Beyond the dying days of love (Thoughts of Surbhi)

Beyond the dying days of love (Thoughts of Surbhi)

Unshackle my lonely and slowly decaying heart

Crawl into my tortured and tormented mind

Enchant me with your caress, electrify my body

Stitch me up passionately, heal my wounded soul

Breathe endless love into my shattered spirit

With soft quivering lips, kiss me back to life

Whisper love into my heart, mind, body and soul

Love me forever and always, love me some more

And I will love you beyond my dying days.

© VishalDutia

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It is the kind of
sadness that lingers, the kind
that stays when you don’t.


Edge of the Void

Edge of the Void

White noise.

Static wasteland.

Barren desert.

Soulless emptiness.

Broken loneliness.

Endless nothingness.

Black hole.

Aimless wandering.

Just another day in my head.


Lonely But Not Alone

Lonely But Not Alone

I attain
I love
I hate
say goodbyes
I enjoy myself
others I despise
I was born into this world on my own

lonely but not alone

As days march to nights
and night times to days
As months turn to years
and years to decades
I grow and live on my own

lonely but not alone

Loneliness #Poetry

Loneliness #Poetry

A mere phantom of life
Silent and miserable
Waves as people walk by,
Yells ‘I’m here, invisible!’

It doesn’t know they don’t see
It doesn’t know they can’t hear
It shouts till its voice is soar,
Then finds solace in fear.

Will they ever listen?
Will they stop to understand?
Will anyone look further
Maybe even lend a hand?


Only The Trees #Poetry

It’s only the trees
That see me
It’s only the trees
That feel me
It’s only the trees
That know who I am
Only the trees
Who understand

It’s only the trees
Who stand watching
Only the trees
Who wait patiently
Only the trees
Who breath air to the world
Only the trees
Who will tell


Sometimes you gotta sleep

Sometimes you gotta sleep..

When you laugh all day and in them nights you weep
When stakes are high and pain is deep
When KARMA fails and life is a creep..

Sometimes you gotta sleep..

When nothing seems right and wisdom is bleak
When fights find you and peace is all that you seek
When you wanna do good and you are called a Mind Freak..

Sometimes you gotta sleep..

When you are heartstrong and headweak
When assumptions eclipse reality and emotions take a back seat
When you hold on hope and with every moment life leaks..

Sometimes you gotta sleep..

When you put in all the courage you got while anxiety is at its peak
When words running through your mind which they generally beep
When you are in ruins but whatever is left of you, you want to keep..

Sometimes you gotta sleep.

© 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.


My mother once asked me,
Why can’t you be normal,
And I ask myself too,
What is it to be normal?

Born into a world purely bare,
Breathing in a foreign air,
My body reacts,
Setting my life to disarray,
Feeling alienated I deflect my mind away.

Yet suddenly I’m home,
Surrounded but alone.

These are the inescapables,
Bow your head and set the tables,
When we have a choice, we live disabled.

© 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.

Alone #Poetry

I miss the sound,
of being alone.

The crisp
rustling of leaves
as they fall from grace.

The rush of water
flowing in the river
down to the falls.

The choir of birds
sitting in a tree
humming melodies
echoing in the air.

The thoughts inside my head
whirling freely alone,
rapid and wild
without the voices
telling it where to go.

I miss the sound
of being