Horror isIt screams to someIt whispers to othersHave you ever felt her?Her fingers close around your heartDarkness is her companionHas he ever engulfed you in the night?Their child is fear and she wanders the hallsDo you hear her creeping on your floor?Death is their sonAnd he is often just around the door.These are not my friendsBut they have visited before.They come knocking at the doorBut … Continue reading Horror

Living In The Horror

Living In The Horror Life we took for grantedThe Sun will rise tomorrowBut now the clouds of darkness hasThe world in the threshold of its sorrow Even the addicted, with so manyAttempts of suicide they tryAre clinging to life because theyReally don’t want to die It feels like we should all paint withThe lambs blood above our doorSo that the death cloud passes overAnd swear … Continue reading Living In The Horror


When clocks strike twelve and trainings end — lurk not, they say, in school at night. Age–old stories tell of how there’re things that throng in fluorescent light. In toilets silence screeches loud, for when school’s empty, they arise: Ghosts of pregnant girls lie wailing, with cleaner–uncle poltergeists. For now I sit on chilling white, resounding prayers in my mind; my heart racing with dire … Continue reading TOILET GHOST POEM

From the Cave’s Mouth.. #Poetry

I heard the ghostly cannons roar Beyond the world’s edge to the south; Across the night black sea and shore It echoed there behind, before, Into a deep cave’s blackened mouth. One caravan of ghosts displayed Their ashen forms about the lea. They shambled there, an odd parade, Up toward the hillside’s sloping grade Above that witch cursed haunted sea. Tall harpies, iridescent, cold, Would … Continue reading From the Cave’s Mouth.. #Poetry