I take my walks inWith its wild winds, frothing seasJourneying cloudsBirds gliding I love this landEnchanting to my eyesWith its bulbs eruptingPetals openingFronds advancingFlowers blossoming I love this landThat supports my familyWith its softest moonlightDazzling dawnsFrosty wintersHopeful spring I love this landWith its autumnal coloursIts … Continue reading This land

The Believers

Don’t believe everythingyou hear.People are beingbrainwashedby the tellersof tales.History teaches us“if a lie is repeatedoften enough,people will believe it.”Let us haveears to hear,and eyes that see.May our ears  and eyesbe opento the truth.Not just the tellerswords,but provable facts.We must each make an honestsearchfor the truth.Don’tlet someone elsedo yourthinkingforyou.May we allwakeup. Continue reading The Believers

Housewife #Poetry

Here is a little introduction to the lives of most housewives in India. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat. Soak, wash, repeat. Sweep, sweep, repeat. Wipe, wipe, repeat. Scrub, scrub, repeat. Dice, dice, repeat. Wipe, dry, repeat. The tears that are good. Pour, stir, repeat. Open the door. Serve the food. Greet, greet the guests. Smile, talk, repeat. Say bye-bye, repeat. Massage, press, repeat. Yelp … Continue reading Housewife #Poetry

I’m a Woman #Poetry

These Poem is originally wriiten by: Chiquita I’m a WomanNot your toyI was not born to do service to your boy.I’m a WomanBoth strong and sensitiveI’m not weak, that’s just your perspective.I’m a WomanNot a puppetDon’t try to rule my life with your trumpet.I’m a WomanI bring lifeWithout me your son won’t have a wife.I’m a WomanNot an objectDon’t try to use me or treat … Continue reading I’m a Woman #Poetry

Can You #Poetry

Can you separate your art from your politics Can you separate the temporal from the divine Can you separate the excuses from the reasons Can you separate purpose from those wasted times Can you separate your vocation and avocation Can you separate curiosity from true insight Can you separate your duty from convenience Can you separate the darkness —from the light ©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights … Continue reading Can You #Poetry

We all want to be liked on “Social Media” #Poetry

We all want to be liked To have people see The version of ourselves We choose to be And say, yeah That’s someone I admire I aspire to be like We all want someone To look back on The snapshots we’ve accrued Over years of holidays, Boozy nights, And picture perfect food And say, look Here’s someone who’s got things sussed We all want someone … Continue reading We all want to be liked on “Social Media” #Poetry

Blog, Blogger And Blogging #Article

An Overview of the Term Blog A blog (also called a weblog or web log) is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to a daily journal). Blogs typically include features such as comments and links to increase user interactivity. Blogs are created using specific publishing software. Variations of … Continue reading Blog, Blogger And Blogging #Article