GIVERS, TAKERS & MATCHERS Takers try to gain as much as possible from their interactions while contributing as little as they can in return. Takers tend to be self-focused, evaluating what other people can offer them. “If I don’t look out for myself first,” takers think, “no one will.” Givers tend to provide support to others with no strings attached. They ask themselves, “How can … Continue reading GIVERS, TAKERS And MATCHERS

Random Thoughts

People waste there life in “judging others” and having an over confidence of “i am something” crying for the situations they created “for themselves” blaming and crying to someone “for there situations” whole life they just keep “on motivating themselves” confident about there future “but have achieved nothing, nor for themselves nor for the society” After all these failures they write and keep on saying … Continue reading Random Thoughts