I give you my trust That belongs to so few So old, it’s covered in rust It’s been years since it grew My trust has grown tough Having been broken too many times It’s calluses are rough Rougher than the skin of limes I am trusting you Please be careful with me Promise you’ll be true I break very easily I love you That’s a … Continue reading Trust

Old Lady

I noticed a lady sitting across from me today. See, she had a worn face from living hard, and tough hands from working harder. And her piercing eyes, they screamed five words: Don’t let me be forgotten. I Don’t Understand How Can A Son/Daughter Forget There Parents At Any Moment And Leave Them On Streets. Shameless!! If You Find Any Aged Person Who Needs Helps … Continue reading Old Lady

Trust Issues

Every time someone Tells me that they Know what it feels like It frustrates me It feels like No one gets it No one really listens. You’re not like me You have no idea what I’m going through. Those times Hours, minutes That you put in; All that effort and energy Wasted for nothing. It just seems useless Worthless Like there’s no point In telling … Continue reading Trust Issues