Basically life is PORNOGRAPHY #Poetry

Virginity is like a balloon. Once you prick and it’s gone for ever. Sex is like a pack of chips, Once you start. You can’t stop. An exam paper is like a Dick, When it’s hard, people get fucked. Education is like hiring a prostitute, it needs both your money and your hardwork. Success is like masturbating, only your own hand can let you achieve … Continue reading Basically life is PORNOGRAPHY #Poetry


Sex is a beautiful, special thing that that takes place between two people in love. It’s always totally romantic and never weird or awkward or difficult or regretful… Right??? Right?   “Sex relieves tension — love causes it.– Woody Allen “Sex is the biggest nothing of all time.– Andy Warhol   “I am always looking for meaningful one night stands.– Dudley Moore “It isn’t premarital … Continue reading FUNNIEST QUOTES ABOUT SEX. #LetsTalkSexMaturely