A Balloon

A balloonCan bring the fun out of usBut a balloonCan cause a fuss A balloonCan guide us into the nightBut a balloonCan also save someone’s life A balloonCan mean a lotBut a balloonCould mean much more A balloonCould be fun and have tricksBut a balloonCould say much more A balloonCould be a sign of hopeBut a balloonCould mean everything to just one person Continue reading A Balloon


Wanna have that bodyGotta get that bodyWanna work that bodyWanna get youConfused Gotta treat my bodyGonna be real naughtyWanna be that hottieI just wannaBe used I’ll be your dollUp in your houseYou be the catI’ll be your mouse Play meLike you own meLike I’m yours to break Hang meLike a trophyI’m your hottest mistake Own my like you mean itI’ll wear a collar if you … Continue reading Master

Celebration of Incompleteness

She celebrates her incompletenessAnd dances with the music of her broken heartWhen her soul sings the song of darkness and chaosShe matches it’s rhythm with her sobbing to create an artShe knows that this world will never be kind to herHence, she decorates her wounds with prideFor she can witness the world taking pleasure in her painShe drinks her tears like she never cried Continue reading Celebration of Incompleteness


Fear will always be there.Following, tied to your ankles In the brightest days one can see it so clearly,In the darkest nights it becomes the hard air to breathe Fear knocks on your doorThe more locks you get, the louder it knocks Fear sounds like birds chirping on a Saturday morningThe harder you try to sleep, the closer they seem Only once one takes a … Continue reading Fear

Beautiful Mystery

You’re a beautiful mystery clad in gorgeous enigma.You’re poetry that looks good in a skirt. You are a notebook, a yearbook, a sketchbook, a burn book,every facet of you written in swirling cursive,rhymes and famous signatures snaking between cinnamon hair and cleverness. You’re the first dream of the boy too scared of nightmares to sleep again. You are the taste of honey and cigarettes on … Continue reading Beautiful Mystery

I Wonder

Some days, sometimes, I wonder about those I’ve loved.In secret or up front.What difference does it make tonight in this unsettling thunder? How many of them a mishap?How many of them a mindless blunder? How many of them have truly found what they were looking forIn someone else?How many have gone from blond to blonder? How many nights did I spend in this rabbit hole?How … Continue reading I Wonder


Look at your phoneLook at your bookLook at your blanketLook at your wardrobeLook at that bar codeLook at that matchstick They all have linesThey would not be created without linesLines can divideLines can uniteLines can organizeLines can cutLines can be rough-edgedLines can be smooth and refinedLines are signsLines tell you somethingLines containLines can be curvyAnd those curves can be ridden and lead into another path … Continue reading Lines

Mysterious One

you are averymysterious onedon’t know if I caneverfigure you outyou hold my thoughtswithin the palm of your handI melt like chocolatesweet. you are a verymysterious oneI’ve neverliked your type beforenot one to jumpinto anyone’s armsstill this is somethingyou’ve softened up my core. You say youcan seeinside my shellthat my sweetnesswas the very keyYou say I’ve no moresecrets to tell’cause you’ve devoured them for me? Well … Continue reading Mysterious One