Haiku #08

Haiku #08

When you are bitter
You just write in your jotter
You will feel better

Just try it one day
Just write what you want to say
Pain will fly away

The Men’s Room

The Men’s Room

Don’t smile

Don’t frown

Don’t turn around

Don’t make eye contact

Don’t wink

Don’t blink

Don’t even think About where you are at

Don’t say hey

Don’t wave

Don’t small talk make Stare straight at the wall

Don’t clear your throat

Call someone bro

Or make a joke Of

okay now please cough

You’re a man

Wash your hands Though that’s not in the plan

Dry them on your pants

Walk to the door As you ignore All else but the floor

Don’t even think of looking back



Write your heart
Swallow sorrow
Let your blood
Bring tomorrow
Drink my ink
Forget your ought
Leave no if
Keep in thought
Fly away
Drive your spine
Try your best
With all might.
Poetry oww poetry

Poetry oww poetry

Poetry oww poetry;
My voice,my vent.
Poetry oww poetry;
That talk,that breath.
Poetry oww poetry, how you make them bend.
Poetry oww poetry,
It shall be you till the end.



Did she really mean that?
What was that snarky smirk?
What the **** does that mean?
I can’t believe he just said that!
Does that mean that…

Here’s a chill pill
Don’t think the worse
Get over your brain strain
Move on to restrain
Here’s a new refrain

Surprise: more than you
No one aspires to conspire
Antagonists might be protagonists
Think better of everyone
Beatles: “All you need is…”

My heart is just a river #Poetry

My heart is just a river #Poetry

Rippling with emotions
Racing with a quiver
To wild destinations
My heart is just a river..

Heartbeat is rhythmic
The waves rise and fall
Heartburn is chaotic
The river takes it all..

The heartbroken cries
On losing a loved one
Beneath the river lies
Things lost and gone

A heart full of love
Life depends on the liver
Skies rain from above
My heart is just a river..

Ryhming Handicap #Poetry

Ryhming Handicap #Poetry

Poems that rhyme and
are strategically timed
frustrate the hell out of me

I long for the wit
that would make me emit
on the page, writing clever and free

With words that make sense
when I try to commence
to describe the sky or sea

I hope to be blessed
with the poetical zest
to make my rhyming agree

Or the lyrical grace
to help me encase
the symptoms of human ennui

But I know in my heart
though I be smart,
that rhyming just isn’t for me

For* this* poem couldn’t be made
without the helpful aid
of a rhyming dictionary


The Tears. #Poetry

The sadness,
The fears,
The upset,
The Tears.

The feelings start,
The darkness nears,
The loneliness approaches,
Here come The Tears.

I feel alone,
Nothing is clear,
On my own,
Stuck with The Tears.

The Tears of pain,
The Tears of shame,
The Tears of guilt,
The Tears of blame.

It’s just me, me and The Tears.


All Around #Poetry


I was standing on the ground which was round,
I heard some friction-less sound,
A round bottom flask covered my head like a crown,
That was tension which bent me down,
Everywhere I just found,
The matters not covering the soul’s wound,
Round and round in a mulberry bush town,
Thought then I shouldn’t frown,
Had the vicious mind while traveling through the town,
Much below the great pronouns!
Once I was standing on the round ground,
But now I think I should forget just about the pounds,
And make my brain feel safe and solely found,
Give my heart an overwhelming chocolate mound,
And leave that Falstaff again safe and profound.