Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here

Believing becomes a fairy tale  
Every opinion is up for sale
Hiding memories of a broken home
I only see myself alone
Never knowing if I’ll be alright
Demons calling for me every night

Many sins are buried deep within
Years of sorrow settle in

Manipulating my reality  
Anything is better than what I see  
Severed many ties to good for me
Killed everything I tried to be

I no longer feel a thing
Sadness is the song I sing

Do not try to reach me anymore
Empty eyes forever more
Apathy becomes my new best friend  
Trust is just a means to an end
Heed the words, don’t let me in.


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It is the kind of
sadness that lingers, the kind
that stays when you don’t.


Ocean Eyes

Ocean Eyes

Eyes are like two ocean blue
Crashing like the waves, crying a few
Tears of happiness
Tears of joy
Tears a of sadness
Every emotion different at a certain time or place
No two ocean waves are the same…
Questions for society

Questions for society

Sadness follows me everywhere I go
As my heart is broken by everyone I know
This is how villains are born
Surrounded everywhere, by thorns
Surely theres more to be shown
Surely life isnt meant to be spent alone
The pain inside grows
Yet I must not let it taint the snow
Im a survivor
Im an adaptor
My clothes may be worn
my mind maybe torn
Though in my heart brews a storm
Still I will resist this scorn
I will stand for my dignity
And defy this life which is but absurdity
Because in the time of adversity
No questions will answered by this society


Untitled #Poetry

Untitled #Poetry

Overflowing emotion
Overwhelming sadness
Numbed overreactions
Hysterical reflections
Silent screams
Sea of tears
Motionless Waves.


Living as an Act

What do you do,

when your entire life

has been an act?

A terrible mask,

glued to your face,

suffocating you

The mask shows a smile,

while underneath,

You crumble

But that’s okay,

I guess,

as long as you’re happy,

everything is fine, right?

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.


is addicted to something
& this body
seems to love
& pain –
this mind
unearths emotions
that cause
quite the commotion
to encourage a reaction
so intense
just to distract
from the silence.

Maybe brains get addicted to emotions just like they do to other substances and that’s why this memory that makes me sick keeps plaguing my mind over and over and over

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.


Sadness. #Poetry


Ive experienced and borne so much sadness in my life

That now tears have become my friends

Now i dont even need to tell them anything

Whenever there arises an opportunity

They just come out on their own and meet me