Word Power #Poetry

Writing is liberating.Each word part of my heartbeat. It makes time stops.And then, one must regroupto get back to life’s reality. Scribing puts writer into a vortexthat carries oneinto new visions, divinely.It’s window that when readcan provide views of understanding. Writing is a companionwho allows you tospeak freely anytime.It’s a voice buried in wordsthat gets ignited as one connects. Scribing are words that hugin middle … Continue reading Word Power #Poetry

My Love Life Facts (When she says good night) #5

You know you’re in Love when she says “goodnight” and you wish to do is pull her through the screen and hold her as close as possible, just so she can feel the warmth of your skin and have the pleasure of your heartbeat synchronizing with hers. Continue reading My Love Life Facts (When she says good night) #5