Karma Mythology

Karma Mythology

The Law of Karma is very deep
As we sow, so shall we reap
The bad we do will make us weep
And the good that we do, we get to keep

It’s a Law of Action, a Law of Reaction
It’s a Law that says, we get what we give
A Law that ensures what goes around comes around
A Law that’s for everyone on this ground

The Law of Karma is born from our Dharma
Karma is a Law, A Universal Law
A Law that watches all our actions
And a Law that ensures the same reaction

If we plant tomatoes, we won’t get mangoes
If we plant cactus, we won’t get a rose
So also if we do good, our reward will be good
And if we do bad – what returns is just as bad

What is this Law of Cause and Effect?
A Law that ensures the balance is perfect
A Law that records everything we do
Good or bad, it must come back to you

But how does this Law work, we don’t know
It belongs to the One who created this show
It controls how on Earth we come and go
Does it end at death? The answer is NO!

Our Body may die, but our Karma stands by
We CAN escape our Karma – that is a lie!
Our Mind will be reborn to live and to die
And we will continue to suffer and cry

Death is not the end; it’s just a bend
Whatever we have done has to be undone
If our actions are rewarded as we live – that’s great
Otherwise, the residue will decide our next fate

Is our body responsible for how we act?
No, it’s our mind that’s in charge, in fact
Thus, the Law of Karma is that of the Mind
It’s the ego and mind that suffers we find.

It carries the good and the bad that we do
The score doesn’t settle at death when we go
Life after life, the score goes on
The Karmic score decides how we are reborn

So should we suffer again and again?
When will we finally escape this pain?
We can if only we Realize the Truth
We must get to the bottom; we must get to the root

What is our purpose of life on Earth?
Are we just born to die and take birth?
Where did we come from? Where do we go?
The Law will go on till the Truth we know

Are we the Body? Are we the Mind?
Are we the Ego? The Truth we must find
The ignorance that’s around us, we must rewind
We are Energy of a different kind

The Law of Karma makes this world go round
It’s a Law that makes sure all’s well on the ground
The Law is for all who come and go
Except for those who understand this show

Those who realize we are not the body or the mind
Those who are able – the Truth to find
They are the fortunate few who escape from action
For them, there is no Karma, no Law of Reaction

When bad things happen to the good, don’t blink
It’s the Law of Karma in action, just think
If you plant a seed, you will face the deed
For what you do will come back to you

If you want to master the Law of Karma
You must realize that the world is a Drama
You must know you are not the body and the mind
Then True Joy, Bliss and Peace you will find

Alarm #Poetry

Alarm #Poetry

I set my alarm for happy.
Hope I don’t oversleep.

I set my alarm for dreams
hope the ring tone makes me dance.

I set my alarm for love
hope it wakes up heart.

I set my alarm for harmony
can’t wait to hear it.

I set my alarm for smiles
hope its infiltrates waking moments.

I set my alarm to peace
as I attune to music of heart

Alarm to call angels
for their unconditional hugs.

I set my alarm
to be walking lighthouse of love.

Alarm to shine
as divine being of song.

I set alarm of senses
so I may be authentic self.

Alarm to be
shining lighthouse of color
anointing all.

I set my alarm
to merge with all I see

Alarm so human vessel
can awake to let freedom ring.

Hollow #Poetry

Hollow #Poetry

You fell empty?
Feel its time to dwell?
Dont ever ponder…
hope for the wishing well.
Take charge of your spirit.
Take charge of your soul.
Take charge of your life….
just fill that hole.
It’s not as bad as you think
Even at the brink
You feel empty?
Pull the plug out the sink.

Windows #Poetry

Windows #Poetry

Same songs,
Different tunes.
Same nights,
Different moons.
Same stories,
Different endings.
Same mornings,
Different beginninng’s.

Word Power #Poetry

Word Power #Poetry

Writing is liberating.
Each word part of my heartbeat.

It makes time stops.
And then, one must regroup
to get back to life’s reality.

Scribing puts writer into a vortex
that carries one
into new visions, divinely.
It’s window that when read
can provide views of understanding.

Writing is a companion
who allows you to
speak freely anytime.
It’s a voice buried in words
that gets ignited as one connects.

Scribing are words that hug
in middle of night,
when one can’t sleep.
It’s fuel that drives thoughts
with no red lights.

Writing is therapy where
one finds no need to hire a therapist.
It’s sentences that are like a telegram line
which is electrified by readers eyes.

Scribers are members of sacred club where
membership is free and lasts a lifetime.
It’s a penman’s purpose,
that comes at any age.

Writing is thought or emotion
that rockets onto page
with destination… Ones heart.

And poetry sweet poetry
are words that move like blood cells.
Please cut me and watch me bleed.

Senses without Sensing #Poetry

Senses without Sensing #Poetry

The liberty of the eyes that couldn't see
The clarity of the ears that couldn't hear
And the mastery of the noisy lips that belonged to a mouth that couldn't speak.

Everything was worth nothing
And the nose, that could smell everything
Could never tell what it was smelling.
She was like Music #Poetry

She was like Music #Poetry

She was like music,
and I longed to dance.

Her heart was the beat,
and I begged for the chance.

Her words were the vocals,
and I was put in a trance.

Her smile was the melody,
and I fell in love at first glance.

Fight the Future of the Past #Poetry

Fight the Future of the Past #Poetry

Dear myself

keep the past where it belongs
for sometimes it will come up to you in the present
and try to be in your future

but it belongs in the foregone
those times and memories
are gone, dead, finished, no more

fight for your future!
the one where you end up happy
defy that future where the past wins

as all that is gone is gunning for the future
the tomorrow where you end up with the dead
that past that is gone, dead, finished, no more

fight the future of the past!

Do you feel it ? #Poetry

Do you feel it ? #Poetry

Do you feel it ?
The place I only reside is in your
When would you take control
of your heart ?
I am waiting there
only for you..
you ever take care?
Look inside..
Ask yourself..
How much I love you..
Will you, please ?
It’s been so long..
Don’t want to die
in your heart…
Want to brighten the sun
Just for you to shine
Do you feel it ?

Journey is beautiful #Poetry

Journey is beautiful #Poetry

Hold on
Let’s walk Together,
For how Far it takes.
Don’t worry
What if
In Between
We find the Lost pieces of Ourselves.?
Journey is beautiful,
Destination currently do not matter.

Faction Of Inaction

Faction Of Inaction

Voice your opinion
so that it can be deferred
with forgotten words

Bounce Back #Poetry

Bounce Back #Poetry

I always bounce back to you,
I don’t even care if it makes me blue.
You see me hurt myself every time,
But you just come back with a smile.

I try my best to ignore,
Haven’t you gotten bored?
I still don’t know what to do,
Goodness, why do I still want you?

Is this who I want to be?
I can remember this wasn’t me.
I know I can be more resilient,
I know I have to keep my distance.

I can’t see what I see in you,
After all this time it still feels new.
You throw me and I bounce back,
I don’t want it, my emotions are jacked.

I hate you, I love you, can’t decide,
Why don’t I just hide?
What if I don’t come back?
Which is one quality that I lack.

Shawdows #Poetry

Shawdows #Poetry

My greatest enemy
was my arbitrary shadows
and reminded me just who I am
and even more so
who I am not
my greatest affliction
was my own self
my own knowledge
of the spoken lies
and the unspoken truth
and everything in between.

Beauty Queen #Poetry

Beauty Queen #Poetry

Making minds that hide behind pixelated eyes-
Dance like fools and fire to flies.
Glued to the screens of the likes of me;
You’re their dream.

But does she look in the mirror and see what they see,
Eurhythmic grace, or just celestial obscene?
Do we know your name, Dream?
Or should I call you Beauty Queen?

Epistemology #Poetry

Epistemology #Poetry

The first power of the Sphinx
is Knowledge.

Science, philosophy, and religion
are the Holy Trinity;
once a singular discipline,
broken today into Three
over differences in

the First is a narrow window
into empirical space;

the Following a flexible framework
in conceptual space;

the Final, all-encompassing
on the stage of the soul;

neither invalidating
nor undermining each other,
but Checking and Balancing.

Facts are interpretations;
theories are stories;
storytelling, myth;
myth, the key to Knowledge.

To Know is to conceive.
To conceive is to objectify,
but far from objective:

We understand
what we invent.

“All things are Known.
What shall we do
with what we Know?” ¬

When curiosity is not slain,
but permitted in the vacuum
of the eternal Question,

Then are the journey
and the journeyer

Bibliophile #Poetry

Bibliophile #Poetry

Not going to lie and say I love you
because I don’t, probably
but I want you,
oh do I want you
and deserve you
yes, deserve
I deserve you.
A girl so soft
so sweet
sweet loving tender
Librarian girl
like you.

Yes, I deserve
deserve a night, a chance, a moment
with those long
long legs
writhing wrapping smoothly
luscious lip *******
moving moving kissing
pulling clasping sticky sweet honey
coated candid book girl
oh do I want
me my skin to yours
bones and nerves tingling
tongue holding tasting
just needing a chance
a moment
a night
a lurid ***** fantasy
with precious lovely
bookish you.

Numinous #Poetry

Numinous #Poetry

Your words,
your thoughts,
your form,
warp and woof
a numinous weave,
a diaphanous dress
that once
only gods could wear.

Liminal #Poetry

Liminal #Poetry

What do you do
with the curtains drawn and lights off?
In an empty house does time stop?
Do the walls talk?
Do dust motes dance above countertops?

What do you do
alone in your head,
Are you keeping yourself fed?
Do you curl up in the safety of bed?
Do you drag your feet as if they’re lead?

What do you do
with no where to go?
Do you allow the emptiness to grow?
Or do you try to fight the low?
Or maybe, just maybe, let someone know?

*liminal: adjective. relating to thresholds. the state of being in between
Sobriety #Poetry

Sobriety #Poetry

Everything matters
These words their meanings
And the hope behind them
Friendship its bond
And the love it brings
Your health my health
Mental and physical
Our loved ones
Your loved ones
Really anyone you may deal with
These things matter
Strength to take on each
Individual day
To find brightness on
The dark days
Little things,
You matter, to me
Five years of sobriety
Five years of honest hard work
After that call me
We won’t go get a drink
But I will make you
If you feel that I matter

Burn Bright #Poetry

Burn Bright #Poetry

You made me feel like,
the sun,
with your sweet words,
and love
orbiting around me.

Then you left me to burn,
And I realized it was
your lies
trapping me in.

Let’s live, not compete #Poetry

Let’s live, not compete #Poetry

Let us learn, grow and evolve.
Let us come out of the spheres defined for competition.
This new year let’s resolve to living life for ourselves.
Life is not a battle to showcase our best to others but a roller coaster to take delight in both lows and highs.

~Isn’t It Perturbing
That Humans Have Been
Reduced To Mere Competition
And Life Only To A Race
Meant To Outdo Others
Have We Forgotten Living?
Or Has Life Left Us
With Only Rivalry On Mind?

Note to self

Note to self

Note to self:

None of us are getting out of here alive , so please stop treating yourself like an after thought.

Eat delicious food, walk in the sunshine, jump in the ocean, say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure..

Be silly..
Be kind..
Be weird..

There’s no time for anything else..


You Wont Know Me At All #Poetry

Don’t claim to be the smartest
Don’t claim to shine the brightest
Though those that claim to know me
Factually won’t know me at all.


Blur Images #Poetry

Blur Images #Poetry

Shes in my memories
And memories cant fade away
Until someone hits my cerebrum
Im waiting for her one glimpse
As a driver waits for a red signal
To turn into green
As someone waits in the queue
To get his bill done
Let me soak into your warm looks
Which has an element of
Relaxation and calmness

Artist #Poetry

A lifetime experience expressed in a day
an ability that exist in those with grey

From harmless face that gets redrawn
to fully grown the world depends upon

A mastery of time being exposed by sun
used by it to cause people to return


This is not a poem #Poetry

This is not a poem
But a question
The answer to which
I do hope you have

Why does my lover claim to love me
But still looks for every opportunity
To let me go?

Is it that she loves me so much
But doesn’t think she’s worthy of me

Or she doesn’t love me enough
To think I’m worthy of her?


Mermaid #Poetry

how do you name
this kind of strength?

the thing she loves most
shatters her, irreparably

shards sink to the depths
drowning she dies there

then recreates herself,
returning to care for it


Fairy Tales #Poetry

As what seems to be magic
Is often, just an illusion
When stuck between heart and mind
You’d only get confusion

And it’s another time
This heart flew away
Little did it know
It’s fate gonna betray

This kid inside me
Still believe in their glories
Why can’t it accept
Fairy tales, are just stories !!

Basically life is PORNOGRAPHY #Poetry

Basically life is PORNOGRAPHY #Poetry

Virginity is like a balloon. Once you prick and it’s gone for ever.

Sex is like a pack of chips, Once you start. You can’t stop.

An exam paper is like a Dick, When it’s hard, people get fucked.

Education is like hiring a prostitute, it needs both your money and your hardwork.

Success is like masturbating, only your own hand can let you achieve it.

Life without friends is like Boobs without nipples. It’s pointless.

Fuck a woman and she loves you. When you love a woman, she fucks you.

MBBS final exam question paper: Fill in the blanks. If a woman faints, we must first check her pu_s_.
Only few students who wrote: ‘Pulse’ passed.

The saddest part of a man’s body is his Balls. They are sentenced to hang till death.

Boy: How much calcium is there in women’s breasts?
Girl: It’s enough to help a man’s boneless thing stand up.

Give an example of total business failure due to negligence. A pregnant prostitute.

If “necessity is the mother of invention”, then frustration is the father of masturbation.

If your boss says: “Nothing is impossible”, ask him to wear condom after sex.

So, basically life is PORNOGRAPHY


Nothing Can Compare You #Poetry

Nothing can compare
To a soul as beautiful
as yours.

Not all of the stars
in the endless universes
towering above our reach.

Not every flower bursting
with a life so pure
beneath our feet.

Not a single golden ring
or a diamond or jewel
buried in the dirt.

Not even all of the love
gathered in every friend I’ve known
combined as one.

Not a single word
read in any book
taken from every library on this earth.

Not a song, nor a bird
A story, a kiss
A place, a jump
A lover, or a home.

Not one magnificence
I have ever laid eyes upon
Will ever compare to you.


At my heart’s expense #Poetry

against my
better judgment
against all
common sense
i blindly loved you anyway
and at my heart’s

© 2020. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

what’s it like #Poetry

what’s it like to be in love? to love someone and have them love you back? i give out all my love, and never recieve any back.

what’s it like to have a shoulder to cry on? to have someone tell you that it’ll be okay? i cry every night, but I don’t tell anyone, because they’ll think just wave me away.

what’s it like to be happy? to wake up every morning without any sadness? i try to be happy, but there’s no such thing.

what’s it like to still have hope in a world that constantly discriminates and hates?

please tell me, so I can be like you. so i can be in your shoes, and see things from your view.

© 2020. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

Anxious I #Poetry

The Anxious I

I’m afraid

Fear is everything my heart knows

Fear is not just a simple feeling for me

I’m afraid too longer than I wanted someday

Fear now has a new meaning,
Maybe it’s the meaning of life

That’s part 1 of 4 poems about anxiety feelings


Unbearable #Poetry

The weight of the world
To carry
When your solely carrying
Your fate in your own hands

Disappointment comes when you believe strongly in something
Knowing the river will run dry and leave behind the dirt and debris
Only to leave you to struggle and continue to not sink further into deep depression
For everyone to abuse, criticize and see

© 2020. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.
Success And Significance #Poetry

Success And Significance #Poetry

By any measure
Accomplishing your goals is called success.
Yet in and of itself
When all is said and done it means little.

Success is not the measure of the man,
But what comes after it –
After the struggling and the inward perspective
Comes significance.

© 2020. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.


Every one is trying it DIFFERENT WAYS.
Even they don’t know WHY?
No part of body is UNREASONABLE.
If you believe in GEOMETRY,
I couldn’t want to change the NATURE’S GEOMETRY.
I will take complete ADVANTAGE of it.
You are CUTTING your hair because it don’t HURT .
IF you are sensible enough by INSIDE.
The APPEARANCE doesn’t matters.