Sensual deprivation #Erotica

Sensual deprivation #Erotica

Seated in a pitch black room, you’ve been tied down to a chair, though you can’t see anything, it feels like someone’s there

You strain your eyes to focus, but there’s nothing you can see, as for the someone there, I guess that would be me

I’m within a stretch of touching you, so close I feel your fear, I guess it must be nerve-wracking not knowing who is near

Your senses scream there’s someone close but you don’t hear a single sound, you don’t even hear the floor creak, as I start to move around

I reach out my hand to you, I gently brush your skin, I feel you jump with fright and hear a gasp, as the air goes rushing in

Now you calm yourself, it’s time to let your senses take control, I start to play with you.

I kiss your neck so softly, I tastes the cherry chopstick off your lips, I can do anything, I stroke down to your curvy hips

I kiss down to your breasts, I bite their flesh and on your nipples i start to suck, all this is foreplay, to our sensual pitch black fuck

I run down your curvey body, hunting for your wetness is is my aim, even though its pitch black, I find your pussy all the same

Fingers buried deep in side I start to finger fuck, now I want some pleasure for myself, its time for you to suck

I fumble trying in the dark to find your cherry flavoured lips, eventually I slide it in your mouth, you start with licks and sips

I fuck your mouth but soon I’m close, I better stop if I want more,
and together we tumble to the floor

Even in the darkness, we know exactly what to do, you know me off by heart, the way that I know you

Sensual deprivation really was quite kinky and I loved fucking in the dark, giving way to other senses, ignited a new and sexual spark.


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Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Writing for me isn’t easy
Unwriting, much harder
So I do
Until I get enough

With all blissful vibes
Symphony of grace
Overwhelm spirit
Grounding reality
And a magic of its own

Out of sight
Let me take you on a journey
Reconnecting all the senses
Returning back to sanity
And spontaneity
Apprehending the whole
And meet you in the another realm

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Senses #Poetry

Senses #Poetry

As you enter me, never do I want this feeling to come undone

Moaning with pleasure, moving in unison, we become one

I long for your essence, together we both arrive

a feeling of love which words cannot describe.

– VishalDutia

Haiku #11

Haiku #11

Hear, See, Smell, Taste, Feel

We Have All The Sense We Need

But Still We’re Not Healed

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Senses without Sensing #Poetry

Senses without Sensing #Poetry

The liberty of the eyes that couldn't see
The clarity of the ears that couldn't hear
And the mastery of the noisy lips that belonged to a mouth that couldn't speak.

Everything was worth nothing
And the nose, that could smell everything
Could never tell what it was smelling.