Play Safe Stay Safe

Locked eyestouching lipsan act so beautifulor so ugly making lovehaving ***different namesdifferent reasonsdifferent positions vaginal, oral, **** or *Trying for a babywanting some fundon’t have time, so make it quickor have a moment alonewhat ever your reasonswhat ever positionstake precautions CondomsTestsPillsOne act can turn into a lifetime mistakewhat ever your reasonswhat ever you positionsstay safe Continue reading Play Safe Stay Safe

Between Your Legs (I Had Sex) #Poetry

I will find restoration held between your slender legs. It is all we’ve got, in this paradise lost, in this sweaty reclaim, to a feeling we’d forgot. Going down is not an art, but a way of keeping young. I went Down, I licked, I kissed She moaned, Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh and i could only here her siren of love Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh With Your Every Moan I am … Continue reading Between Your Legs (I Had Sex) #Poetry

Ooohhh Fuck!! Damn Bang Bang!! #Poetry

These Is How I Am Feeling: Heart throbbing Mind racing Breath panting Pores sweating Nails clawing Lips locking Tongues dancing Skin tingling Back arching Mind altering Eyes closing Mouths moaning Fingers finding Hair pulling Voice growling Senses overloading Being tingling Blood singing Body aching Sleep **coming! No No…. I Don’t Wanna Sleep Please Let’s Continue © VishalDutia Continue reading Ooohhh Fuck!! Damn Bang Bang!! #Poetry

Random Sex Thoughts As I Had Long Discussion With Her(My Friend) #Musings

It doesn’t obligate a relationship. Nor does a relationship obligate sex. Sex is an expression of a feeling for another being. And it shall be pursued as such and nothing else. Not as a label. A habit. (Self-destructive or otherwise.) Not for pity. For lack of self awareness. Not for boredom or distraction from life. Not for obligation or money. Never when you don’t want … Continue reading Random Sex Thoughts As I Had Long Discussion With Her(My Friend) #Musings