Beautiful Mystery

You’re a beautiful mystery clad in gorgeous enigma.You’re poetry that looks good in a skirt. You are a notebook, a yearbook, a sketchbook, a burn book,every facet of you written in swirling cursive,rhymes and famous signatures snaking between cinnamon hair and cleverness. You’re the first dream of the boy too scared of nightmares to sleep again. You are the taste of honey and cigarettes on … Continue reading Beautiful Mystery

Mysterious One

you are averymysterious onedon’t know if I caneverfigure you outyou hold my thoughtswithin the palm of your handI melt like chocolatesweet. you are a verymysterious oneI’ve neverliked your type beforenot one to jumpinto anyone’s armsstill this is somethingyou’ve softened up my core. You say youcan seeinside my shellthat my sweetnesswas the very keyYou say I’ve no moresecrets to tell’cause you’ve devoured them for me? Well … Continue reading Mysterious One


The Mystery is….still a mystery…So i slove what i can…the problems of man…The Mystery is…. still a mystery…So i love who I can…According to plan…The mystery is still a mystery…So what will i find…Inside my mind…the answers to some…the questions of all…Where do you run… Who do you call…The blessings of life no mystery there…Just Call out his name for he is everywhere…The Mystery is … Continue reading MYSTERY