Streetology #Poetry

Say it once say it again
It is the worth, status and dignity of a speaker
that lends authority and validity to their views
and opinion

Flood?…..what flood

Doubts…..what doubts

Confusion……what confusion

It is not the quantity but the quality of knowledge
which determines the mind’s dignity.

A fool thinks himself to be wise,
but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Where is the wisdom in the public display of

stupidity, ignorance and wit-less-ness
who drinks in the offerings
of those lacking in wit or dignity?



Every one is trying it DIFFERENT WAYS.
Even they don’t know WHY?
No part of body is UNREASONABLE.
If you believe in GEOMETRY,
I couldn’t want to change the NATURE’S GEOMETRY.
I will take complete ADVANTAGE of it.
You are CUTTING your hair because it don’t HURT .
IF you are sensible enough by INSIDE.
The APPEARANCE doesn’t matters.


Never Forever #Poetry

If forever is never
And I never stopped loving you
Then I love you forever.



Ever as good as we imagined it?
Better than we imagined it?
I’ve got words to eat
emotions to neglect,
I’ll wash it all down with a glass of pride,
And swallow my complex.
Nothing to follow, no direction.
The only thing I’ve got for sure is my perception.
I know
The inevitability of tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy rains.
I know
Even old wise trees can set themselves aflame.
A part of me will always believe
in the beauty to grieve.
Tragedy is art.
Disaster helps heal.
A destroyed heart lets you know,
that feeling is real.
How can we expect to bleed,
if we never get cut?
How can we be whole,
if we never know love?
What a wonder it is
To watch a wound so deep,
mend itself into a fresh piece of flesh.
Everything is as we imagine,
That’s the magic.

©2019. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.


Scorpio Love #Poetry

Are you willing to take that chance?
To give into my seductive tone?
Let me touch your body with soft slow strokes.
Submitting yourself for an experience that could be your deepest intimate moment.
So let’s go as far as much time you permit while my poison runs thur your bones.
Let’s be discretely devoted while my voice gives you the chills.
A *** *** willing to please his queen behind close doors.

©VishalDutia. 2019. All Rights Reserved.


Dig Deep #Poetry

Never give up
Always dig deep
You never know
What dreams
Are right under your feet
Waiting for you
To make them compete
Never giving up
Always digging deep
Trying to get the dreams
Right under your feet

©2018. VishalDutia
You’re Beautiful #Poetry

You’re Beautiful #Poetry

You are beautiful
You are tremendously beautiful
You are marvelously beautiful
You are astonishingly beautiful
You are magnificently beautiful
You are breathtakingly beautiful
Inner and outer

You are beautiful
You are the definition of Beauty
Or shall I say, what is Beauty compared to you
What is Beauty compared to you ?
It feels shy and ashamed when I describe you
A weak meaning it has when I describe you
A meaningless meaning it has when I describe you
Never existed it wishes when I describe you

You are beautiful
For your beauty I searched
Every language ever lived
And every word ever existed
And the romantic era that occurred
Could not find a way to describe your beauty
Could not find a way to tell the world about your beauty

You are beautiful
Vocabulary will be invented
Words never existed
To the dictionaries will be added
In the dictionaries will live
In the lovers tongues will breath
To describe your beauty
The one and the only beauty
The living and the dead will forget about Cleopatra
Because your beauty is ultra
A new period will start, The Beauty Era
Your era.

Inspired By Jayshree Solanki

©®2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.


Six Is A Number #Poetry

The first one’s a treat,
i speak what i mean,
two gives me laughter,
i know what im after,
three gives me love,
im pure as a dove,
four is my edge,
it shows me a ledge.
five gives me trouble,
my edges are rough.
six is a number,
not nearly enough.

©®2018. All Rights Reserved.


Hey You #Poetry

Hey you,
I think I knew you
When you were a child
Running free and wild

It it true,
What I say about you
That part I sort of miss
All the years of innocence

Hey you,
At break neck speed you moved
From point A to point B
Leaving behind flakes of memory

Is it true,
That half the things if you knew
Only a few you’d want to change
Most you’d want to keep the same

Hey you,
I know what you’re going through
Because I have been there too
After all I am you.

©2018. ®VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.


Secrets #Poetry

I can see all of your truths imprinted on your skin
And I’m going to feel them with my fingers,
taste them with my lips
I’m going to see every little detail
And you won’t know a thing,
Communication through words was never for us,
But I found a way.
Your secrets were always your power.
But this, this is a secret between your silence and I,
You won’t know a thing.

2018. ©VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

How I Love You #Poetry

How I Love You #Poetry

Like wild girls dance
Like eyes love beauty
Like buttered buns fit a bikini
Like a kissed mouth hungers for wet Lips
Like moths love a flame
and Like panties hug butts

Like howling orgasms pulse hearts
Like vampires love blood and castles
Like dark grapes ferment in bubbling cauldrons
Like a boner loves a cunt
and Music gets you dancing

Like suns fall through cobalt night all smashing diamonds

How I Love You

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Generosity #Poetry

The woe’s of a poor man are counted only by him.
His deep empty pockets are a constant reminder of his plight.
He has never had a well to draw from
Who will help him in his time of need?
Remember when you also were in tatters, you held out your hand and received your portion.
Consider the needs of others, above your own then you will discover your own generosity.

©VishalDutia. 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Lift Your Rose #Poetry

Lift the rose
of your passion
into the night sky!
Within you,
her heat,
and fragrance grows.
Above you,
Heaven awaits!
Eternity is an endless
garden of such desire.
See the lights
and wonder!

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Karma is a bitch but again so are you #Poetry


Isn’t it madness
Forgot tomorrow
Love should be honest
Love is a promise
Not meant to be used
Not meant to hurt another

Seeing in your eyes
Just a week ago
Love is what I saw

Where do you go
To hide in your shame
knowing it’s karma
coming to eat your soul

Better am , l
sitting here
hurt and angry

Then next to you
with a lie upon my heart

If karma is all I got
you better pray
cause you will be the
one hurting
and my pain
will you feel
Karma is a bitch
but again so are

©Vishal Dutia. 2018

Unstoppable #Poetry

They kicked her
To the ground, and
Buried her
Along with her
Dreams and aspirations
Just like seeds
From beneath the soil,
She grew once again
Proved to the world
That she is

@2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Can You #Poetry

Can you separate your art
from your politics

Can you separate the temporal
from the divine

Can you separate the excuses
from the reasons

Can you separate purpose
from those wasted times

Can you separate your vocation
and avocation

Can you separate curiosity
from true insight

Can you separate your duty
from convenience

Can you separate the darkness
—from the light

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.