When the poetry dies #Poetry

When the poetry dies #Poetry

I broke down and cried
The day my pen stopped and died
I broke down in ever present sadness
The day my writing was trapped in madness
I broke down in lost confusion
The day my ideas were just an illusion
I broke down in tormented pain
The day my words were washed away by rain
I broke down in flowing tears
The day my thoughts were consumed by fears
I broke down in a confused insanity
The day my mind escaped its sanity
I broke down and wanted to be dead
The day my poetic soul was empty in my head
I broke down, screamed and cried
The day my poetry left me and died




He is a quiet man,
but sure can move on dance floor.

He’s a simple man,
but is filled with grand wisdom.

He be a shy man,
so don’t ask him to sing to a crowd.

He’s a big talker not,
but his actions speak louder than words.

She is a quiet woman,
who appreciates simple things in life.

She’s a simple woman,
brought up the old fashioned way.

She be ashy woman,
preferring to stay at home rather than party.

She’s not big talker,
but when she speaks people listen.

He is a quiet man,
but ***** in bed.

He’s a simple man,
who loves nature walks.

He be a shy man,
so plan no surprise party.

He’s no big talker,
but sure can write a grand ditty.

HE believes in fairytales of love
SHE believes fairy tales of love
THEY are living happily ever after.

Inspired by Peter Lim. I value our connection

No reset #Poetry

No reset #Poetry

Secrets have a way of making themselves felt, even before you know there’s a secret.

You mind your steps
after you’ve stumbled.
You miss your home
after you’ve left it.
You value your health
after you’ve been sick.

But you can’t enjoy life
after you died

Circles #Poetry

Circles #Poetry

I keep on seeing circles
Unbreakble circles
Spinning and spinning

Filled with my future
Going around and around
Unbreakable circles

Waiting for nature to break them
Waiting a little to long
There will be a time where i will break
The unbreakable
This poem is based on the mundane everyday


Two Sides Of a Coin #Poetry

I hear voices in the wind
But they do not whisper
Their tone is audible and firm
They say **** yourself it isn’t worth it
As well as ride it out and learn
Someday perhaps the trees won’t rustle
and peace may come in song
Reality will show its face
The truth I believed in all along

©VishalDutia. 2019. All Rights Reserved


My Mask

I put it on, everyday.
I tried not to make mistakes.
Even though it’s full of cracks,
I still sit up and put on my act.
And though no one ever wants to ask,
I still get up.
And put on My Mask.

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.