A Moment of Passion

A Moment of Passion

Sweet allure moves me beyond fear
An imagined touch, a gentle tear
You kiss the magic, it becomes real
Because of you I dare to feel

Active, alive
Growing, sowing, knowing
Within your eyes galaxies turn
I burn

Astral travels bring us near
Rhythmic pulses in my ear
I’d surely take a devil’s deal
If just one moment I could steal.


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Looking at a picture
Taken in the past.
Faces and places
From here to there.
Someone, somewhere
Captured a moment
And now it’s mine.
I shall hold it gingerly,
For thinking of them,
How quickly it disappeared
Never to be present again.
This one moment,
From light to shade,
On paper preserved,
To be saved for me.
I’m left wondering why?
And has it really gone?
When here in my hands,
It remains.


Time changes #Musings

Time changes #Musings

I ain’t bad ,
It’s just the moment

  • VishalDutia
I seek

I seek

I seek
Of my heart
My very Being

She smiles at me
As flowers
Calls me
With bird song
Cries with me
As raindrops
Hides from me
As rainbows

“I am as you
And always,”
She whispers
In love, as love



Memories And Moments #Poetry

I am living in the memories
Only memories flow through my mind
The moments I spent with you
I keep living in those moments
I keeps living in those moments

This Memories & Moments are gift of your love (that)
You are passion of my heart
You come and entered in my soul
This is blessing of faithlessness


Moment #ShortPoetry

єvєrч ѕínglє mσmєnt

í wαítєd fσr thαt mσmєnt

αnd whєn thαt mσmєnt αrrívєd

ít lαѕtєd mєrєlч fσr α mσmєnt.