Found in Love

The hills roll for miles,The sun smiles aroundThese mounds of green earthAs it circles intoThe cloudy, dim sky. Lying among the slopesAre the hopes and dreamsOf seeds; growing grassAnd lasting flowers –Hours into days. Winds play songs in theLeaves of browning treesAs they squeeze betweenThe leaning branches;These leaves fall in love. What were the chances,That they’d fall on us? We are surrounded,Abound by, crowned by,Found … Continue reading Found in Love

Augmented Reality

The world is coming to an endWars and germs and all godsend,They seminate guns and armsAnd everything that causes harms,The environment as we knowhas become our worst foe,instead of people taking carethey just drive us to despair,but like me i don’t care muchcause my world is out of touch,my atmosphere has a light airleaving me nothing to scare,all my atmosphere is augmentedsaturated and fermented,by the … Continue reading Augmented Reality


Be the change you want to seeTry not to judge, let others beThe rain will stop, the storm shall passPleasure is pleasing and love can last Set up for sorrow, it’s hard to seeOpen your eyes, switch off your tvPut down the remote and venture outsideGet out in to nature where healing resides Turn off your phone, log off the netYou’ll be surprised with the … Continue reading Change