What That Smile Said

What That Smile Said

It was all fine
When I would admire her from afar
When Just seeing her smile
Would brighten my day
This was before I knew her

When we first met
She seemed amazing
And I had a glimmer of hope in my heart
This was before I really knew her

The day that changed
She flung insults
And she didn’t even know
How much they would sting
She did not know
That the words would hurt at all

So now I really know
The kind of person she is

What did she say?
She said things
That no girl who likes me would ever say

Now it’s a mess
And her smile is still beautiful
But I can’t forget
What that smile said



A head full of thoughts and words seek to be confessed

High on emotions though chose never to be expressed

You can hold your breath and lies, you see, I’m not here to impress

Drowned in chaos though I feel like  blessed

Don’t chase me baby I’m a queen of my own chess

So let me be me no more or less

I know I’m a masterpiece, though a full fledged mess

Running endless, A bloody hell mess