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Tommorow When I Wake Up #Poetry

Tomorrow when I wake upI’ll start my day with a smileI’ll do the thingsI wanted to do for a while I’ll disclaim my phoneand talk to my mother insteadI’ll tell her my dreamsand let go of my biggest regrets I’ll forgive everyonewhoever hurt meI’ll ask God for forgivenessI’ll beg on my knees I’ll work on my goalsand set my doubt asideI’ll fight for my peopleAnd … Continue reading Tommorow When I Wake Up #Poetry

People have come to make me understand

People have come to make me understand,How crazy these people are. The peace that is found in the forbidden,Why do people need to dumb it down? With all knowledge, they’re still ignorant,How unknowing these people are. They are never helpful when the time comes,These familiar-recognisable people. Now that I’m no longer conscious,These people have come to make me understand. Continue reading People have come to make me understand

Are you okay?

Are you okay?Are you alright, are you fine, are you good?Are you adequate, are you decent?Are you emotionally stable, sleeping without crying, smiling because you want to?Are you breathing without questioning, are you waking up without trying, are you eating without throwing up?Are you reading this poem right now and thinking no?Are you thinking for the first time, will I ever be okay? You will … Continue reading Are you okay?


Be the change you want to seeTry not to judge, let others beThe rain will stop, the storm shall passPleasure is pleasing and love can last Set up for sorrow, it’s hard to seeOpen your eyes, switch off your tvPut down the remote and venture outsideGet out in to nature where healing resides Turn off your phone, log off the netYou’ll be surprised with the … Continue reading Change

Play Safe Stay Safe

Locked eyestouching lipsan act so beautifulor so ugly making lovehaving ***different namesdifferent reasonsdifferent positions vaginal, oral, **** or *Trying for a babywanting some fundon’t have time, so make it quickor have a moment alonewhat ever your reasonswhat ever positionstake precautions CondomsTestsPillsOne act can turn into a lifetime mistakewhat ever your reasonswhat ever you positionsstay safe Continue reading Play Safe Stay Safe


It’s your daily prayerI get kicked out of the worldto the landof the unknown I keep telling youwishes are horsesand your will will actually be ‘Tis you. You ken this evil agendaCongratulations!Now I’m going to this land forever Don’t ask of me from my friendsYou’ll askbut nothing you’ll getDon’t seek, you won’t findDon’t knock, there is no door If remorsefulness beckons youjust call my nameby … Continue reading Karmatically

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Sometimes when you see a person or maybe have a conversation with them,  an overwhelming blanket of emotions wrap around you.  Like you have known them forever.  Like they are not merely a stranger.  A strong connection of soul.  But as the moment fades away And reality dawns on you.  You quickly come back to your senses and manage to perceive that the feeling isn’t … Continue reading Soulmate

Bikes & Rhymes

Its just like riding a bikeOnce you ride you get the like,Once you’ve learned you’ll never stopWhen the fears you will unlock,Starting points form a to bWrite or drive the feeling’s free,Maybe no wind will blow your hairCause you’ll stay static in your chair,But some thoughts can run awildWhen a poem gets compiled,To the moon and sometimes backOn a rocket without track,Trying to get rhymes … Continue reading Bikes & Rhymes

Electric Currents

Electric currents flowing streamthrough forever while unseenpowering everything we seepowering you and powering me making stars and planets tooplasma pinching into viewquasars born from galaxieseach ejected as it leaves redshift fooling those who thinkthat redshift means a distance linkas co-rotating birkland beamsin every scale are constant themes electric currents flowing streamthrough our phone’s and laptop’s screensthrough nerve endings in our eyesso that we can visualize … Continue reading Electric Currents