A lustful dream

A lustful dream

Passion fueled a fire deep inside of me.
A feeling so irresistibly pleasurable, that suddenly made it hard for me to speak.
The taste of desire.
The look of lust as I awaited patiently
Staring into your eyes.
Captive in a lustful dream.


From me to you

From me to you

Kisses sent on Butterfly wings, go across the void to kiss you on the cheek, whispers carried on gentle clouds, do your here me speak

The slightest touch late at night, when you are in your bed, do you know I’m there with You, or is it just all in your head

A tingle in your inner thigh, a breath goes across your Rose, a smell of a unknown cologne wafting up your nose

You feel yourself getting wet, your arousal starts to grow, you feel beneath your red lace panties, your juices have begun to flow

Hands start to do their job, you start making circles on your clit, your mind wanders to your poet as your fingers go in your slit

Eyes closed head laid back, your racing to orgasms edge, pinching on your swollen clit will push you off the ledge

Soon you start to cum, your soaked but where did that need come from, was it lust and desire from across the void sent by your poet Vishal.

© VishalDutia

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I can’t feel you

I can’t feel you

She loves me
He lusts for me
They need me
You long for me
But I am alone

© VishalDutia

First blossom

First blossom

Dewy petals lay before me, I’m desperate to take a sip, I move in a little closer, i place her petals to my lip

Her softness is so beautiful, she has the scent of a Rose, I’m now close enough, she’s brushing on my nose

I begin to kiss her gently, like I was kissing a tender cheek, I slide apart her petals, to take a little peek

Glistening before me, her bud covered in her essence draws me in, she looks like a innocent, who’s never tasted sin

My tongue breaks her virtue, she has now been had by sin, from Angel to Devil her transformation can begin

With each lap innocence falls away, this was after all her first time, she could tell by my tongues technique, it wasn’t mine

Honored she gave me her flower, I didn’t rush, I took my time, making a memory to cherish, the night I made her mine


Lay Beside Me … #Poetry #Erotica

Lay Beside Me … #Poetry #Erotica

Erotic poetries by vishal dutia
lay beside you …
let me taste for a while,
lay beside you …
i see your lips making a smile,

lay beside you ….
I feels like a long time,
lay beside you ….
darling, love ain’t a crime!

lay beside you ….
let me trace the shape of you,
lay beside you…
sexy curves’ on the lips of you

lay beside you….
seeing the miracle going by,
loy beside you…
Such as a minstrel lover, oh my!

lay beside you …
envisage an antique queen
lay beside you …
truth or dare, you’re so keen!

lay beside you ….
a beauty flickers like flame.
lay beside you…
half choked by the past shame!

lay beside you….
by wind and dust,
lay beside you….
the only way , build some trust!

lay beside you…
weary of all things lust,
lay beside you …
let me devour your loving bust!

lay beside me …
that soft and smooth underwear a must …
lay beside me …
in it’s all sexiness, remove it, and I’ll happily adjust!

Silver Wings

Silver Wings

I want to soar on Silver Wings
And thereby be dazzled by the light
Everything dripped in white
The crystal caves await
Secrets revealed wonders unravel
Follow the mystery as it comes and goes
Going back to the beyond…
Where a part of you never left
So we meet again,
And I remember you. .

Twilight sky #Poetry

Twilight sky #Poetry

Emotions from beyond are slowly seeping in,
spilling over my conscious,
dripping on my skin.
I want to taste it on your lips,
I want to hear it when you breathe.
I have scaled every beat you missed,
I have heard your whispers and whims,
still familiar with what are your needs in play.
Your lips feel like ripples on my neck,
divine interventions I cannot say.
Unlike any twilight skies I have seen,
your beauty is the only hue
I cannot unsee.
All I want is you right now,
this need is killing me now.

with my emotions in chains,
if I let them fly,
you might forget the lines
of lust and pain.
You are the only one,
to quench my thirst
so, make me wait no more
or else the demons might lose their cage,
the chains might fade with age,
you won’t be able to hold me back,
once the chains unclutter,
It’s either you till dawn or
or until I have you for supper.

Let me hold you close,
Let me hear you say,
“I will cleanse you of your sins,
the sins in love you are too afraid to say
the sins from our timeless yesterday.”

Cause my life in a long-distance relationship is kinda funny.

– VishalDutia

Collide #Poetry

Collide #Poetry

Closer to one another, we take a stride,
our hearts & bodies about to collide.
Leaning in taking in each others scent,
delicately our lips meet, so present.

Heat builds between us, we’re on fire,
so much passion ignited, I feel your desire.
Licking your neck as you moan with pleasure,
now I know I want to taste your treasure

Together we undress, lay down, I am all yours
My love for you translates to ecstasy, that I promise.
Tantalising & teasing you with my tongue
I move up & down your body, now my lips are clung.

I look up at you, my eyes meet yours,
all of you in my mouth tasting your divine flavour.
I feel you throbbing & hear the delight of your moans,
moving up & down, slowly, so deep, harder you grow.

  • VishalDutia
Her Hills and Her Valley #Poetry

Her Hills and Her Valley #Poetry

I Kissed My way through,
Her Hills and Her Valley.
In search of a Treasure,
that lay between Her Alley.
She spread Her Legs,
across the White Sheet.
Welcoming Me inside,
so Our Souls could Meet.
Our bodies got locked,
as We both Embraced.
We were following a Trail,
Our Passions had Traced.
We had no control,
over what We were Doing.
But till the Dawn of Light,
Our Romance kept Brewing.

  • VishalDutia
Moonfall #Poetry

Moonfall #Poetry

As you fall graceful
From the moon
Like some kind of
All I want
Is to worship
And love you
To kiss your curves
And body as we
Make love
My blessed
Come and kiss me

– VishalDutia

Kiss me #Poetry

Kiss me #Poetry

Our eyes smiling at each other
As we hold eachother
We smile at each
Holding hands
I rub my hand on your Buddha belly
As if it were a magic lamp
We finally kiss
Not just dominate and submissive
But as also
I can see the same pain in your eyes the
Pain I dealt with all my life
As we make love
Kiss me you say and we share a
Final kiss for the night
Tasting eachothers desire
In our breath
It’s sweet like
Show me how to love
In different ways
That I did not know

– VishalDutia

A Walk around Her Park #Poetry

A Walk around Her Park #Poetry

My Lips went for a Stroll,
around Her Thighs.
They stopped on hearing,
Her Moans and Her Sighs.
I then began worshipping,
Her sacred Shrine.
Coz the Night, was Young
and My Needle, was at Nine.
I passionately kept tasting,
Her Divine Flavour.
Afterall…..She was My Dish,
which I ought to Savour.
“Take your time”…..She said,
as I worshipped Her Thighs.
“Coz there lies your Heaven,
waiting to open up it’s Skies.”

– VishalDutia



I want to spread your legs
across my sheets
like waves across a beach
and get you wet enough
for me to dive on in
until the depths of you
I reach.

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Play Safe Stay Safe

Play Safe Stay Safe

Locked eyes
touching lips
an act so beautiful
or so ugly

making love
having ***
different names
different reasons
different positions

vaginal, oral, **** or *
Trying for a baby
wanting some fun
don’t have time, so make it quick
or have a moment alone
what ever your reasons
what ever positions
take precautions

One act can turn into a lifetime mistake
what ever your reasons
what ever you positions
stay safe

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Her Captions

Her Captions

With the lighting just right shes such an exotic sight
Try as you might to not stare but youll lose a futile fight
The light shining from the right enlightens your third eye
Giving you a healthy helping of her breast & her sexy thighs
You might rise to the occasion while trying to solve the equation
On how to spend a night with her filled with erotic copulation
Building your frustrations cause shes not easily touched
I understand your elation cause her ass looks so plush
She knows as much & displays an array of her images
That makes you salivate for a taste of her jelly sandwiches
Yet she has more to give than sexual consumption
Pay close attention to what shes scribbing in her Instagram captions




I have since forgotten
all that I thought that I knew.
I dont know,
one day my whole life
was staring back at me
from the pages of my notebooks;
I picked em up
and threw them all away.
Maybe I was ashamed
of my nakedness;
Maybe I was just
tired of all the makeup
A man must put on
everyday before his breakfast.
I just threw em away
like yesterdays trash.
Now I have a new canvas.


Lust Till Dawn

Lust Till Dawn

The leaves blooming between
you and me stay evergreen.
When we wake up the flames
burning deep inside
Our lustful retreat.



I am riding the storm of his lust,
his fingers twiddle tips of my bust,
while my hands pin his shoulders to bed,
A bareback ride, both of us naked.

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How I Love You #Poetry

How I Love You #Poetry

Like wild girls dance
Like eyes love beauty
Like buttered buns fit a bikini
Like a kissed mouth hungers for wet Lips
Like moths love a flame
and Like panties hug butts

Like howling orgasms pulse hearts
Like vampires love blood and castles
Like dark grapes ferment in bubbling cauldrons
Like a boner loves a cunt
and Music gets you dancing

Like suns fall through cobalt night all smashing diamonds

How I Love You

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Sex #Poetry

Closed eyes
White lies

Cherry lips
Exotic hips

Luxurious touch
Blissful rush

Tangled sheets
Exhilarating heart beats

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

Porn Videos

It’s a mix of lust, addiction, and fantasy.
Mixed together seeing the same thing
And not having love.
It’s confusing and misplaced attention.

Some couples see porn videos before having sex just because,

Wife Can Wet Thier Pussy
And Man Can Have A Boner.

Its like you need to see someone else fucking to fuck eachother.

ComeOn Let The Love Comeout In Its Natural Way And Enjoy.


My Love Life Facts (Truly in Love And Lust) #1


You know you’re in Love
(and lust as well)
when you can’t seem to get
the fantasy of having her
sit on your face naked
and your tongue flicking
inside of her beautiful
body out of you

These Extent My Thoughts Are Bullist.

So I Request

Stay Away And Get Lost.


Love And Lust #Poetry

Love and lust
cannot be found without the other.
Love has a hidden hunger,
while lust seeks for comfort.


Between Your Legs (I Had Sex) #Poetry

I will find restoration
held between your slender legs.
It is all we’ve got,
in this paradise lost,
in this sweaty reclaim,
to a feeling we’d forgot.

Going down is not an art,
but a way of keeping young.

I went Down, I licked, I kissed
She moaned,
and i could only here her siren of love

With Your Every Moan
I am about to love you more
Lick you so good,
make your drop to the floor.

As Rightly Said

“The best palces are hidden in darkside of the central park”

I Had Sex. I Enjoyed


We Had Sex. We Enjoyed



Lust #Poetry

by definition,
lust is
extreme sexual desire for someone

by nature,
lust is

by religion,
lust is
a sin, punishable by Hell,
whatever that is.

lust is unavoidable.


Ooohhh Fuck!! Damn Bang Bang!! #Poetry

These Is How I Am Feeling:

Heart throbbing
Mind racing
Breath panting
Pores sweating
Nails clawing
Lips locking
Tongues dancing
Skin tingling
Back arching
Mind altering
Eyes closing
Mouths moaning
Fingers finding
Hair pulling
Voice growling
Senses overloading
Being tingling
Blood singing
Body aching
Sleep **coming!
No No…. I Don’t Wanna Sleep Please Let’s Continue

© VishalDutia


Random Sex Thoughts As I Had Long Discussion With Her(My Friend) #Musings

It doesn’t obligate a relationship.
Nor does a relationship obligate sex.
Sex is an expression of a feeling for another being.
And it shall be pursued as such and nothing else.

Not as a label. A habit.
(Self-destructive or otherwise.)
Not for pity. For lack of self awareness.
Not for boredom or distraction from life.
Not for obligation or money.
Never when you don’t want to.
But for when you do.


It’s for that special person you kissed a year ago,
And you can’t forget the taste of their lips.

It’s for the one who’s eyes,
speak louder than words and actions all together.
Finding you timelessly, again in your dance.

For the one you took for granted.
That you knew you should have held a bit longer,
But couldn’t because a vampire had your heart.

It’s for the one you’re most nervous about.

The one that creeps into your mind and you’re not sure why.

The one that makes you want to scream “Take Me Away!”

Regardless, whoever + whenever, have one vow:

<<< Do It Only If They Drive You Wild. >>>


Once Again (Romantic) #Poetry

Your hair flows like wine
Down your body
Sweeter than grapes
And once again
I’m drunk on
The memories
Of you.